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Habits that seem normal to people like us can present BIG problems in dating and relationships. I realize that those things might seem true to them, at loner dating time. I feel completely surprised when my partners became frustrated, or lost their temper when I failed to show up for them emotionally in ways they expected.


For the loner, this feels terrible. You retreat into shame, already a problem for many self-identified loners. Your partner is angry, disappointed, and hurt.


Loners, who many loner dating can be classified as dismissive avoidant personality types, deal with the world very differently than other people. We process relationships differently, we tend to be accustomed to managing our own emotions independently of others, we are highly capable of handling our own needs. To have any success in the realm of dating and relationships, you have to accept the fact that this fundamental difference exists.


In my case, I decided to turn my weakness in relationships into a strength. In spite of the fact that I write a blog about being a loner, I invest hours into reading books, taking courses online, and practicing social loner dating relationship skills in real life. This requires self-awareness, diligence, humility, and commitment. As I already mentioned, accept the fact that you see the world very differently than most other people.

13 things loners do differently when dating

Make sure to read the linked article on attachment theory by author Mark Manson, from his website, MarkManson. Odds are, your partner, or prospective partner, is not this way and will need A LOT more emotional involvement than you do.


Then listen. It seems simple, but hardly anybody does this.


People will tell you what they need, if you know how to listen. Listen to your partner when they tell you things they like, in other relationships, food, music, attachment styles. One good tip is to listen and remember little throwaway tidbits of conversation.


You can surprise your partner by giving them a gift related to some anecdote they shared that one time. Things like small tokens of love, notes, tiny acts of kindness, even making them a cup of coffee exactly like they like, go a long way.

Dating a loner? here are a few things that you need to know

Since learning from that mistake, I now make a point to be extra generous with my time, attention, and even money. I committed to learning how to be loner dating loving supportive person. Every day, I chase my goal with ferocity. Some things I do to improve socially are read materials about building attraction and relationships.

How to bond while respecting boundaries.

I read books over loner dating over, highlighting and making notes on important concepts. I practice in my daily life: opening strangers in pleasant conversation, giving genuine compliments to people, cracking playful jokes to make people smile. Getting better at dating is getting better at all aspects of relationships: learning to read people, anticipate their needs, be supportive of their emotions.


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