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So many of these conversations about sex and relationships are happening behind the therapy room door; and Kate wants to bring them into the mainstream so that sexual wellbeing can get the attention it deserves. This series of interviews is about changing narratives, challenging beliefs, breaking away from feelings of shame and helping people to normalise talking about sex and relationships; all of which can get in women want sex bourne way of people having the sex lives and relationships that they want. These discussions are about opening up the conversation, and showing the normality of an imperfect sex life and exploring themes such as desire, fantasies, sexual difficulties, relationship models, mindful sex and more, with a series of guests and experts from the sexual wellness space. There was nobody better to unpack this conversation with than the queen of the sex positive space; sex educator and author of Sex Ed : A Guide for Adults, Ruby Rare.

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Other nights out in this area begin with quite different intentions, fun and carefree — but not tonight. Once a month for almost two years, many of those here have been meeting to discuss an issue affecting their lives — and their health. Newcomers come and go, but all those with the courage to attend, benefit from this chance to air their troubles in an open forum with people just like them.

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Once inside, they filter downstairs where seats and a stage await them for the night. Upstairs, crowds of men drink and toast the end of another working today, oblivious to the discussions taking place below them. He is up on the stage where many will follow suit — and many have preceded him — over the years.

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This man, along with many in the room, is here to get clean. The chemsex scene has been thriving in London and many other cities with large gay communities, such as Manchester and Brighton.

The scene has been growing and flourishing for many years and with greater s using it, comes greater — and easier — access to it. In the Soho nightclub, man after man takes to the women want sex bourne to share their thoughts.

They have approximately five minutes to share their experiences, many of which are told through poetry, before a bell is rung to stop them. Here, what they explicitly say is not the point. The men are united through their history with chemsex, this is what brings them together, and when anyone needs to address that issue specifically, they do.

Like the younger man from Thailand just did. The equivalent among heterosexual men was These drugs go beyond just those used for chemsex, but this trio of sexual aids are the greater concern for researchers like Dr Bourne. The goal of using chemsex drugs, or other aids, in improving your sex life is not bad in itself, or necessarily harmful, but the consequences of using them can be, particularly on your health.

As well as pain, this gives an increased likelihood of an infection being transmitted, such as HIV. The ability to last longer than you otherwise would naturally also increases the possibility of having sex with more than one person in the same session.

This is otherwise known as a chemsex party and is a scene familiar to many in the gay community, whether they partake or not. Almost one third of men interviewed had found it difficult to control their behaviour while under the women want sex bourne of drugs and reported they had engaged in riskier behaviour, which they then regretted.

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Aside from behaviour, a greater area of concern among public health teams stemming from the use of these drugs, is the risk of overdose — and potentially death. GHB is of particular concern as, according to Dr Bourne, the drug is newest on the scene women want sex bourne little known about using it safely. The drug requires being taken in extremely small doses, increasing the likelihood of accidental overdose. But as research in the area grows, the importance of addressing mental health is also evident.

Users of crystal methamphetamine often report acute mental health problems, such as paranoid attacks or anxiety, according to Dr Bourne. The feelings following an intense rush of euphoria can also leave a void in the mind — and body — as the arousal disappears and the ability to feel such an extreme level of happiness is taken away.

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At this point, the challenge of wanting — and needing — to feel like that again kicks in, fuelling an addiction. His first encounter occurred in Halifax, Yorkshire, with one partner bringing the drugs into his home. Occurrences continued solely with this partner and took place every few months.

All it took was the tap of a phone, for Hamilton to get the drugs and sex he wanted, almost instantly.

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As the frequency, and women want sex bourne partners, inevitably grew, so did his sexually transmitted infections STIs. In general, the surveys and interviews found that all drugs, not just those linked to sex, were more commonly used among men living with HIV. He describes feeling psychologically incapable of happiness, which took him as far as balancing on a bridge on the river Thames. On another occasion he injected air into his veins. Luckily, both attempts were unsuccessful. After failing to use clean needles, Hamilton came into contact with blood infected with Hepatitis C — a virus that infected and damages the liver — and was later diagnosed with the virus.

His treatment lasted more than six months and involved a combination of interferon therapy and antiviral drug, Ribavirin. The wake-up call came with both the disease and the side-effects associated with the long-duration treatment, which can include flu-like symptoms, anaemia, weight loss and depression. His story, and epiphany to stop, were shared on stage at the club in Soho, where he is now a regular.

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By opening up to people who could share his insight, he learned to say no. The ability to instantly succumb to his temptations at the tap of a button, however, has led to drastic changes in his use of technology, including the use of lock on his phone for which the pin remains unknown. Women want sex bourne desire remains, but his access has gone — a scenario that applies not just to Hamilton, or the gay community, but the population as a whole.

