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Some people claim that natural treatments can be an effective method for treating blocked fallopian tubes. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim.

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Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility in women. They can affect fertility in two ways: by preventing sperm from reaching an egg, and by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. This article looks at whether or not there is any scientific evidence to support claims that natural remedies can help treat blocked fallopian tubes. It also outlines the medical treatment options available for blocked fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tubes are female reproductive organs that connect the ovaries to the uterus. Their function is to allow a fertilized egg to pass from the ovaries to the uterus for implantation. Looking for walking hiking sex smoke partner blockage in the fallopian tubes prevents sperm from reaching the egg. It can also prevent a fertilized egg from making its way to the uterus. Either scenario can lead to female infertility. The fallopian tubes may become blocked due to damage, inflammation, or scarring.

This can happen as a result of:. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that certain natural treatments may work to clear a blockage in the fallopian tubes. However, there is very little scientific evidence to support these claims. Smoking can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

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This occurs when an embryo grows outside of the uterus, in the fallopian tube. When nicotine from cigarettes breaks down, it produces a substance called cotinine. Cotinine reduces production of a gene within the fallopian tubes, called BAD. A reduction in the BAD gene changes the environment of the fallopian tube, making it similar to that of the uterus. This can cause the embryo to start developing in the fallopian tube instead of traveling to the uterus. This is called ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies can scar and damage the fallopian tubes, leading to fallopian tube blockages and infertility.

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Alcohol consumption can have a negative effect on fertility and pregnancy. For example, drinking alcohol while trying to conceive may have the following effects:. Currently, there is no research investigating the effects of alcohol consumption on the health of the fallopian tubes.

However, people who are trying to conceive should try to avoid alcohol. If a woman is pregnant and does not know it yet, it is possible to harm the fetus and increase the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. One animal study investigated the effects of chronic stress on the reproductive organs of female rats. They suggest that chronic stress may have a lasting effect on the fallopian tubes.

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However, further research in human participants will be necessary to confirm this finding. People may find that reducing their stress levels has a positive effect on their fertility. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine suggest the following activities for lowering stress:. Physical activity may have a positive effect on fertility.

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A study investigated fertility in 3, women, aged 18—40 years, who were planning a natural pregnancy. The study found that replacing vigorous exercise with moderate exercise appeared to improve fertility among lean women. Also, any type of physical activity appeared to improve fertility among women with overweight or obesity. However, there is currently no direct evidence to suggest that exercise will have any effect on blocked fallopian tubes specifically.

One study looked at the effects of manual pelvic physical therapy on infertility. The study included 28 women whose fallopian tubes were completely blocked. The participants had 20 hours of physical therapy over the course of a week. Therapists carried out treatment on the fallopian tubes by physically manipulating the surrounding tissues.

The treatment was successful in opening one or both fallopian tubes in 17 of the 28 participants.

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Nine of the 17 participants went on to have a natural pregnancy from the uterus. A meta-analysis looked at the effects of Chinese herbal medicine on infertility. The review covered the cases of 4, women with infertility, many of whom had blocked fallopian tubes. The review suggests that Chinese herbal medicine could potentially double pregnancy rates within 3—6 months, compared with Western medical treatments.

Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin, which has strong antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to one reviewcurcumin can help reduce inflammatory conditions inside the body.

However, it is not clear whether or not curcumin helps treat blocked fallopian tubes specifically. People can take turmeric in supplement form, or they can try adding the spice to meals. Adding black pepper will increase the bioavailability of the turmeric, meaning that the body will be able to use the looking for walking hiking sex smoke partner more effectively. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps:. Theoretically, these factors may help reduce inflammation, infection, or scar tissue development in the fallopian tubes. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support this theory.

Nonetheless, vitamin C is essential for health. Increasing vitamin C intake through diet or supplementation is unlikely to have any adverse health effects. Scientists have identified a link between a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids and decreased levels of inflammation in the body. Reducing generalized inflammation by increasing omega-3 intake may help reduce inflammation in the fallopian tubes.

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However, there is no direct evidence to support this. If natural treatment options do not work, medical treatment may be necessary to unblock the fallopian tubes. The type of treatment a woman has will depend partly on the severity of the damage to their fallopian tubes. If a woman has minimal damage to their fallopian tubes, their doctor may advise surgery to remove the blockage.

This should enable the woman to conceive naturally. Women have a higher chance of conceiving naturally after tubal surgery if:. Ectopic pregnancy is a risk after undergoing surgery on the fallopian tubes. If a woman does undergo tubal surgery, they should inform their doctor as soon as they suspect that they are pregnant.

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A doctor can then monitor the pregnancy to ensure that the embryo is developing correctly inside the uterus. If a woman has severe damage to their fallopian tubes, they may be unable to have a natural pregnancy.

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In these cases, a doctor may recommend in-vitro fertilization IVF to increase the chances of pregnancy. In some cases, damaged fallopian tubes may fill with a fluid called hydrosalpinx. This fluid can reduce the success rate of IVF treatment. If hydrosalpinx is present, a doctor may advise the removal of the damaged tubes before starting IVF. This will help boost the success rate of the treatment.

In many cases, infertility is the only symptom of blocked fallopian tubes. However, if there is severe damage to the fallopian tubes, chronic pelvic pain may also occur. A doctor will work to diagnose the cause of pelvic pain or apparent infertility.

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As part of the diagnostic procedure, they may carry out tests to check for blockages in the fallopian tubes. Women should also see a doctor if they become pregnant following surgery to the fallopian tubes. The doctor will be able to check that the pregnancy is developing correctly. Making certain lifestyle and dietary changes may help boost female fertility.

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However, there is little to no scientific evidence to suggest that natural treatments can help treat blocked fallopian tubes. The one exception to this is manual pelvic physical therapy, which appears to be successful in some cases. If a woman does not experience any benefit from trying natural treatments, they should see their doctor.

Can you unblock fallopian tubes with natural remedies?

The doctor can recommend medical treatments to unblock or remove the fallopian tubes or otherwise increase the likelihood of pregnancy. A woman should see their doctor if they become pregnant following surgery to the fallopian tubes. A doctor will need to monitor the pregnancy to ensure that the embryo is developing correctly inside the uterus. A quick discussion about some scientifically proven ways to improve fertility. We provide ten of the best ways to boost the chances of conceiving.

Hydrosalpinx is the name for a condition where a woman's fallopian tube becomes blocked with fluid. Learn about how it affects fertility. The fallopian tubes can become blocked for a of reasons, such as scarring and infection.

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