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If the prostitution is involuntary, it is forced prostitution. Prostitution has been found in all cultures and eras since the dawn of history and is closely related to the history of women's rightswomen's sexuality and the history of LGBT connected.

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The social evaluation is subject to unbroken strong change and is influenced by political, ideological and religious ideas. People working in prostitutionprostitutesbelong in many cultures to a social group that is still threatened by human traffickingviolence, exploitationdiscriminationstigmatization and persecution.

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For centuries, prostitutes have also been exposed to the risk of social and political hostility, including barrackingdeportation and murder. While in many places they were labeled either as criminals or as victims, there has been a change in public opinion since the end of the 19th century.

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In western societies since the late 20th century a few small prostitution associations and Amnesty International have been turning against discrimination and calling for a positive view of the sex trade, in Germany above all with legal recognition as legal work. In contrast, other organizations are campaigning against discrimination against prostitutes, but are calling for the conditions for getting out of prostitution to be improved by criminalizing sex buyers, as this deprives the prostitutes of their income see Nordic model for prostitution. Helper associations pursue this approach, nationally such as Solwodiregionally such as KARO or Mission Freedoma large of feminist organizations as well as the magazine Emma men wanting sex galgenberg its editor Alice Schwarzer.

In ancient times, for example in Babylon and with the Phoenicians in Tirethe so-called temple prostitution existed more than years ago.

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Women performed sexual acts there in exchange for "gifts" to the temple or offerings to the deity. This always stood in a cultic context and was considered to please the gods. In the Gilgamesh epic 6th panel, verses 5 to 79, Albert Schott sees a criticism of the excesses of cultic prostitution. Prostitutes in the modern sense are attested for the time of ancient Greecei. The campaigns of Alexander the Great were also accompanied by men wanting sex galgenberg prostitutes. Both men and women offered their sexual services, but as with the Greeks, the Romans only allowed men to use these services.

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In Rome, free-born prostitutes mostly worked on the street, slaves in "pubs" and brothels. Findings from the lupanaries in Pompeii provide an insight into the brothel system. In the Old Testament the trade is mentioned both as cultic and as paid prostitution, for example Spr 6,26 EU. The prostitution bans Lev It is considered obvious that a widower would seek the services of prostitutes.

This is of Tamarmen wanting sex galgenberg daughter of Judah, exploited the prostitutes herself, so Judah her withheld levirate still unfolding Gen In addition to Tamar, there is another woman in the family tree of Jesus, Rahabwho is usually interpreted as a prostitute Jos 2 EU ; Mt 1.

In the New Testament it is said that Jesus with all social misfits maintained a respectful relationship Lk 7. EUthe Christian dominated world view then Associated with shame or sin. The first written records of prostitution in Japan go back to the 8th century, but are likely to go back much further. Courtesans enjoyed prestige and recognition. The church morality condemned prostitution; however, influential authors like Augustine argued that it was a "lesser evil".

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Prostitution was ased a valve function for the sexual needs of those who were disadvantaged by medieval marriage law. Especially in the late Middle Ages there were brothels in many German cities owned by the municipality - prostitution was not only tolerated, it was institutionalized. In addition to this special form of prostitution in the late Middle Ageshistorians assume that occasional prostitution and traveling prostitutes were more common, especially in rural areas.

In addition to art, culture and science in Europethe Renaissance was also a heyday of courtesans, a socially accepted form of prostitution. The special social structures and the cultural climate in Rome in the 16th century created the conditions for a coexistence of clerical splendor and commercial sexual intercourse.

At celebrations, theater performances, feasts and receptions, especially for church dignitaries, the absence of women was increasingly perceived as a loss and lack. In late medieval and early modern cities, the "pretty women" were often organized like a guild. men wanting sex galgenberg

With the split in the church and the ensuing Reformationmany prostitutes lost their rights and were expelled from the cities, as the Protestant men wanting sex galgenberg saw prostitutes as a symbol and remnant of the depravity of Catholic society. Many of them were burned as witches. At the time of the Thirty Years' War and the associated collapse of society and as a result of the devastation of the villages and cities, many uprooted women, but also other female relatives and wives of the soldiers, moved with the armies as baggage whores.

The entourage reached in some cases such dimensions that it had to be professionally organized by so-called whore women.

