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Return to Special Services. If your child is referred for an evaluation either by the school or by you, this usually means that the child is not making effective progress or you have concerns that your child is having difficulty in school.


When is referred to the Special Services Department by either the school or the parent, the Student Services Coordinator reviews the referral and makes a recommendation for evaluations based on the information provided in the referral. You should receive the following forms:.

Testing cannot begin without the parent ature.

Special education faq

Parents are given the option to reject the evaluation either in full or partially. Parents can also request additional testing not listed on the consent form. A copy is sent home to allow the parents to review the form prior to the meeting for informational purposes only.


This form should be forwarded to the child's Primary Care Physician to be completed and returned to the Special Services Department. This form will be included as part of the evaluation. Once the ed form is received in the Special Services Office, evaluation staff is ased. A tentative date is set for the Team Meeting approximately 30 days from the date the form is received. Staff members that will be evaluating your child will receive a copy of the Consent for Evaluation and will schedule your child to be tested.


Parents should receive a copy of written reports at least two days prior to the date of the Team Meeting so the reports can be reviewed. You will also receive a meeting invitation letter and attendance sheet. If you cannot make the scheduled meeting, you should call the listed contact person as soon as possible to reschedule the meeting.


Based on the Team discussion and evaluation information the Team will determine if your child is eligible for special education services. If your child is eligible, the Team will then use the evaluation to develop an Individualized Education Program IEP for your.

If your child is found not eligible, your child still may receive help, although not special education services. If you disagree with this decision, you have the right to appeal the finding of no eligibility.


If your child is eligible for services the Team has to write an IEP and determine placement. This means your child will receive services in either the general education classroom, in another setting or both. The IEP represents a formal agreement about the services the school will provide for your child's special education needs. The IEP is a contract between you and the school. As with any contract you should make sure you fully understand the terms to which you are agreeing and make certain that everything that was agreed to verbally is written in the contract.

Trails and trailblazers: public education and school desegregation in lunenburg county, virginia

Some key parts to the IEP are:. Within 30 days of receiving the IEP from the school, you must accept or reject and return it to the Special Services Office. The ature of the parent or adult student must appear on the IEP before services can begin. Once the ed IEP is received in the Special Services Office, staff is notified and services are implemented immediately. The district will share the IEP will all school staff that have responsibility for working with your.

Lunenburg high school

You will receive a progress report as often as all children in your school district receive report cards of other school-wide progress reports. The Team must meet at least once a year to review your child's IEP, to determine if changes need to be made, and to develop new annual goals.


This meeting is referred to as the "Annual Review". Every three years your child will be reevaluated to determine if they are still eligible for Special Education services. This meeting is also considered an Annual Review.

Special services

However, a parent can request a Team meeting at any time. The school must set a meeting date and time within 10 school days of the request. You should notify the contact person listed on your child's IEP to ask for a meeting if needed prior to the scheduled Annual Review meeting. The following is a list of school personnel and what areas they could initially be contacted about.


If you are still unsure of where to get information, please contact the Special Services Office directly and we can help you! This form has been created to help parents become familiar with Special Education procedures.

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If you have any other questions, please contact the Special Services Department at and we will assist you in answering any other questions or concerns you may have. For more detailed information go to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at www. This document has very important information regarding special education for parents. Search this site.


Special Education FAQ. Report abuse. details.


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