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From being unable to rock certain styles to squeezing your foot into a shoe that doesn't fit simply because you're an optimistic kind of gal, being any bigger than a size 7 can make life tough. And here are just ten things you'll recognise from a life spent looking for a shoe that doesn't resemble a canoe. When small feet women complain about not having shoes to wear bigfeetproblems stopit pic. Shoe shops that display pairs instead of singles are your favourite places to shop. Don't even want to hear it.

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If you're a woman and you have big feet, don't worry, you're not alone. All sorts of Hollywoods's sexy stars have shoe sizes that are at a size 10 or higher.

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Lots of women feel super bad they have huge feet and feel like it's something to be embarrassed about. I mean, even if a guy were to say to them that they actually like their feet they would feel even more ashamed of them. This list should change that. These stars all have feet way bigger than the average female.


So ladies, next time you feel that your big feet are walking all over your self-confidence, check out this list and you'll feel better, even if you do have to do a lot of your shoe shopping online. Here are 20 female stars with enormous feet.


Mandy Moore rocks a size 10 shoe, which is way bigger than one would think by looking at her. Once Justin Timberlake even commented on the size of her feet which Mandy later admitted really hurt her feelings.


Don't worry Mandy, we think you're gorgeous. Justin later apologized.

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If you're of a certain age, you probably don't remember how popular Cindy Crawford used to be. At one point she was simply everywhere, and she is still one of the most popular models of all time. We can't say it's because of her size 10 feet, but it probably didn't hurt a whole lot either. Kendall Jenner is ridiculously famous, coming from her family it would impossible not to be, even if she wasn't totally gorgeous herself, and she is.

Despite her fame, a lot of people don't know how big her feet are.


Kendall wears an impressive size 10, not the biggest on this list, but still pretty darn big. Khloe Kardashian is not the type to be outdone by anyone in her family, so you know she is going to be battling Kendall Jenner for biggest feet in her brood. They both wear size 10, so you can bet the two of them have borrowed each other's shoes from time to time.

The best shoe sites for women with large feet

Hopefully, they return them! Lauren Ambrose is best known for her role in Six Feet Under, but to certain people, she is also known for the size of her feet. She wears a size ten, which for a woman makes her feet extremely large, but for this list doesn't even make her feet some of the biggest. She has some tough competition. If there is anyone out there that doesn't think Heidi Klum is gorgeous they need to have their eyes examined.


Heidi, best known for her role as the host of Project Runway is one of the hottest women in the world, even now at her age. She also has big feet, rocking a size Bryce Howard is well known both for being the daughter of Ron Howard and for starring in the Jurassic Park series She started in show business at age 7 by being an extra in her father's movies. Although she is only 5 feet 7 inches tall, she wears a size 10 which is pretty huge.

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While Lucy Lawless has had other roles, she is by far most famous for playing Xena; Princess Warrior. Xena is known for being as tough as they come, the type that is brawny and can take on just about any man in battle. So she must have pretty big feet right? Yep, she sure does.

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Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and fashion icon, she is thought of as one of the most famous actresses of all time. She also was thought of as someone very classy, fashionable and refined, so it's probably a bit of a surprise to you that she wore a shoe that was a size She is also known for having very large feet.

Once you get past size 10 when you're a lady, you're getting into huge feet territory and Famke rocks an Maria Sharapova is a world-famous tennis player and a very skilled one as well. She once was ranked one in the world.


She also has a massive size 11 feet. One would think that a woman with feet so large would not be able to be agile, but Maria certainly is light on her feet, even though they're so enormous.


Another star you might not realize has some pretty enormous feet it, Cate Blanchett. She is known as an excellent actress and even has won two Academy Awards. She also wears a size 11 shoe. So all you ladies who want to become classically trained actresses and also have big feet, there is hope!

Celebrity women with bigger shoe sizes

Kate Winslet, probably best known for her role in Titanic wears a size 11 shoe. Amazingly enough, her mother wears a size The oddest thing about this is that Kate is only 5 feet 6 inches tall. She certainly was blessed in the foot size department, or cursed, depending on your vibe. Director Quentin Tarantino is rumored to be a bit into feet, so is it any wonder that he chose Uma Thurman and her size 11 feet for a big role, in the first Kill Bill movie?

The best places to buy stylish shoes for women with big feet

One doesn't see Uma, or her toes, around much anymore but for a time she was a huge star in film. Paris Hilton is known for a lot of things including her fashion sense, but she has a hard time with shoes since she rocks a size Does Meg Ryan wear a size 11 shoe? Who would have guessed, she gives off a vibe of being so small. Apparently she is pretty self-conscious about them as well, she even has used body doubles in movies so people can't tell how big her feet are.


Come on Meg, they aren't that big. Everything about Oprah is kind of larger than life. Let's face it, the woman has pretty much carved out an enormous niche when it comes to daytime television, Hollywood, and even books.

One other thing about Oprah that is large and enormous are her feet. They clock in at a size If you're old enough you also remember her for being a huge success as a model herself.

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Well, now you'll also remember her for having massive Man those are huge. At one point in time, Elle McPherson was one of the most popular models in the world, and arguably one of the most beautiful One thing that no one could argue about is how big her feet are. At size 12, Elle has some of the biggest feet on this list. She must have a hard time finding shoes. Okay, there has to be some sort of winner on this list of big feet and Missy Franklin is it.


She wears a size Missy is a swimmer who has won numerous Olympic Gold medals, and she thinks her big feet might have even helped her a bit. It makes sense when you think about it. By Leon Powell Published Oct 18, Share Share Tweet Comment.


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