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When it comes to dating, age is just one among many factors to consider as you seek your match.

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Dating older men: taking the search online

In my late teens and early twenties, I almost exclusively selected partners who were around ten years older than me. I was at college and had a great group of friends, but never fancied the guys my own age that I met through study groups and nights out. I already had a pool of people my own age to hang out with, so I was looking for something different.

It really felt like having the best of all worlds. The fact that I had several relationships with older men certainly made me think it was true at the time.


I was aspirational and impatient. Dating older men felt like dipping my toes into a pool of adulting a little beyond my own experiences, which provided me with the opportunity to learn fast.

Have you ever experienced dating older men? be prepared to be swept off your feet!

Slowly, my typical age gap dwindled from an average of ten years, down to an average of around four of five years. I even dated one younger guy. As my dating patterns shifted, I never thought much about the preference for older men that had solidified in my late teens and early twenties. That is, until my 30th birthday.


It felt weird. This has always been the case.


I suppose it makes sense from a base evolutionary perspective; women are looking for a mate who is someone established and can provide ample resources, and men are looking for a youthful child-bearer. Are we really just animals?


Was I falling into this trap in my early twenties despite the fact that I was at college studying hard with the aim of being more than self-sufficient? Somehow, men seeking female partners young enough to be their daughters has become a societal norm.

I know full well that if someone had warned me that I might look back on certain relationships in a different light, I would probably not have taken their comments to heart. When I was 21, I was way too belligerent to listen to any advice about my dating decisions. Look carefully at his friendships with women closer to his own age for s of him feeling threatened or acting hostile.


Does he express a dislike for being challenged? If after asking all these questions he still seems great, then go with your heart. If you have doubts, even minor ones, revisit them often. And as hard as it is, try to listen to the advice of older women.

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What i learned after only dating older men

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