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Have you ever wondered what women want? The answer is women want a masculine guy, in fact they love a masculine guy! Because a masculine man makes a woman feel safe and protected and this is why woman subconsciously look for the strong masculine guy. It is also why women often end up dating players because they appear strong and in control.

W hether they admit or not most women love men who take the lead in a relationship. As a dating coach I talk to many men and I know their one fear is rejection and I understand that this makes approaching women difficult.

Guys, I can tell you women do not understand this and often perceive this as weakness. Weak men do not make women feel safe and remember they are subconsciously looking for this! Guys if you want to looking for a quindalup masculine guy successful with women it is time to embrace your masculine side and understand what that means. M asculine traits are: Achievement, competing, control, thinking logically, success in victory, the desire to dominate. Basically it means that you are bold, assertive and confident. Most guys learn how to be a man through the men around them. The good thing about masculinity is it is not something you are born with, it can be learnt.

Look at some examples of masculine guys to give you an idea. Masculinity is strength, assertiveness and action. These are all characteristics that can be developed and created in your life. In any other area of your life like your job, you will learn the skills you need, and this is no different. Ok so I will break down what we have said in dot points to make it easier for you:.

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As I have mentioned before, everyone has a mix of masculine and feminine and you will go between the two depending on the situation you are faced with. Everything does not have to be a manly competition. Never let the fear of judgement stop you from having the confidence to be honest.

And remember, It is ok to embrace your feminine side from time to time. For a guy to come from his masculine energy he needs to be able to produce enough testosterone. External stress will reduce testosterone.

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Symptoms of low testosterone are:. Gender Male Female. Phone: : debbie dare2date. Date of Birth. address:. No Comments. I see evidence of this at every speed dating event — women always chose confident men. Basically confidence is facing fear head on and risk taking, this type of confidence is not pretentious, it just is.

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It is an area you can improve on with practice. To be masculine you need to know what you want in the big picture and also with the small stuff. Get rid of what you are told to be and connect with your heart, get in touch with the original, unique man you were meant to be. Live life on your terms and not on what everyone else wants you to do.

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Work out what your purpose in life is and pursue it. So often men have no idea what they want in life, where they want to go or what they like. Take the time to find out exactly what yours is. Women feel safe with a man who has a purpose; therefore they find this attractive and let me tell you, it is never attractive if the woman is your only purpose.

By practicing you WILL improve in this area. It is a learnt action and not an innate skill.

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Start off simply with the small things like knowing what you want to eat and drink. Then practice with the bigger things in life. Do this daily and you will find it easier and easier.

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You will then find yourself showing up this way in every area of your life knowing what you want and doing it. N ot being assertive comes back to a fear of rejection. You feel that if you speak up for yourself and say exactly how you feel and what you want, you will be rejected. But it is time to get your self-esteem from within, instead of from the approval of others.

Being masculine is not caring what others think.

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Again this is a skill that can be learnt by being true to yourself and what you want. It is time to stop being a people pleaser. Boldness is masculine and is what is needed to be brave. Being bold is about taking action. So practice setting goals and taking action. You can start off with small goals and meet them. This will help you gain confidence and trust in your abilities.

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You will see that you can achieve what you set your mind to. Practise being courageous in your actions and decisions, instead of over thinking and holding back move forward and take action.

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A masculine guy knows what he wants, is bold and takes action. A real man is someone others want to be like; it is not copying someone else. A real man is just himself. This is trying rather than being.

Women love a masculine guy and how to build up testosterone ….

Instead of this you need to be true to you, rather than influenced by others. Trying defeats the journey and purpose. You need to be in control of your emotions and your body. Dress masculine and get your body in order.

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Body language is important, as it will show your confidence. Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist and professor at Harvard. Amy conducted studies that found that your brain changes what it believes with the use of positive powerful body language. It also found that powerful body language increases testosterone levels. This is great news and something within your control.

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It is a learnt skill. Masculinity is a journey. Masculinity is being bold, assertive and confident.

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These are all skills that can be learnt. Be the unique, authentic guy you were meant to be.

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Being masculine means knowing what to do or at least making it look that way. Be the person YOU want to be. Masculinity is the confidence to be honest, without letting the fear of judgement hold you back. Stop apologising and accept compliments. Let go of caring what other people think of you. Ask for what you want.

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Speak your mind. If you have something constructive and useful to say, then say it. Face your everyday fears, take risks and push yourself to do something difficult. Be tough, let things go without looking for sympathy.