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Switched to Verizon at first we had great service, but it has gotten worse. I was glad to get the 4G because Edge data service was all that I got before then and most the time my phone showed "no service" on data. This way when my service had a problem I could go to the app and report it. If enough reports come in from this area they would check to see if it could be fixed.

They looking for my nice 42459 guy so willing to continue to take your FULL payment every month but expect you to be satisfied with sketchy service at best all while you are tracking down problems with their lines and reporting them back to them so all they have to do is rack in the money. It seem that we can hear incoming callers clearly but they can't understand us. Sometimes our phones don't even ring.

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We get texts from people saying they are trying to get through. I have had to increase my text to unlimited because that is our only way to reach anyone and them getting through to us. We are currently getting weak coverage here. I am looking forward to this improvement!

Tower will be behind hospital in rosiclare,I'llinois. Since moving to this location I have very poor reception.


Usually no inside al at all. Must go to top of hill to have decent reception. Refused to discuss any type of cost adjustment for phone service or rebate.


Will switch to Verizon when contract is up. I live in town, and nothing around me would cause this as far as I know, but the reception is horrible! Verizon who's supposed to be giving everyone a run for their money has the worst Towers around if any at all.

Selling high priced phones that can't get a al is about as pointless as buying a pair of reading glasses to Stevie Wonder. So hugely dissapointed. I live in New Haven and get extremley poor reception in town. I installed a zboost cell phone booster and was able to gain bars in the house but still can not make a phone call from my cell only able to text.

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When I go outside in the yard I have to walk around the yard with the phone held up in the air to try and get a al. This did improve a little with the zboost not not much. Wish Verizon would put a cell phone tower a little closer to our area so we could get better coverage.

Years ago I had respectable reception under Cingular. Now Verizon has better reception in my area, and I planafter 8 years as a customer to switch. But so far no change. Spotty voice reception indoors but if you find the hotspot, OK. Need to try a antenna booster for voice also I suppose.


My family spends thousands of dollars for terrible service in our area. It's time to put up a tower close by. There are a lot of people that travel around New Haven that get dropped calls. I also bought the mifi for Internet which is extremely slow. Found Us Helpful?

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