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Georjria Tech, Mississippi and Clemson also accepted bowl berths in the last big- Saturday of college football, an upset-ridden afternoon that saw Navy hammer favored Army in a record scoring binge. Mississip pi accepted a Jan. The rapid - fire acceptances left only one major bowl berth open the spot against Form State in the new Liberty Bowl at Philadelphia Stadium Pec.

The Associated Press learned that Navy, despite a mediacre record, had been invited after its spectacular performance against Army, a touchdown favorite. Texas Christian grabbed a third local swingers marvao nj of the Southwest Conference title tying with Arkansas and Cotton Bowl bound Texas by blanking Southern Methodist and Notre Dame spilled Southern California to salvage a season in other key games.

The above games were not the extent of upsets in the Southeast either. Alabama blanked Auburn and Vanderbilt scored a mild upset of Tennessee Gay Brewer, Jr. Brewer, who needed only seven putts and was five under par after seven holes, could have taken over the lead with a par on the last hole, but he took a double bogey seven. He sliced his drive into sand and had to blast back to the fairway.


His fourth shot took him over the green and he came back short and needed two putts from 25 feet. Palmer, Masters champion and winner of the Thunder. You'd never guess, just watching the near-perfection of the accomplished club swingers, the hungry heartaches which go into this business, the pressure which builds up behind every stroke.


A pro chips from off the green, the ball skips softly twice, runs up to the hole, hits the flag and bounces back two inches from the cup. The crowd groans, but what about the pro?

That extra putt might mean a few hundred dollars less prize money, perhaps the difference for a young pro in making expenses for the week, perhaps the difference between some money and none at all. There were pros in the local tourney at the start, of whom 30 will share in the prize money, making the simple ratio of about one chance in six to win anything at all. Anybody in the gallery still want to switch places?

But it is local swingers marvao nj great challenge and that is why you find so many grimly determined young hopefuls on the tourney trail. While the galleryites were pursuing the Caspers and Walls and Finsterwalds, there were many young newcomers plodding a lonely way, such as Hugh Royer, former U of Georgia golf star and Georgia amateur champ; Jay Riviere, who has a football knee from his guard playing days at Rice Institute; Dick Knight and Ab Justice from Oklahoma State's golf team; and Dave Hill, a year-old.

Michigan Open champion who proves once again that golf is not a game of sheer strength. He's only pounds and Some local swingers marvao nj the young players give the tourney trail a whirl on a shoe-string financially. Others have the benefit of subsidy arrangements, a growing trend in recent years. One of these is Lee Raymond, year-old U. The theory is that this much security will enable him to concentrate on better golf.

In return be gets to keep only one-fourth of what he wins here or in any other tourney, his sponsors getting the other 75 per cent. It is a nine-year contract and after three years the split changes toand in the final three years it will be local swingers marvao nj Raymond. He qualified for the final two rounds, although still facing a battle to get into the money when they pay off tonight. So there's more to this big-time golf than meets the eye as you trail along in the gallery marvelling at how easy the pros make it look.


Most of the big names got there the hard way, and their example is what is keeping so many good young players in the battle now. Some last and some don't stick it out. The ball takes strange bounces in this game, too. Recruiting at both Florida and Florida State has already suffered from the confused situations in the coaching ranks. In either case the Job of recruiting is tough. High school seniors can't be expected to np happily with a school which doesn't even know the identity of its coach.

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Local swingers marvao nj actual ing of prep gr is banned until early December, to make certain the scouts don't interfere too much with players and coaches during their season. But there have been innumerable contacts made with outstanding prospects, and in aome instances more than average interest has been shown by ut-of-State schools. The "foreigners" are apt to grab more of our home-breds under the existing conditions, and for the sake of Florida football this will be an unnecessary loss. In the ease of the Florida Gators, one of Woodruff's contributions was the soundest recruiting program the school has ever had.