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A woman's fate at this time was dealt with by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen in the Trutz Simplex novel cycle. In the kingdom of France prostitution in was 17th century punishable. In had Louis XIV. Nevertheless there was street prostitution and brothels.

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At the same time, the culture of courtesans and mistresses flourishedsome of whom became so powerful and rich that they could even influence government affairs and were portrayed on numerous oil paintings. The whole guild of art at that time was dependent on prostitutes as models, since the bourgeois woman would never have made herself available as a model for a painting.

Even in the performing artssuch as theater, opera or ballet, the transitions to prostitution were fluid, so that in Italian opera women were even completely forbidden to sing out of propriety and female roles were cast with castrati. The British-Dutch doctor and social reformer Bernard de Mandeville spoke out in a popular pamphlet men wanting sex galgenberg for legalized, state-controlled prostitution.

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His modest pamphlet for public brothels contains a gender psychology that is quite sensitive and differentiated for the time in view of the various Querelles des femmes. Jonathan Swift's satire A Modest Proposalpublished a little later, probably alludes to the title, which had already become proverbial in As a remedy against the spread of STDsMandeville recommends that prostitutes be given medical treatment free of charge if they volunteer to report an infection, but that they should be banished and severely punished if they conceal it.

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Because of the population growth during the industrial revolutionthe of prostitutes increased, especially in the 19th century. An increasing proportion of the urban population lived in poverty. Women were particularly affected, most of whom had only little training and who men wanting sex galgenberg often only able to do jobs where they earned low salaries. The casual prostitutes included maidsmilliner womenflower women and laundresses, who had to increase their salaries in this way.

Some women were only able to earn enough money for a living through prostitution. InKarl Marx connoted prostitution as a special form of expression of the general prostitution of the worker. More and more states started to regulate prostitution by law. Such regulation, justified by an intended social, health-political or moral control, made it practically impossible for prostitutes to escape their milieu.

The regulation also cemented the sexual double standard that socially ostracized prostitutes, but at the same time saw prostitution as a necessary evil or a desirable testing ground for men. One wanted to be able to fall back on them at any time, but not recognize them as social normality. Many middle-class women men wanting sex galgenberg this double standard. In Brementhe so-called Bremen Regulations of stipulated that prostitution was "not a trade in the strict sense".

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Through this distinction between prostitution and legal trade, the immorality was directly anchored in legal terms. In Great Britainthe Contagious Diseases Acts were enacted in the years from with the purpose of medical control to prevent the ever-increasing spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The campaign challenged social and sexual conventions that had never been publicly discussed before. The edicts were repealed in and completely repealed in But that didn't solve the problem because the edicts were important.

After the women's movement achieved its goal, interest in prostitutes' rights subsided.

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The result was great impoverishment, as the brothels had been closed at the instigation of the women's associations and the prostitutes were forced to take to the streets, where they were exposed to police arbitrariness and violence from customers and competing pimps.

The result was that prostitution crime skyrocketed. The sexually transmitted diseases spread unchecked by the now no longer controllable and controlled prostitution and began to enforce the bourgeoisie, as the main customers were mostly the sons and husbands of the bourgeois women who were involved in the associations.

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In the art of the late 19th century, a clear change in the valuation of prostitution could be observed. At the level of international law, there have been attempts to agree on standards to combat prostitution and men wanting sex galgenberg trafficking.

Women infected with sexually transmitted diseases through this form of forced labor were taken to extermination camps or executed. There were camp brothels in the concentration camps. It was customary for all warring parties to set up war brothels. The euphemistically so-called " comfort women ", mostly Chinese and Koreans, threatened by the Japanese occupiers of East Asia.

In the GDRthe Ministry of State Security used prostitution, which has been officially punishable sinceto obtain information about the "class enemy". Prostitution was not only tolerated, it was even promoted through training. Both male and men wanting sex galgenberg prostitutes were used. The main locations for visitors to the West were the Intershops and the Leipziger Messeinternational congresses and events and the currency hotels used for this purpose. In connection with the sexual revolutionprostitution has gradually moved from a taboo subject to the rank of an everyday phenomenon that is at least socially accepted.

Sections of the women's movement opposed and strongly oppose prostitution, while others expressly support its legality and support prostitutes in their labor disputes.

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An official German paraphrase for prostitutes used to be people with frequently alternating sexual intercourse HWG.