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The dreaded flakes. Nobody likes when a girl flakes on you.


Especially when you ran good text gamehad a solid vibe, and qualified that she was up to your standards. Maybe she even promised to show up on the day of the date and you made sure to set up a solid date. Getting your bottle of wine and some glasses handy.


I got called in for work. Can we please reschedule? They happen to even the best of us. With that said… What should be your mindset around flakes? How should you tackle a flakey girl?

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How should you prepare for flakes? How to prevent getting flaked on in the first place?


This article is going to tackle all of these important topics. To start off with, online dating flakes would you prevent a flake? That said, if you want to do everything you can to reduce the chances of a girl flaking, these are the 3 factors matter the most:. The way investment gets solidified is over time. If you text back and forth for only a short period of time one night and make plans after that, she may agree enthusiastically. Again, no matter how good you are, this WILL happen. What should you do?


These following mindsets and tactics have helped me drastically in dealing with flakes. The fifth point above is key. With that in mind, let me break down a couple scenarios where the girl flaked, offered to reschedule, and then the meet happened. But, also at the same time, do not let her dick you around. This text shows empathy and gives the girl a chance to express her concerns, if any. That said, if you want to do everything you can to reduce the chances of a girl flaking, these are the 3 factors matter the most: Investment: In layman terms, investment translates to how much energy she is willing to put into your interaction, meeting up with you, and jumping through hoops either in your texting or when dealing with complexities of meeting up.

The simplest indicator for this would online dating flakes be how easy it is to make plans with her. Time: The investment needs to happen over time. If she is extremely willing to come over that night, by online dating flakes means, DO IT! But, more often than not, she may be invested on one day and be a bit closed off the next.


This can happen entirely because of external factors, since girls are much more emotional than men. Type of investment: The investment needs to be a combination of logical, emotional, and sexual. Think of it as setting frames.

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You can set frames on the date itself if your game is decent, but the best way to do this over text before the date itself is to have good frame control and use the we-frame. Remember, these are external factors — they are NOT in your control. Maybe something truly urgent came up. Maybe she found a better date proposal from a guy who wants to have a relationship frame with her from the online dating flakes and is willing to buy her a super expensive meal.

Maybe she may have just had a drunk hookup last night, regretted it and may have just taken a temporary hiatus from men in general. Do not get butthurt and do not get upset with her. Backup plans: Whenever you can, have a backup plan.

Online dating flakes

One great approach is to double book, with the expectation that one of them will flake. If they both end up following through, then make an emergency excuse and politely offer to reschedule. Go do a second work out. Watch a movie.

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Be better, NOT bitter : Getting upset, angry, or otherwise reactive serves no purpose but to crash your mental state. You may want to curse at the girl and call her a bitch, but it just starts a dangerous feedback loop where you may expect a flake from any lead you ever gather online. Rescheduling The fifth point above is key. An old-fashioned reschedule.

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