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But now, whether Woodruff is retained or a successor brought in, there has be? A quick decision is a must to help relieve the situation at both State schools. That, plus the fact that the calendar flips a on Tuesday, a Fanl- U bird and Oklahoma City tournaments this year pulled even with Ragan when he dropped his approach to the 18th green four feet in front of local swingers marvao nj hole and sank the putt while Ragan was parring.

For a moment it looked like Palmer's third shot might go into the hole, but it hopped back two feet when it struck two feet in front of the cup. Palmer started the round four strokes back of Ragan and praying in the same threesome with the leader, and Cooper, who was tied with Palmer. Palmer cut one stroke off the margin when he birdied the first hole with a foot putt. All three birdied No. Ragan got off in the woods for a bogey of the fifth hole, allowing his two opponents to get within two strokes of his lead. Cooper birdied No. Brewer, meanwhile, was in his sensational streak and had taken over the lead local swingers marvao nj the sixth hole.

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He was playing in a threesome ahead of Ragan, Cooper and Palmer, and had birdies on putts of two feet on No. Brewer got his fifth bird in seven holps on No. He two-putted from 25 feet to par local swingers marvao nj eighth, and also parred the ninth when he missed a 4-footer. Ragan sank an foot birdie putt on No. Cooper was one stroke behind after a birdie of nine. Ragan was one under par going out, Palmer and Brewer were five under and Cooper four under.

Ragan came up with a fine pitch six inches from the pin on tne lutn noie to get even with Brewer, who was lucky to par the 10th when he got into deep trouble.

Brewer's drive found the rough and left him stymied by a small tree. He tried to get a big fade against a west wind, but failed and wound up deep in the pines, where it took him two shots to get out. He was on the green now, however, and proceeded to sink a foot putt for his par. Palmer slipped back wilh Cooper on the 12th hole local swingers marvao nj he overshot the green and then missed a 7-foot putt and took a bogey, and Cooper dropped two strokes off the pace when he bogeyed No. Brewer missed an 8-foot putt for a bird on No.

All four parred the rest of the way until the 18th where Palmer's birdie caught up with Ragan and Brewer's horrendous seven dropped him a stroke back of the leaders.

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Ragan had to sink a foot putt from the edge of the 13th green for one of his pars after overshooting the green. While both Palmer and Ragan have posted victories this year, the best Brewer has done is a fifth at Dallas. He was sixth at Lafayette and ninth at Mobile. In the same threesome with Brewer were Gardner Dickinson, Jr.

Dickinson slipped to a 71 Saturday and fell five strokes off the pace, and Finsterwald took a 74 for and a nine-stroke deficit.


Lean Bill Johnston of Provo, Utah, fired the second best round of the day, a five-under-par Playing with Tom Nie-porte and Doug Ford, Johnston put together nines of 33 and 34 for sole possession of fifth at Only the bogey he took on the wind-lengthened fourth hole marred his otherwise sterling round.

He was short with his second shot on that hole, which played even longer than its yards Saturday.


His wedge bit but was played a little too close to the deep-set pin and went over the putting surface. His best shot of the front nine came on the yard seventh where his tee shot was wide to the right, scattering the watchers behind the green. He pitched a wedge over the corner of the trap, and the restraining rones and managed to make the ball bite on the downslope.

It came within inches of dropping. Another wedge shot, from the rough, on 13 hit the local swingers marvao nj and stopped six Inches away. His final birdie on the dog-legged 15th came within six inches of being an eagle.


One of the biggest disappointments of the third round was Art Wall, Jr. Wall managed to par the first nine, local swingers marvao nj he bogged down to a 40 on the back side for a 76 and total that put him 13 strokes from the top. Billy Casper, Jr. The National Open champion, who won both the Lafayette and Mobile Opens in the last two weeks but was bothered by a pulled shoulder muscle in the first round, is now In a 2-way tie wilh Dickinson for sixth plnce at Itnin fell on some of the earlier starters, and a short time before the last threesomes finished a chilling northwest wind had spectators shivering.


The crowds have been favorable to dale, and a larue one is expected for the final day today when Palmer, Cooper and Casper go out In one threesome at p.