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During times of war, secure communications can mean the difference between life and death; victory and defeat. Finding their origins in Native American languages, these codes were spoken by a brave group of men recruited from tribal communities across the country. Those men became known as Code Talkers.

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Download: Lesson pack What was early contact like between Europeans and Natives? Within a hundred years, Europeans were trying to settle in the Americas. This lesson examines what happened between early English settlers and Native Americans in North America. Using primary source evidence you will investigate what the early contact was like. Were the Native Americans savage and vicious hosts?

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Were the Europeans unreasonable and unfair? Or did they all just get along fine? You need to find out what happened.

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The evidence comes from This was the year that the first permanent English settlement was established in North America, known as Jamestown. These first settlers — and those who sent them — were keen to find out about the area, keen to see how they could benefit. These settlers began to explore and they soon encountered the Native people. Using the information they recorded, you are going to examine their initial thoughts and feelings.

InEnglish colonists attempted to settle at a place called Roanoke.

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The settlement lasted only for a short time. After initial friendly relations, fighting broke out with the Native Americans when they refused demands for food from English soldiers.

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The colonists fled. On May 14,the first lasting English settlement in North America was established. Captain Newport led the expedition, staying until June 22nd, when he sailed back to England for supplies. The source material in this Snapshot comes from the time between May and June, when Newport was in America.

These settlers were unprepared, and did not even plant the right crops or eat the right foods.

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They soon encountered starvation and famine, despite stealing food from the Native Americans. Thousands of Native Americans were also killed, either in fighting or by outbreaks of European diseases to which their bodies had no immunity.

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Those settlers that survived, together with new arrivals, began to cultivate the land, growing tobacco. As more settlers native guy looking for some action today, more Native American hunting grounds were taken, and the Native Americans began to fight back.

Any chance of peaceful relations were at an end. This lesson asks pupils to investigate the early contact between Europeans and Native Americans. Using primary source diary extracts, pupils are able to understand and appreciate the first encounters between European settlers and the indigenous people of North America. Pupils are asked to explore both positive and negative aspects of these encounters, which can then be developed further in a of ways.

The map uses a mix of English and Native place names. The lesson could form a background to the teaching of the History Scheme of Work Unit What were the effects of Tudor exploration? The lesson also covers breadth of study National Curriculum requirements through investigation of a world study beforespecifically indigenous peoples of North America. The final written task offers a clear literacy opportunity, and further links with citizenship and PSHE issues could be made with teacher development.

Virtual Jamestown A site giving a lot of information about the original settlement at Jamestown, including a 3D reconstruction of the settlement and information about the people who lived there.

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Search our website Search Discovery, our catalogue. View lesson as PDF. View full image. Lesson at a glance. Download: Lesson pack.

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What was early contact like between Europeans and Natives? Tasks 1.

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This is an extract from one of the settlers diaries. How many people went on the exploration? This is another extract from the diary seen in Source 1. How welcome were the men made? What did the native people give them?

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How do you think these explorers felt about their treatment? This extract describes how the explorers were missing two bullet-bags and the contents. When the loss was reported, how quick and effective was the Native Americans response?

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Why do you think the materials were taken by the Native Americans? How is the situation resolved? From the evidence so far, how would you describe the relationship between the Europeans and the Natives? Make sure you explain your ideas — use the questions below to help: Have both groups shown themselves to be friendly?

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Has respect been shown to each other? How well have problems been resolved? Are there any of nerves or worries? This extract explains the natives showing the settlers how they lived.

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What are the explorers shown how to do? Which of the following sentences best describes this early contact? This extract describes how the natives appeared to the settlers. Imagine you were amongst these first settlers. Write your own journal entry describing your first contact with the Natives.

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Look at the source to get an idea of a journal entry. Make sure you cover: your fears before you arrived how you felt about the native people after first contact how accurate your fears were what you feel you can gain from these people what you feel you and others must be careful of doing.