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the Conversation! Welcome to the world of teen slang. Unable to understand your teens?


Keeping up with teen slang is nearly impossible. New words are constantly being introduced, thanks to the influence of music, the Internet, apps, and especially TikTok psst!


Check this out for a full list of TikTok slang words and emojis explained. A way to show the utmost respect for someone after something bad has happened e. Often seen as desperate.


Synonyms: LB like backFB follow back. Another slang term for looking good. VSCO girls wear scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, oversized t-shirts, mom jeans, and love drinking water out of hydroflasks.

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Note : this term is much less frequently used now, but it's still good to know. This list draws from a variety of sources including Urban Dictionary language and StayHipp. My Cart. Teen Slang Glossary.

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Posted by Axis on July 01, Example: "Have you heard Billie Eilish's new song? It's a bop. A " check " can focus on pretty much anything. So for a sibling checkthe user will often show a funny video that describes the life of living with their sibling. F A way to show the utmost respect for someone after something bad has happened e. Facts Being in agreement with something. Fr For real.

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Vibe check Literally means to assess the vibe someone gives off. Subscribe to our blog.


Gen Z is a generation of digital natives who are immersed in the exciting, ever-changing online world. And the connection they. Jesus entered the world for us, and willingly gave up His perfect life to absolve our sins when we accept Him. There is so much beauty.

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Stay Connected! About Contact Careers Give. A really good song.


The word " check " is a term used exclusively on TikTok. Literally means to assess the vibe someone gives off. It is often applied to both men and women. This is a curse word of Jamaican origin, equivalent to the f-bomb. However, culturally in the U. To delete someone or something out of your life.

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Responding to an insult with an equal or greater comeback. Go off!


Note: This can also be used as a short term for "address. Other terms are Xanny, bars, and footballs.