Instead of focusing solely on risk, Dr Hickson believes that when it comes to sex, there are two behaviours that need attention: risk and precaution. Precaution comes in many forms, including who you choose to have sex with, the type of contraception accessible and used, use and accessibility of HIV prevention measures and communication with sexual partners, as well as, building knowledge and awareness. Dr Hickson has been researching the role access to both risk and precaution has to play in HIV rates globally, when society — or a government — is restricting access to them. One example, is by endorsing homophobia.

In more liberal countries this was women want sex bourne versa, with more access to precautions, but also more access to risk. In a recent study, Dr Hickson investigated the impact of homophobia on HIV transmission in 38 countries across Europe.

Homophobia was determined by a combination of factors, including the existence of prejudiced attitudes towards male homosexuality and the extent to which countries promoted unequal treatment of homosexuals, through the approval of discriminatory laws. The were not as straightforward as expected as existing homophobia was found to both increase and decrease the likelihood of HIV transmission. Women want sex bourne, the data for the study was obtained in and since then, one key factor has changed ificantly in countries worldwide — technology.

As with chemsex, improved communications and mobile technologies have increased access to new people, behaviours and therefore risk. In countries with oppression, however, the same has not been true for access to prevention methods such as public health services and community-based sexual health education.

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Options for people to protect themselves remain out of reach. The internet and mobile apps have made access to risk easier, aiding those once hiding in the shadows, particularly in Eastern Europe. The team is calling for governments to recognise the likely growth of an HIV epidemic and to put measures in place to stop it in its tracks.

The forcing of a community of people at risk to stay hidden can only end badly, according to Dr Hickson.

Hamilton believes this same tendency to hide has, in part, played some role in the evolution of chemsex. Understanding communities at risk is key to good sexual health, and this reality, is not just limited to gay men.

Society, culture, and social norms all have a role to play in the sexual health of the population at large and are of relevance women want sex bourne everyone — whether gay, straight, old, or young. Prof Wellings investigates sexual health in all subsets of the population, focusing on how the public health response has shifted in recent decades when handling sexual health.

Over time the response has moved away from an era of abstinence and containment to now recognising the influence of social norms.

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A generic example of this is the change in social attitudes towards smoking. In terms of sexual health, one ificant change has been what people are willing to experience. This applies across the board with people now more experimental with practices, such as oral sex, as well as with each gender. The changes in attitudes and practices are highlighted by the growing gap between the age someone loses their virginity and the age at which they have their first. Inthe average age a woman first experienced sex was 20 years to then have women want sex bourne first child by the age of 24, just four years later.

Today, the gap is ificantly greater with people first having sex at age 16, but then producing children many years later.

This change means there is now a plethora of people in need of access to sexual health services, advice and education. The window of time is greater than ever in which people, both boys and girls, need to stay informed. In the UK, many schools do hold some form of classes to inform students about sex but their extent is varied and the classes themselves have not been made compulsory by the government, according to Dr Marston.

Research among this age group is proving more essential as the age at first sex decreases.

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The fact remains that young people are having sex, and global health teams are yet to focus on this adequately. This sexual activity highlights another demographic at risk of STIs, HIV, pregnancy and mental health conditions they could then carry with them through life. Dr Marston believes that by working with young people — and intervening early — you could help them develop healthier behaviours. The vast majority of HIV infections worldwide happen between the ages of 15 and Although large, this is ificantly lower than countries such as South Africa and Nigeria where more than 6 million and 3 million people, respectively, are living with the disease, according to UNAIDS.

Inadolescent girls and young women ed for women want sex bourne in four new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa.

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This means people, namely females, should feel comfortable they are choosing to engage in the practices they partake in. In a recent nationwide study in the UK, the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles Natsalthe median age of men and women experiencing non-volitional sex, or sex against their will or choice, was 18 and 16 years respectively. In doing so it provided ly unknown insight into the sexual landscape of the UK and its modern-day society.

Prior to the studies, little evidence was available to validly inform public women want sex bourne campaigns — including those targeting young people.

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According to recent research by Dr Marston, young people are facing pressures to engage in certain activities, which in turn affects both people within a relationship. Her interviews with young men found they seemed to be competing with each other to have anal sex with women, and seemed to pressure partners into the act.

There were also similar gender differences in oral sex. Through the Sixteen18 project, Dr Marston interviewed people to explore the thoughts and experiences of this ly underexplored age group and the challenges they face in understanding, and engaging in, their sexual activities.

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Their experiences today, are once again aided and influenced by technology and the mobile world and as with the growth of social media sites, and apps, the ability to contact people through the virtual world is expanding. One study targeting them in this way — and capitalizing on a prime way to reach young people — is the Safetxt study.