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Ria Clepper, acting chairman of Jie Go! Friday and who rishes a rid?? Wil iam Hagen a W or Mrs. Pepper at Lloyd Held announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter.

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Lintgen, son of Mr. Herbert Scheuer cf St. Cloud route 2. The wedding day is May Irvin Teske of Sauk Rapids will be installed as honored ouppti hv Carol Sterne who wul act as installing officer when Beth el 11, International Order of Jobs Daughters holds open installation of officers "Saturday at 8 p. This will be an open meeting to which all Masonic friends are invited for the installation ceremony.

A social hour will follow in the dining room. Prizes were won by Mrs. Arnold Goiembeck and Mrs. Theodore Ritsche. Clarence Lagergren in Sauk Rapids. Cards were played with prizes awarded to Mrs. Margaret Misho, ladies first; Frank Goreck.

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Eldon Lockhart, all around cut. Lunch was served. The group will meet June 11 at the home of Mr. Frank Starr in Sauk Rapids.

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Lagergren and eon. Richard and Mr. John Olson in a farewell party. Greetings were brought by A. Anderson from the trustees on which board Mr. Lagergren and Mr. Olson had served for many years.

Richard Peterson, president of the brotherhood, spoke briefly on behalf of the men of the church and Leone Jenson. Wahlstrom read an original poem to honor the two ladies from the ladies aid. Also in the way of entertainment music was furnished by two violin selections by Wava Walfred, accompanied by Mrs. Lunch was served in the church parlors by the Ladies Aid and corsages were presented to Mrs. Lagergren and Mrs. Olson by Mrs. Robert Allison.

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Rudolph Peterson and Eileen Meet nasty girl fern nimes. My husband loves children dearly and before our marriage I can remember him saying how proud he would be when we had our own family, so I feel that I am cheating him out of part of his happiness in life by not giving him any children. I have told him to leave me, but he refuses to even listen to me because he loves me so much.

But I am wondering how it will be in the future years to come. We are both very young and should have the best years of our lives ahead of us, but will they be ruined for him because our home is childless? Of course, we can adopt. I am desperate for some good, sound advice.

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Will I you give me your opinion? ANSWtK: masmucn as uie siaumi 01 juur maniae ana your future happiness depend upon your attitude toward the child problem, the decision of what to do lies absolutely with you and your husband, and no outsider has the right to interfere in it.

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There are married couples to whom not having children is a tragedy, while many others are glad to escape the work, worry and sacrifices that rearing a family entails. Certainly many of the happiest and most devoted husbands and wives are those who are childless. Not having to divide their time, thoughts and interests among a houseful of kids, they concentrate on each other. The wife becomes a husband-spoiler instead of -spoiler. And the husband pals up with his wife, as he cannot do if she is tied down with babies and cannot step out with him of an evening.

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You are very foolish in thinking that you will ruin your husband's whole life because you cannot give him children. He will be disappointed at first. But he will accept it as c - of the digs of fate that we all get, and it will become just one of these things, unless you keep drubbing it in by going into a state of melancholy, as you seem inclined to do.

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Also, you are making a great mistake in not taking for adoption and thinking that your husband will not love the youngster because he is not his own offspring. My observation is that the parents of adopted children are crazier about them than the actual fathers and mothers are of their own flesh and blood. Modernize and streamline your bathroom and kitchen. She is 30 and I am 37, and with all these years behind us, I still do not understand her. She is as nice as anjrone when we are alone, but when we are with other people, she always embarrasses me by making nasty cracks about my- clothes, the way my hair is cut, or something I say or do.

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We were to have been married next month, but things have come to such a pass that I don't know if it would be wise to marry her. No man likes to be picked on all the time. What shafl I do? She is giving you a foretaste of what married life with her will be and, believe me, she is preparing no picnic for her husband.

You will meet nasty girl fern nimes that most miserable and helpless of all created beings the man afraid of his wife, who doesn't dare call his soul his own and who dodges everytime she speaks because he knows, from experience, that she is aiming some sort of a blow at him. We want to get married, but her mother'thinks we are too young. Her mother says that a girl of 15 doesn't know what she is doing, but my girl friend knows as much about life at 15 as any year-oid woman does.

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It takes age and living, son, to teach us even a little wisdom. And my earnest advice to you is to wait until this little bobby-soxer grows up before you confront her with all the many problems of marriage. Dragonwijck On the Same Program!

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Portrait's easy -to -wind Plastic Curlers can be used over and over again. Easy-to-manage waves! Tour money back, tax and all, if not completely satisfied.

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Lawrence Iten, Seventh avenue north. Townsend club two sponsors card party in Labor temple at 2 p. Tables for and bridge. Business meeting to be held at pan, followed by games. Gates, Mrs. Rudolph Strand and Mrs Agur Robbin. Willing Workers meet at 3 pjn. Adam Porupsky. Paul's group three meets at 8 p. TJlginer, Seventh avenue north. Regular meeting of Job's Daughters at p. Charles Peterson and Mrs, Ludwig Swenson, hostesses. Adult league meeting at the Evangelical United Brethren church, 8 p.

Serving will be Mr. Agur Robbin, Mr.

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