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Shortly after twelve -v M. Favquharson of Invei- u 'n. Trvmo Of Dium, tjoi. Morrwon, G. Having read the document, the Sheriff proceeded-Proolamation of the time and place of this election having been duly made, 1 now call upon any elector to nominate a candidate. Colonel FARQUHAR30N of Invercauld then stood forward and said-Gentloinen, Electors of Aberdeenshire, I come forward for tho purpose of proposing Mr Leslie of "artlnll as a fit and proper person to represent the County of Aberdeen in Parliament; and I mwf flirting ellon sure that all sensible and well-disposed persons hero present will congratulate themselves upon the scene now enaoting compared with that on a occasion.

It is now five years since you sent Mi-Leslie to represent you in Parliament ; and I consider it a very good proof of how he has kept his pledges to the con.

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Hear, hear. Gentlemen, it is unnecessary tor mo to mention what Mr. Leslie's proiessions aim puiiu h' mi. Parliament on strictly Conservative principles, but not ob-Cheers and some hisses. There are many subjeots on which there may be differences of opinion among the electors ; but there are two questions speoially attracting the attention of the electors in this county. Having been so Ion" time in the army, and having so lately retired from it and" come into the possession of my property, it would be presumptuous almost in mo to attempt to lecture the electors of Aberdeenshire upon such subjects.

I may give my opinion on these subjeots on a future opportunity. Meantime I am quite content to leave my interests, as the electors do, in the hands of Mr Leslie. Applause and slight hissing. Gentlemen, I have been mwf flirting ellon far removed from you both by place and opportunity that I would not pretend to offer opinions upon manysuhjeois before you. Therefore 1 content myself with nominating Mwf flirting ellon Leslie. When he asked me to propose him I felt that it would give mean op-Dortunity of becoming better acquainted with the landlords and tenant-farmers of Aberdeenshire, and I gladly seized it.

I beg now to propose that Mr Leslie of Warthill is a fit and proper person to represent this county in Parliament. Ho said I have great pleasure in seconding the nomination of Mr Leslie of "vFarthill.

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I express, I believe, the mwf flirting ellon of the farmers of Aberdeenshire when I say that we highly esteem those landlords who treat their tenants with justice and kindness. Mr Leslie is a good landlord ; he resides on his estate ; ho lets his farms to his old tenants at perfectly fair rents.

He avails himself of the opportunities afforded by his position of performing acts of kindness towards them. I think the farmers of Aherdeen-shire are called upon to mark the sense they entertain of the value of their good landlords by re-electing one of theirMr Leslie of "Warthill, as their representative to tho Commons House of Parliament.

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Mr Leslie holds that the great principles which are embodied m our constitution-principles which have placed our country ". Hp hp nnt hv the second time to the House of Commons, ho will regard himself as representative, not only of one class, but of all classes of this great Count. I feel myself quite mwf flirting ellon w say, from what I know of his character and antecedents, that he will watch earnestly over the interests of the land- lords, the farmers, the merchants, and the working-men of Aberdeenshire.

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A voice" And the bulls fooT Laugh er. With reference to the attention paid by Mr Les ie to questions affecting the farmers of Scotland I can speak with confidence. I can b 'ar my testimony to tlJ earnest and un- wearied desire he manifested to give effect to our wishes Tespecting these measures. I need not tell you, gentlemen, that if the clauses in these Bills relating to the foot and mouth disease, the powers of railway servants, the inspec- tion of cattle at the port of arrival, and the difference proposed to be mwf flirting ellon between the land-borne portion of the home trade, and the sea-borne portion of it, I need not tell you that, if these clauses had been passed into law, injuries of a serious character would have been inflicted upon the whole farming interest of Scotland.

It was in consequence of tho exertions of Mr Leslie and ot other Scottisn and insn memoers inteiesueu i the subject to which these Bills referred, that they were thrown out. I may state that Mr Leslie's timely interference and assistance in the matter of a clause in the Glasgow Mwf flirting ellon and Slaughter House Bill, which would have been hiflilv iniurious to the owners of fat stock, elicited the ap proval and commendation of those who were most tleeiily proval and commendation of those who were most deeply interested in the subject.

There is one sub- ieot, with reference to which a complete unanimity exists!

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I am quite aware that the great ma-! There are, however, some proprietors in this county who let their farms mwf flirting ellon rents j which would be quite high enough on the supposition that! We regard such a course of proceeding as absolutely unjust. The occupiers of land in Aberdeenshire, and generally throughout Scotland, have long been subjected to serious loss and inconvenience from the cuise to which I have adverted. They now look with hope and confidence to a speedy redress of their grievances.

I am gratified to state that Mr Leslie has given his adhesion to the movement general throughout Scotland against the excessive preservation of game, which we trust will he cor It is, gcnti f U. TrfMllirl Ot our goou lanuiuiuy io is uu i. Mwf flirting ellon il. HHJ, VJ. Loud applause, and some slight hissing. The Sheriff Mr Leslie of Warthill has been proposed and seconded. Has any other elector a candidate to propose? No response being given, tho Sheriff called for a show of hamln in favour of Mr Leslie, which having been responded to, he declared Mr Leslie of Warthill duly elected Memher of Parliament for tho County of Aberdeen.

