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Seeing another budget amp maker rockville 4 hookup with black Rockville on the market really got me curious. Several of the best-selling Rockville amplifiers from the Phenom model line shown with both true RMS power ratings 2 different measurements are used. What helps set the Rockville line of amps apart from other budget brands are the Consumer Electronics Association CEA industry standard power ratings. CEA ratings mean an amp is certified to deliver the rated power advertised.

The company also offers a budget-priced line called the DB series too. The main difference, however, lies in the features as the Phenom series offers more. Not bad! However, the RXM-F3 adds a protective coating to the circuit board and a microphone loudspeaker feature. Its twin, the marine version RXM-F3 is almost identical aside from the different cosmetic package, conformal coating to protect the circuit board, and a microphone loudspeaker feature.

The RXA-F1 is also bridgeable. However, the amp can deliver a fair amount more power than the CEA ratings.


I finally got my hands on it! My Rockville amp finally arrived and I got started unboxing right away.


I really prefer the foam over styrofoam any day. What we really care about is having the amp meet its rated power output as advertised. The RXA-F1 comes neatly packed in a good-looking box with secure packaging to keep it safe inside. All in all, my RXA-F1 was well-packaged and everything looked good. The included screws are 8 pan head screws and should work well for nearly all installations. I used them myself during testing. Installer tip: I recommend you drill pilot holes before driving the screws into the mounting surface when mounting it.

For other materials like medium density fiberboard MDFparticle board, or fiberglass it can be a big problem! That helps prevent marring of the plastic mounting feet and allows having a lot really secure mount too. So far, so good. The great rockville 4 hookup with black is that you can use up to 4 gauge wire in the power terminals. However, the Phenom series of amps have a slightly unique de in that the sides are a dark gray instead of black like the top.

Rockville rxa-f1 4 channel amp hands-on review: a budget winner you shouldn’t pass up!

There are also some false hex-head chrome screws in the centerpiece which add another nice touch. Front and rear end sections are made of plastic and serve as the mounting feet, which is my only real gripe metal mounting feet are much more durable and can take more force without warping or cracking. Overall, fit and finish are very good. I like it! The downside of being a budget amp is that to keep costs low older technology is used. Just something to be aware of before buying.

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Shown: Front and rear panels with controls and wiring connections for the amp. RCA input jacks and the crossover controls are easy to understand and well laid out. Hex head screws tighten within each wiring terminal for a very secure and clean connection point.

In testing I found them to be reliable, great for avoiding stray wiring, and good-looking too. A standard sized 60 amp automotive fuse is replaceable and conveniently mounted between the terminal strips.


Probably due to the limited amount of space. Above is a labeled diagram to help you understand it better. Each end of the amplifier also has 2 plastic areas resembling a grill that act as vents for cooling.


At the bottom and next to each vent area is a plastic mounting foot as well. While it might seem confusing at first, in all reality the controls are pretty straight forward. Factory radio?

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No problem! While the Phenom series of car amps are able to offer good power and features that has to come with compromises, just like any other value-priced electronics. Internally, the amp uses a single-sided printed circuit board PCB and through-hole components with a bit of hand assembly. Standard bipolar output transistors are used. The adjustable control potentiometers used for gain, crossovers, and bass boost levels are of good quality, too.

However, real-world testing is what really counts for what matters in my experience. The important thing to remember is this: When comparing car amps, compare similar power ratings.


Fortunately, the Rockville amps are industry certified to deliver at least the CEA power ratings advertised. A higher is better, and typical car amplifiers are around 90dB and above. Rockville lists the Phenom series at least several of the prime models as having an SNR ratio of greater than dB, which is very good. Those more specific rating specs are a bit rare among car amps, though.


However, in my test experience, the Rockville did well for the average user. Shown: My test setup used to find out how the Rockville amp performed in the real world daily. Alright, on to the good stuff! Once I got the amp I was able to install it, tune my system, and give it a real-world test.


Installing the RXA-F1 for daily testing and putting it through its paces. Yeah, I installed it at night! I used my test setup piggy-backing off of my original everyday system to power and supply a super-clean audio al to the Rockville amp.


I fired it up and gave it a day of burn-in time before I evaluated the performance. Some reference car audio test tracks I used for testing the amp and verifying sound quality. Top: Autosound Test CD Bottom: A high-fidelity album from Mapleshade Music featuring unprocessed, excellent sound quality used in some high-end car audio demos.

For example, if I were to change the way I tested the amp change it from the installation I could easily add 1 change that unfairly gives the wrong impression. After quite a bit of listening time I formed my overall opinion: The RXA-F1 is a great-sounding budget amp with very good musical fidelity. Listening to your favorite everyday jams on Spotify or whatever music source you like is enjoyable and fun with the Rockville.

Music is crisp, clear, and can really jam rockville 4 hookup with black when you crank the volume. In fact, I had a lot more power on tap when I needed it. The music quality was great, with crisp, dynamic highs and punchy bass. The watts per dollar value — and features and flexibility — are unusually good for the money. For a lot less than I paid for my old amps I could rockville 4 hookup with black 2 Phenom amps with more power and channels.

The crossovers worked well and are easy to set. While it covers several models in the amp family which is fine, and typical for most amp manufacturers the instructions apply equally to the main amps in the product family. In that case they even provide passive crossover component values capacitors and inductors to help you too.


This duplicates the rear channel settings perfectly for the front channels, taking away any need to try to fiddle with them to match. The rear channels offer not only a high pass filter 15Hz-1KHza low-pass filter 50Hz-3KHzbut also both can work together to provide a bandpass filter. Both the low and high pass adjustments will work the same in that case but will work in unison.

The unique features and true power ratings really help set it apart from competitors in its price range.

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If you're in the market for an affordable 4 channel amp, look no further. In real-world testing it really delivers and meets power expectations with clear, fun sound.


Industry-standard power ratings are a nice change of pace vs the misleading ratings of competitors. If you need an affordable 4 channel amp this is a winner! Specifications My test setup and installation How does it sound? You could potentially strip the screws or break your hex bit. This works for both RCA inputs and the speaker level inputs as well.