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Why do Leftists hate America? America is a massive refutation of their utopian fantasy, universal equality. They compare America with their vision of a perfect country which has never existed. Rather than change their false theories, they lash out at America and conservatives, including Trump.

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However, countries do not exist in fantasyland; they exist in the real world. However, the world that surrounds us is not too idyllic.

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If we compare the US to its surroundings, America is the one that begins to resemble an idealized paradise. Otherwise, why do so many foreign nationals risk life and limb to get to America? In any election, the overriding consideration in voting should be the political ideologies associated with candidates and the direction America should take.

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This is a disgusting display of comments. How disappointing and how ashamed I am to reside in Fillmore County right now.

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I have lived here all my life and Wives want nsa jeffreycity am 58 years old, I have never seen such disregard for our neighbors throughout the county as I have recently and here on this comment section. Not a one of you should be touting God, Jesus or going to church on Sunday without asking God for forgiveness for the way you treat each other.

I am truly disgusted and worried about the kids of today because they have the worst behaving elders and role models. I pray you all can get right with God and each other. How embarrassing that you consider yourself patriotic. YOU hate our Democratic values and principles. Trump fawned over Putin and failed to be a true Patriot and protect us. So please go visit the wizard, and go get a new brain.

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We all have different opinions that are both reasonable and unreasonable, but sometimes, no all the time we have opinions that oppose with what the other party thinks. So from this clashing political war, both sides compete against each other try to influence more people to in on their views.

I believe in our national security and that communists should be stopped, but I also want to help the environment and shrink the gap between the poor and the rich.

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The goal of being an influential speaker is not about using negativity to cause outrage against someone, but to be a reasonable and peaceful speaker who respects the opposing opinion and expresses views that most people can wives want nsa jeffreycity with. By doing that, you can influence people with different views more easily instead of causing them to resent your own ideology even more. If you have any opinions to say about this, then please reply. Complacency is the death knell for every prior super power in history.

Okay, so first and foremost, it was proven through a recorded interview that was not made by the left. It was done back in February of and in it he expresses the severity of the coronavirus, almost in a bragging fashion. He was probably trying to impress Bob Woodward, but in any case at the same time he was telling the public that it was nothing and nothing would come of it. Even Dr. Birx who had worked for him recently said most of those deaths could have been prevented had it been taken more seriously.

He incited panics wives want nsa jeffreycity saying that, most notably that takeover of the Capitol building. This is not the left making him look bad to support their agenda.

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Luckily keeping us in fear did not get him reelected. If trump had been reelected a lot of you would have. Count yourself lucky and keep your narrow minded opinion to yourself. You must be one that does not work and wants everything handed to you!! I never got checks on disability and retired and really do not care!! You are the supreme hypocrite. That simplifies your targets to defame and wives want nsa jeffreycity as the natzis and hypocrites or whatever you are. You spend your time blaming and hanging your tag on others. Your a perfect hypocrite. Tonite when your boyfriend is behind you again… tell him to stop yanking on your manbun so hard, Its really messing up those last two brain cells left in your otherwise empty skull cavity.

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Wah wah …typical. There are many that would wives want nsa jeffreycity the money back to have their jobs and all the phoney rhetoric that there is. Quit with the lies. Be honest. Along with the fake emotions. Never got em anyways. Apparently I made to much money the last 2 years, but I suppose I should be happy to have helped pay for yours and all the others so that you can stay home a little longer without having to contribute anything. ClearlySo True.

Sorry Mathew but you are dead wrong and also have a selective memory. As I recall Trump wanted a travel ban and was labeled a racist and xenophobe by our current president.

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In addition Pelosi was walking around China town telling everyone to come on down and not to listen to Trump. Do you remember the governors of several Democratic states praising Trump for his swift action in getting them what they needed?

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How about Trump warning of a massive wave of illegal immigration? To claim that Trump tried to keep people living in fear is a crock and you know it. By no means is Trump a perfect man but how are you enjoying the dictatorship we are experiencing now with more executive orders ed by the chump in office than any president before him?

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And the stimulus checks you speak wives want nsa jeffreycity, are you fully supportive of these evil politicians putting so much pork into these bills that only a small fraction goes to the American people who are suffering? I disagree. The Left has completely politicized covid, first to get Trump out of office and now, I am not sure. It is not the fault of one person in the White House.

Leftist policies and naivety toward drugs has created our opioid epidemic, which is killing thousands of mostly young and healthy people but CNN and USA Today would never know it. Matthew your wrong here.

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The media said loosely if there is any real journalist left, showed pictures of antifa members turning their maga hats around backwards so they could be identified. How dumb are people that continue to vote for democrats. They promise you the moon and deliver nothing. Look at Sleep Joe this week. Trying to take over guns again. They for slavery not against like the republicans.

Letter to the editor why the left hates america and trump

Dems came out with welfare to keep folks in modern day slavery for generations and it worked. The Dems will give away anything they can get their hands on. The government only owns what it takes from others. Those stim checks, yeah wait for the taxes you pay to support that. Sleepy Joe went after guns this week. In reality, all the major gun crimes were committed in no gun zones. People that pass background checks to buy guns are committing heinous crimes where?

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Socialism works nowhere! Giving something to people for nothing makes them appreciate nothing. We use to have social programs that taught people how to work and have esteem, a sense of self respect, and an incentive to keep a job. Now the left has taught folks to stay home, teachers to be lazy in a union, and that anyone that has an opinion on their ideas, or against them is a Xenophobe, racist, alt right, or to be more frank, a republican.

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Look at every level of government in Dem run cities. Crime at an all time high, gun crimes with black on black is off the rails. Inner city violence and wives want nsa jeffreycity stricken communities are not being rebuilt, or kids are watching themselves. Look at the district Al Sharpton represented. Trump called him out on it and he lost his mind. It was the truth, but he attacked Trump and nobody called him out from the left. They put party before country. These communities have been run by Dems for many decades and they finally have you right where they want you.

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Asking for permission to stay in you homes, asking for more money because their welfare is not enough now. Having babies out of wedlock having babies by different men to get the maximum money from the government.

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We let thousands into the country so they can one day illegally vote for the Dem machine to keep the cycle going. We have kids lying on the floor at the so called kid centers shoulder to shoulder. Remember this when the country is broken and no more loans are available from his Chinese buddies.