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Wanting to find love and stability in a chaotic time in your life is recovery dating — recovery dating may believe it can help calm things down. However, dating can often lead to many problems, such as breakups, heartbreak, cheating, and potentially toxic relationships. Dating can be especially harmful if you are healing yourself, such as being in the process of recovery from addiction. Dating in early recovery can lead to adverse outcomes that could put your sobriety at risk. Many people in early recovery are often relearning who they are and who they want to be. When you stop using drugs and alcohol, you must move on from that identity and create a new one in your sobriety.

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Whether you're sober curious or in recovery, these sober dating recovery dating have something for everyone. Many people today are questioning their relationship with alcohol and what it does both to them and for them. But how specifically does drinking—or not drinking—affect your dating life? If you're single and looking for romance, but worried about putting yourself out there without leaning on liquor, you're not alone.

Navigating the already-tricky terrain of modern romance can be especially difficult for the sober community.

5 questions to ask before you start dating a recovering addict

But there are many sober dating apps to the rescue. Left with limited options to meet women without alcohol, Gottlieb found himself falling off the wagon again and again before finally getting clean.

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So whether you're in recovery or simply sober curious, these sober dating apps can recovery dating you find romance. As one of the more well-known sober dating apps, Loosid has a great reputation for connecting people in the sober community. Gottlieb knows that the reasons that people have for being sober can vary, so the app lets you share whether it's because you're in recovery or because you want to reap the health benefits of not drinking.

Whatever the reason, Loosid is a great place to start your sober dating journey.

These sober dating apps will help you find love without alcohol

Like Tinder, Clean and Sober Love CASL shows you a photo of a potential match and whatever personal information about themselves that they want to share, giving recovery dating the opportunity to swipe right and start a conversation or swipe left and move on. The only difference is that this is a dedicated space for people who want to date sober, so you don't even have to ask.

SoberSinglesDate is also meant to be just for people who are livingsober, but it offers you the option of expressing what you're looking for fun? Sober Grid is especially useful for anyone who is struggling with sobriety. In addition to connecting you with sober people in your area, it has recovery dating "sobriety calculator" that keeps track of how many days you've been sober, which can be a useful motivational tool for someone in recovery.

What is early recovery?

There's also the option to alert other members if you need help, and you can even request someone in your area to give you a safe ride from a recovery center. I Am Sober's mission is to connect "a wide network of people all striving for the same goal: staying recovery dating one day at a time.

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You can read inspirational messages, reach out to others for advice, track your days, create daily challenges, build new habits, and even calculate how much money you're saving recovery dating not drinking. Unlike some of the other apps on this list, MeetMindful isn't centered specifically around alcohol. Rather, it's "for people who keep their lives mindful and high-vibe. So if you're looking for someone who not only doesn't drink but is also dedicated to wellness overall, this could be the app for you.

The pitfalls of dating too soon

Of course, Hinge isn't exclusively for the sober community. But preferred members can make note of whether or not they're open to dating someone who drinks alcohol and, if so, how much. Recovery dating could be a good option for someone who wants to try dating sober, but isn't committed to never having a glass of wine ever again. Hinge has also been around for a while, so it's likely to have a wider pool of candidates to choose from than some newer apps on this list.

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By Diana Bruk February 25, Diana is a senior editor who writes about sex and relationships, modern dating trends, and health and wellness.

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A complete sober dating guide to embrace your recovery – loosid

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