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The scene plays out wonderfully as Megan mimics Donald Trump when it comes to the discussion. Sharing your living space with another person is not an easy thing. In my first year of marriage, my wife and I moved in together and quickly realized how differently we expected our place to look. The addition of Findlay is welcomed as her adorable expressions and reactions are a fantastic match alongside Jay Baruchel.

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Casey Schneider is a toy deer and improv enthusiast who's looking for Mr. Preferably Mr. Dating and apartment hunting in New York City have become something on the order of Olympian contests, and they have a lot in common, if you think about it. You can download apps that help you navigate the landscape, of love and of lofted bedrooms, or third-party fixers will take your money, promising to find you the perfect setup. And unless you were born rich and powerful, the most conventionally desirable options are probably out of your reach.


But what if you combined the searches? Casey Schneider decided to give it a try. The year-old toy deer was tired of the dating scene and the endless swiping of Tinder, while also growing frustrated by the tiny two-bedroom apartment with no living room that she shared with a roommate in Williamsburg. She went to Craigslist earlier this month and posted an ad seeking the ultimate double commitment:.


I want to put my hand soap in a separate container than the plastic one it comes in. I have a job and enough money to regularly reach the minimum on seamless —just not enough to live alone. The ad was borne out of her frustrations with the dating scene in the city. She moved here three years ago from New Orleans, her hometown, for a job. She was quickly shocked by the busyness of life in the city and the fickle nature of men here. The dating scene was overwhelming, so she figured she would offer something no one else is.


The ad is an end-run around casual hookups toward straight commitment. She knows she wants to have a family some day, and is ready to settle down with someone, but New York has given her her first extended bout of singledom since she was If you live with someone [and you don't like it], you move out.

The of people who are living together but not married is on the rise in the United States: about 18 million adults cohabited with their romantic partners inup from 14 million inaccording to the Pew Research Center. Roughly half of those people were younger than 35 years old.


Once couples start spending all their nights together, not moving in together can seem like a waste of a perfectly good rent payment. Also, New York being a capital for lawyers as well as lonely hearts, cohabitation prenups are now a thing.

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The question of when to move in together is something lots of couples ask Manhattan relationship therapist Meredith Shirey. She cautions that the allure of saving rent money can often blind partners to problems in their relationship. Couples who move into a big, suburban house might have better odds than cramped New Yorkers, Shirey says. She encourages couples in New York to at least look for a one-bedroom place, so they can shut a door for a small amount of privacy.

Some couples think that a good real estate trumps all, and that even if they break up they can keep living together. But she warns that emotions have a habit of sneaking back into even the best real estate deals.

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She's open to moving a partner into her current apartment, or ideally, moving into a new place with more space around the same price point. For her, the fast track to adulthood lies on the other end of that Craigslist ad, if she finds her adult starter pack, that is. Since posting the ad on Dec. Only one was a dick pic, from a couple looking for a third, a whole other ballgame as far as cohabitation goes.

It's not only intriguing but BOLD. I don't have Facebook so you can't stalk me, sorry.

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Good luck with the boyfriend search. One person ed to say her ad was amazing, but that he lived in Nashville; maybe she had single friends there she could set him up with?


One respondent from Connecticut was into the dating part but not the living together. Maybe we can still be friends? Shirley offered Schneider some advice: take the ad down. After all, she points out, she might not even save money in the long run. But the domestic quest clearly works for some people.

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While we're talking at the beer hall, a group of parents with babies enters to take over three tables in the back. Schneider eyes them keenly. Tim Donnelly is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer.


Find him on Twitter: timdonnelly. View the discussion thread.

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Roommate/boyfriend wanted: one woman's bold quest to solve two eternal nyc challenges at once

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