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Subscriber active since. One day, while scrolling through her Instagram feed, Sydney Ferbrache saw a picture of a girl in a van.

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Maybe it was fate, or just the algorithm, but it completely changed her life. Now Ferbrache, 24, is the girl in the van, withInstagram fans following her travels all across America with her dog Ella. And she's doing it all on her own. After dumping her boyfriend, Ferbrache realized that she wanted to prove there is nothing scary about being a solo woman on the road. Ferbrache talked to Insider about how her solo journey began, the incredible places she's seen on the road, and why she's tired of people telling her she's crazy for traveling alone.

Ferbrache, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, had never been out of the country before going on the adventure with a friend from college.

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I was totally hooked. Everyone was so apprehensive about it.

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I was scrolling for hours a day on my laptop and in between homework and everything else, just looking at vans. We bought one, had it shipped to Indianapolis, and that was the older single wants find girls of how I discovered van life.

While the couple had a "great relationship in the van," Ferbrache said she realized that her boyfriend wasn't the one. Ferbrache said she decided to give the van up "in the heat of the moment" during the breakup.

And, in all honesty, he thought we were going to get married and have kids and have this huge future together and I felt this tremendous sense of guilt," she added. Ferbrache worked three jobs and a "ton of side gigs" for two months to save up for the van. She had launched her website about van lifedid freelance web de, and was also nannying full-time.

One day she spent eight hours stuffing envelopes to get a little extra cash.

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She added a full kitchen with a fridge, stove, and sink. The bedroom has a king-size bed that can be turned into benches and a table, and there is also a toilet. A week before she left, Ferbrache made one last purchase — a golden retriever puppy that she named Ella. I made this happen, I cannot believe I actually made this happen.

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She said she "was crying constantly" at first. Every four to six months, Ferbrache stops back in Indiana to see her family and spend some time with her 2-year-old nephew. She says she funds her travels through advertising and affiliate marketing on her websiteand also helps people de their own blogs.


It's been instilled in me. Ferbrache said she locks the doors on her van every night, carries a Taser, and also travels with "various weapons. Because I take those precautions, I have never put myself in a situation where it's dangerous.

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She wants to make it to Alaska by springand plans to hit up Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia along the way. I don't foresee anywhere in the near future where I want to stop, but I also don't want to hold myself to this idea that I have to be on the road.

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It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. Sydney Ferbrache, 24, travels full-time around America in a van with her dog Ella. Ferbrache decided to pursue van life on her own after dumping her boyfriend and giving him the first van that they had bought together. She saved up by working three jobs, plus side gigs, so that she could purchase and renovate her own van and hit the road. Ferbrache has now been to 20 states and hopes to inspire other women to find the joy in traveling solo.

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Visit Insider's home for more stories. Ferbrache got the travel bug on her first big trip, when she went to Europe for three weeks after her freshman year of college. A year-and-a-half later, Ferbrache decided to book a solo trip to South Africa. But Ferbrache's first experience with van life wasn't solo. After seeing that Instagram picture of the girl in the van, she asked her boyfriend at the time to her on an adventure. Ferbrache and her boyfriend, who had been together for a little over a year at the time, then set off on the road in September Ferbrache ended the relationship in March and let her ex-boyfriend keep their van.

After older single wants find girls breakup, Ferbrache said she felt "a huge sense of freedom" and immediately started looking for a new van.

Ferbrache got the travel bug on her first big trip, when she went to europe for three weeks after her freshman year of college.

By SeptemberFerbrache was ready to hit the road. Ferbrache describes her first couple of weeks on the road as the best of her life. Ferbrache and Ella first went to Yellowstone National Park. Ferbrache says she has since been to 20 states, traveling to the likes of Montana, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Quebec in Canada. Ferbrache estimates that she spends around days of the year total on the road. Ferbrache gets asked all the time about how she could feel comfortable traveling in a van by herself. But she says she has never been scared.

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Ferbrache said she also loves being alone, and doesn't often feel lonely on the road. The only time Ferbrache said she truly felt lonely was when, a couple of months after she first hit the road, Ella needed surgery. Ferbrache said she has no plans to get off the road anytime soon. What comes after has yet to be planned, but it will definitely be in the van. Ferbrache said one of the best parts about being on the road is inspiring other women to become solo adventurers.

And Ferbrache hopes to keep inspiring women to find the joy in traveling alone. Road Trip.