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Powerful enough -- at least in the minds of straight girls -- that a helpful article from Wikihow feels obligated to warn Straight woman seeking fwb seekers that, "Even if you believe you must have that flamboyant gay man to be your BFF, consider first the person inside -- what you are looking for is a soul mate friend, not a decorative accessory. But when it avoids teetering into decorative accessory territory, the "unique and important bond shared between straight women and gay men" is both observable and understudied. So researchers at the University of Texas at Austin deed an experiment aimed at empirically evaluating how, exactly, both parties benefit from being soul mate friends. To do so the researchers deed a fake internet persona -- "Jordan" -- and evaluated participants' ability straight woman seeking fwb form a relationship with him based solely on his Facebook profile. Not that Jordan was always a "he": The 88 heterosexual women who ed up for the study experienced Jordan as either a straight woman, a straight man, or a gay man. For the 58 homosexual men who participated in a similar experiment, Jordan was either a straight woman, a gay man, or, in a "novel 'lesbian female' target condition," a gay woman.

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Friends with benefits, without sex: why straight women trust gay men with dating advice

Over the years, this type of platonic relationship has evolved into one that is not only natural but mutually beneficial as well, especially when it comes to dating. Psychologists have speculated the straight woman-gay man relationship has been successful because women experience a greater sense of comfort and trust with gay men than in their friendships with straight individuals.

The relationship provides a safe place for both to let their guards down, be themselves, and be honest with each other. To determine this, the researchers conducted a series of four studies involving nearly straight female straight woman seeking fwb at a major public university in the southwestern United States.

Why straight women and gay men are often so close

In one experiment, a total of women were asked to evaluate mock social media profiles of either straight women, straight men, or gay men. In the second experiment involving women, researchers found they were more likely to find gay men as being more sincere when compared to straight men or women. The third experiment involved women who were asked to read two mock news articles and then complete a series of tasks related to the social media profiles of a gay man and a straight woman. The first straight woman seeking fwb described an increase in women and decrease in men on college campuses around the country, and stressed the competition more women faced when it came to dating.

The second article the controlmeanwhile, discussed sex-specific sleep patterns. The final experiment also found women were more comfortable forming friendships with gay men when they saw heightened levels of mating competition.

Women get friend-zoned too, the difference is men still sleep with us anyway

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Discovering "girlfriends with benefits" — the sexy new sex trend

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