Cheers and a few hisses.

Citrus county chronicle ( )

Mr Leslie, Electors of the County of Aberdeen, I feel particularly obliged to my friend Colonel Farquharson, and also to my friend Mr M'Oombie, for the mwf flirting ellon terms in which they have been pleased to propose and second nn n Gentlemen, there was a very good rule observed the other day at the nomination of candidates for the representation of the City of London, which was that no mwf flirting ellon should speak more than ten minutes, and though I may not bo able to adhere strictly to that, I shall endeavour to comprise within as short a space of time as possible the few observations with which I propose to trouble you on this occasion.

It will be in the reoolloctiou of gentlomen present that the dissolution of Parliament in the spring of took place in cons'-quence of an adverse vote m the House of Commons in the matter of the Reform Bill introduced by Lord Derby's Government. The new Parliament assembled in Juno, and the Ministry were at once met by a voto of confidence, which was carried against tnem, when they retired and the present admi-nistration came into office. Now, in the late House of Commons, and also I observe in several hustings speeches, Gentlemen, I do not take that view of the caso ; on the contrary, I maintain that Ministers faithfully re- rippmprt tl.

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And what was tho fate of that Bill? It fell solely and entirely from the apathy of tho House of mnrrwntine the feelings of the country ; and Commons as "Pr'Yf. Bafe to ow8r the franchise. Why, as it is, thou- o yearly admitte J to t,ie prlv;leBe of the suffrage through their own industry and intelligence, and the increased rates of wages in the country, and it ought to q of fay eVf,ry t dud citizen ; a privilege so acquired through energy, intelligence,f.

Hoar, hear. Now, gentlemen, 1 need not trouwo you with any minute reference to measures wnicn ocoupieu the attention of the late Parliament ; but I may be permitted to advert very briefly to a few of those which had a particular bearing upon the interests of Scotland, and to which, as your representative, I gave my support. To do this has, I am sure, given pleasure to many neritors, ana i may assume. Now tha last time I oanvassed tho County and thank Heaven I have had no necessity to go through that ordeal on this occasion "hear," mwf flirting ellon laughter the names of more than persons stood mwf flirting ellon the roll ; but, when we come to examine into the state of the case, we found thatmoo Various other ttnnt-lo.

Three important measures wore promoted by Mr Gltone, the Post Offioe Savings Banks, the Government Annuities, and Xiite insurance Annuities, wuiuu hui uhj v sons with small savings to investthe same, if not very profit- ii. The tiuls ror tne removal 01 bue uivu uiaiiuuimoo u Scottish Episcopal Clergy, and for removing doubts in regard to the authority of the Courts of the Church of Soot- land, had my hearty support.

Tne improvement ot. Only the week before I left London, I and a friend of mine, whom lam glad to see here to-dav, went to the office of the Commissioners, and told them very plainly that we consiaerean; nigniy aetrnnentai w wc interests of Scotland, there being no one practically ac quainted witn. I took much iuterest in the appointment of the Royal Commission to enquire and report on the subject mwf flirting ellon Education, and I venture to predict that that report will eventually lead to legislation which will plaoe matters on a more gene- n i.

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C nlefn o. T florinf. Anotner Royal Comniission appointed wii e genera concur lem - u o. I have yty tTJr' inuuKu There s yet another quest. There were two important Bills which I regret the Lord Advocate was unable to can-y tl. In J the lat er Bill, there , I am aware, considerab e mwf flirting ellon o mwf flirting ellon opinion, bu he opposition to it Proceeds a most entirely trom local ana legai gent emeu.

T n oil nnrl ciimrlrv in fact, as calculated to Give greater lacinty ana security to tneir braijaiiuuiwiiff. You would not, I am sure, wish me to enter now upon questions of Foreign Polioy, such as the War in Italy, the affairs of China and Japan.

I trust that these matters a e fo tl. Tunnii t. This finished the proceedings. The election mwf flirting ellon a Member of Parliament for the City took place on Saturday at 11 o'clock. There was a considerable attendanco in front of the hustings, though the Duncan, advocate; Mr a. The writ was then read. Due intimation having been given of the time and place of this election, any elector who has a candidate to propose will now do so.

Mr Webster then stepped forward and said I have great pleasure in coming forward upon this occasion to propose Colonel Sykes for re-election applause and as Colonel Sykos is going to have a walk over, my duty will be a very light one. I believe I shall consult your convenience iu being as brief as possible. I cannot but consider it to be a circumstance honourable alike to the candidate and the constituency, that Colonel Sykos is upon this occasion to bo returned unopposed.

He comes with tho pledge of his conduot, offering his past conduct as the best security for tho future, and wo should rely upon that, knowing his good faith, good sense, audindepeudonce. We ask no pledges or promises for the future. Hear, and cheers.

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