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Why are so many adult men turned on by women at or below legal age of consent? Is it a sexual fetish that covers up male sexual anxiety and the loss of youth? Check out my video response below:. My other YouTube videos can be found here.


Women are desperate to look like young gi r ls, while young underage girls crave to look like adult women. Where do these desires come from?


The media,advertising, fashion and pornographic industry are all candidates. Men often believe that female attractiveness is inextricably linked to extreme youth. Hence, men will naturally seek out ificantly younger sexual partners. The biological angle argues that men are historically driven to mate with sexually fertile women.


Evolution has taught males to be drawn to very young females with budding breasts and widening hips. Men are most attracted to women aged 15—25 because of their greatest potential for reproductive success. The science of neoteny speaks of the retention of juvenile characteristics into adult hood.


Neotenized traits include: large eyes, flattened face, small ears, small nose, small teeth, and short limbs. Cross cultural studies show that neotenized faces were the most attractive to men. Supporters also claim that marriages are far less likely to end in divorce if a woman is ificantly younger, eg 10—15 years.


This is not something a male of their own age will be able to provide. Older men can not only provide financial security but also deeper intimacy and companionship, wisdom, stability and comfort.


My sexual curiosities began from the age of 6—7. I had massive crushes on women that were the opposite of the barely legal look and personality.

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When I became a sexually active teenager I generally played around with girls my age and younger. Virginity has always been a mass turn off for me. Barely legal looks and behaviours irritate me. I have no urge to procreate and my sexual attraction to women has absolutely nothing to do with keeping the human species going. Sex, companionship, and love drives my urges.


It stops there. Medically speaking, there has there has never been a time when a 17 year old girl was more fertile than a 23 year old woman. Men are desperate to find a valid justification for their lust so they use biology and evolution to cover up their sexual anxiety.

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The great lengths in which many men go to avoid fatherhood suggest that an evolutionary drive is inaccurate. It is highly doubtful that producing babies are the first thing on the mind of a notorious age disparate relationship icon like Hugh Hefner!

The average age of pornographic male consumption is Therefore, a man could looking for barely mature adult sex intimidated by the sexual, social, emotional demands and experience of an equal age or older female equivalent. The less experience a female has in all these areas, the less likely she is to judge and question what he provides. Hence, she will enjoy him more. A man reliving his youth plays a big part in this equation, regardless of whether youth was a positive or negative experience.

It could be to reconstruct their own unhappy sexual debut. Perhaps its to live out fantasies they never experienced or to re-experience all the wonderful youthful sexual memories.


Often teen girls feign maturity, sexual experience, and sophistication in order to get involved with older men. They will often say they initiated the sex and the seduction and they find their relationships and sexual dalliances with older men exciting and fulfilling. Often, with the power of hindsight, the same women, once a decade has past, have a very different opinion.

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They will often admit to being hurt, exploited and used. In fact, girls who hook up with men so far out of their age range often lean towards depression and low self esteem. I would question the paedophilic tendencies of a men who are drawn to the aesthetics and behaviors of barely legal females. Illusion and role play could be a safe and legal way for them to experience and explore paedophilic desires.

Debate, discussion and the quest for truth!

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