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Guide for dating in Riga helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Latvian women.

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Riga is one of the top places for great nightlife and adventures. A wide range of entertainment in Riga is available both day and night - we have many night clubs in Riga, restaurants, bars all around the city. Moreover, Riga has always been a multicultural city because of the history.

You can see it even in the architecture of Old Riga, where are architectural features of Germany and Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries.

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Therefore, our guests in Riga feel like at home. According to the study by the Riga Tourism Development Agency RTAB research data shows that for most guests who were staying in Riga, the experienced has responded to the acknowledged better than expected. In the middle of the week, there is a lively party that continues from to in the morning. It means, in Latvia, you can go to bed only after you have had a party real hard.

It is one of the reasons why bachelors choose to celebrate their sex riga girls meeting do parties directly in Riga — beautiful girls, cheap booze and crazy party all night long. A pleasant atmosphere, lots of good bars and clubs, beautiful ladies — everything you ever wanted. On the weekends Riga Old town is one big party, you must fumble and enjoy it. There are various nightclubs and great bars all around the Old Town, which invite locals and foreigners to party till the sun is shining. As we already told - Riga Old town is quite compact, so you will be able to visit three, four or even more Riga Pubs, Bars and Clubs each night.

Forget about long drives in Riga, everything is so close, and taxi in Riga is easy to find, and prices sex riga girls meeting pretty low.

Towns and cities

In Old Town, you totally can go everywhere by walk. Perhaps going through some Riga nightlife reviews you've read or heard some Riga horror stories, but you must understand that you must be careful in any city you visit.


Riga is not more dangerous than other cities in Europe. It's even relatively safe when compared to other cities in Europe. If you are looking for problems, then of course that you can find them in Riga, just like anywhere else. In travel forums, we can read a lot, that tourists being lured into a bar or pub by a pretty lady.

If you follow the lady in the bar, there is a sex riga girls meeting that you will be left alone with a large bill. Riga's strip clubs also have been known to overcharge. Watch locals as they enter in clubs, to know if your money is required.

Riga nightlife horror stories

Ask drink prices in advance, paying for each round individually, and then you won't be smacked with a massive bill in the end. From time to time in hostels, you can see the - "no stag parties" allowed. Riga is a quite popular place for European groups of men when they get pretty drunk, loud and do lots of nonsense. There are times when travellers are getting drugged at bars and then robbed.

My experience with latvian, girls submit new ad rules use the message board is permitted only by persons who have attained the age of majority, at least 18 years.

So - you should always watch your drinks — how they are made, and you should never leave a drink sex riga girls meeting. And for your safety - don't take drinks from strangers. Use of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances in streets of Riga, in public places it is prohibited. Also, if a person in the public place starts to disturb other people under the influence of alcohol, then the law is overhauled, and you can get a penalty — a warning or a fine depends on the violation.

We must admit that in Latvia, we have not only a high traffic accident rate but also a high car theft rate. Always look for secure parking; it will pay off. Be careful in the central market and a tunnel between the bus station and the Old Town.


Common places of pickpocket activity are doorways of shops, churches, public transport. All you must understand - Riga will respect you if you respect Riga. Come, enjoy, be safe and have fun. For your safety, you should learn about how to avoid rip off bars, bad venues and dangerous districts, before you are visiting any country. We want you to know — you can feel safe in the Riga Old Town and the city centre because security cameras are located throughout the city. Also, there are police patrols that take care of the safety of both - the residents and the guests of Riga.

We are hoping you could bring back good memories of visiting Riga. Riga Old town has many good pubs, bars and, although most of sex riga girls meeting nightclubs are located in the city centre rather than Old town, you still can find some great venues to dance the night away.


To make it easier, we can suggest you some. Also, cool place in Old Riga is Folkclub Ala - if you want to feel Latvian spirit, it is the place to go, local singers will bring you in another dimension with Latvian folk and post-folk music. Mostly beer price in Riga bars is starting from 2.

There is a rooftop terrace where you can chill in the summer evening. It's a great spot to spend the night.

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You will hear a lot of mainstream hits. One of the best night clubs in Old Riga, you definitely must stop by. You can't pay with credit cards here. Here bartenders can mix not only fantastic cocktail but also your head and the DJ can move not only the floor but also tear the roof. It's worth to try, come, and you will see.

Nightclub "Piens" means Milk in English. Opened in and got popular among artists, deers, journalists, musicians and other hipsters. Riga Nightclub "Piens" has two large terraces in the front and in the back, where you can chill out. Good music, lots of concerts. The biggest nightclub in Riga, the capacity of the club is people. Riga Nightclub "La Rocca" is worth to visit if you are spending the weekend in Riga. Unique de, beautiful girls, good music and strict security sex riga girls meeting.

Entrance from Face and dress control. But when you are in — you will be partying like there's no tomorrow.


Nightclub "First Mir" is one of the best clubs in town. Opened for already nine seasons, located in Andrejsala's development, in one of the Soviet times industrial buildings. In "First Mir" you will hear all types of quality music: house, tech-house, progressive, techno and a wide variety of other quality dance music. It's a prestigious place in Riga. Great atmosphere, live music and concerts every weekend.

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Here you will meet people who love rock music, especially Latvian rock music. Come and feel the unique aura that dominates in this place. Red Fox Tours can offer you the best pub crawl in Riga with the guide. Also, we can help you with Riga stag do planningyou have tell us your ideas, and we will try to do our best.

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If you come to enjoy the nightlife in Riga, then surely you are interested in meeting some beautiful girls. Women from Latvia are considered to be one of the sex riga girls meeting in the world — it means — long, beautiful legs. Blonde hair, pretty face and amazing smile. Also, a great figure, because for Latvian women, her external appearance is ificant, so, they take care. What else do you need? Home Blog. Riga Nightlife Horror Stories Perhaps going through some Riga nightlife reviews you've read or heard some Riga horror stories, but you must understand that you must be careful in any city you visit.

Beautiful girl inviting you for a drink?


It's hard, but avoid it! Check cover charges!

Riga old town nightlife

Avoid becoming a stag-party statistic. Drinks from strangers? Please do not drink alcohol on the street, in public places; it is not allowed. Car theft rates in Latvia. Most Latvians are polite, respectful and well mannered. Latvians easily accept silence, which would be considered awkward in other cultures.

As the relationship evolves, the moments of awkwardness disappear.