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By kim42March 25, in Sex and Romance. I had a date last Friday and although the guy was nice, the thing that put me off was his excessive touching. He also tried to hug me which I find a bit too much, especially since it was the first time I met him. We matched on Tinder and texted for two days before he asked me out, so it was a complete stranger. I googled briefly some dating advice and it seems that physical contact on first dates is encouraged.

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Guest Post by Kevin Carr : I recently celebrated a birthday; along with the fun and festivities, came a pivotal time of reflection.

-when & how to flirt using touch-

As I began to think about my year past and my life as a whole, measuring where I am to where I want to be, I had an epiphany of sorts. Or, maybe I just finally noticed the obvious.


For the past ten years I have been a serial dater and have been on plenty of first dates. Dates are a tricky thing, especially first dates.


They can be nerve wrecking, leaving men and women alike full of anxiety and confusion as they try to formulate a way of making a good first impression. I lived for these moments. The prospect and challenge of meeting someone new, and seeing where it could lead, was an exhilarating feeling that often fueled my pursuit of several women simultaneously. Those many conversations, over coffee, ice cream, vodka etc.

10 first date rules for guys

In essence, ten years of experience coupled with extensive research has helped me to release a book and to become an expert on the subject. I guess it was true when they said, working with the negatives could make for better pictures; well actually Drake said that, but it works for the point I am making.

Though I am currently in a loving and committed relationship, it is my not so recent past that has helped teach me that how a woman interacts with a man on the touching on first date date can determine how he perceives and ultimately treats her for the remainder of the relationship however long it may be. Location, Location, Location!


This sends the wrong message to a man. It tells him that you are entirely too comfortable too soon. If you spend the first date on his couch, where will you spend the second? What Time IS It? Also, dates earlier in the day allow for more flexibility.

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Clothes are Necessary. The first thing we see often determines the first thing we think. So, remember to dress appropriately. Yes be sexy! No Job Interviews.

What is inappropriate touch?

Cultivating conversation and listening intently will reveal everything that you need to know about him. No sensual touching or hugging and cuddling on the first date. Men will often test you in this to see how far they can get which we, at times, use to measure how easy it will be to get you in bed. Too serious and intimate of a conversation can potentially scare him off.

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Slow walk it him. Your conversation tells a lot about where your mind is, revealing a piece of your character.


Men observe this and act accordingly. Conversation goes a long way in creating the perceptions of the mind. Remember that.


It is important to be sure of yourself and to project that. Confidence is contagious but the absence of it cannot be hidden. Be confident in who you are! Real men find that sexy!

5 s a first date is going better than you think

Go Home…. If you give him all of you on the first date, he has no incentive to pursue you how you truly deserve to be pursued.


I think the same is true with respect to guys — even the marriage one! Others: women are visual — guys make the effort and look good please! Some guys want to move to too much touching on the first date!!

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Ladies, just say NO to any close contact in the beginning, and make sure he knows he will NOT be getting anything for a long time. Ladies, talk about subjects that are not trending worldwide. Oh god quit acting like your vagina is rare.


All women have one. Be who you are.

A date is not permission to expect or demand kissing, hugging, touching, or sex.

As long as you are engaging in meaningful interaction and being your authentic self you are own your way. When I went on a first date with a guy last year, he started talking about serious relationships and wanting to see me all the time. And I was thinking "I don't know you! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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