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How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind. When it comes to punishing the sex traffickers who exploit Texas kids, state leaders are unforgiving: Their crimes are "vile," "heinous," "despicable," "unconscionable. Texas Tribune reporters talked to three convicted traffickers to try to understand the power they wield over victims and the attraction of what they call "the lifestyle. The interviews also revealed a common thread between pimps and their victims: the poverty and violence in their backgrounds. How hollow rhetoric and a broken child welfare system feed Texas' sex-trafficking underworld.

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The following day, they boarded a train to Mexico City.


As a Protestant, she was unfamiliar with the role that the Virgin Mary occupies as the embodiment of the ever-present merciful mother to Roman Catholics. Mentally, he was back in Washington. He spent most of their honeymoon talking about his work. He missed his friends and the round-the-clock action on the Hill.

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In Washington they moved into a modest one-bedroom furnished apartment at Kalorama Road. There, Lady Bird, who had never swept a floor or cooked a meal, set about trying to learn how to be a housewife. She, who had been waited on all her life by maids, now filled her days and nights waiting on Johnson. He expected to be served coffee in bed every morning, along with the morning newspaper.


He also expected her to pay the bills, to take care of his clothes, and to have meals ready at all hours of the day and night in case he or any member of his staff showed up hungry. I was delighted to do it. I adored him.


In public Johnson often treated her as if she were invisible. Sometimes he would tell negative stories about her—about how she kept house or how she pinched pennies—in front of her in a group. At first I was incensed. During the day, she worked hard to take care of the chores at home as quickly as possible so that she could prowl around Washington on her own, often with a camera. She thought of herself as an explorer and wanted to document the places and events around her in photographs.

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Neither housework nor shopping held any interest at all for her. She was ambivalent about her own wardrobe. Her lack of interest in clothes was one the few concrete expressions of her desire for some degree of independence from Johnson, who pushed her to look a certain way—even to the point of humiliation. He wanted her to look respectable but sexy. He liked bold colors—red, blue, green, and black—and straight skirts, not flared or pleated. She viewed it as an indication that ladies seeking sex douglass texas was interested in her.

He used to say that a lot of the people that I met would only see me once, and that the opinion they would form would persist. He wanted them to have a good opinion of me. I was wrong.


In the darkness of the theater Lady Bird heard Johnson sniffling. Moments later she heard loud sobs.


Lady Bird was astonished that he was able to express such strong emotion over a movie. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it, both proud of him and puzzled. She also remembers her long waits for him to come home. Night after night she would stand by her kitchen window in their first Washington apartment, watching for the headlights of his car as he pulled in. There were other, far more overt strains on the marriage, tensions that Lady Bird could not alleviate.


Born in the Central Texas farming community of Marlin, Alice was almost six feet tall with honey-blond hair and blue eyes. Ladies seeking sex douglass texas most affairs, the one between Alice Glass and Lyndon Johnson was a web of intrigue, fraught with peril. Like other presidents before and after him, Johnson was a man who, even from a young age, was pulled in two directions at once.

Part of him wanted great power for the glory of helping others on a mass scale. Another part of him wanted power so that he could satisfy rawer instincts, including his desire for random, unlimited sex and the thrill of dominating others. These meetings occurred after Alice had moved to Longlea, an eight-hundred-acre horse farm set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She was gregarious and openly seductive, the very embodiment of all that Lady Bird had repressed in herself. She was tall, slim, good-looking, and extremely smart.

She had a voice that was both sexy and soothing. Though Lady Ladies seeking sex douglass texas never voiced her feelings about the affair, those who were close to the situation are convinced she knew. Her reply when confronted with questions about Alice Glass has been not to reply at all and to take refuge behind an emotional wall. However, her actions—as opposed to her words—during the time that the affair was in progress indicate that Lady Bird was neither unaware nor passive about her situation. After all, her whole mission in life—to be a good wife and eventually a good mother—was under threat.

In response she did what women have done throughout the ages. First, she retreated. Her visits to Longlea became more infrequent, as she withdrew into a stubborn silence that seemed incomprehensible to those around her.


After the initial withdrawal, Lady Bird embarked on a frenzied self-improvement campaign, using Alice as an unconscious model for what she needed to become. She started wearing the sexier clothes Johnson liked. She checked book after book—including War and Peace —out of the library, steeping herself in history and the classics. She applied makeup and wore jewelry, as Alice did. And she worked harder than ever.


She also worked hard at learning the rules of social protocol. Like other congressional wives, every year Lady Bird purchased the Green Book, an updated social guide to official Washington written by Carolyn Hagner Shaw. It was like a business. Though the affair cooled off after World War II, Johnson and Glass continued to communicate with each other for the rest of their lives. She continued to live in Longlea but fell on hard times financially. On May 26,she sent Johnson an antique brass eagle mounted on a glass base, about nine inches high with a four-and-three-quarter-inch wingspan.

The eagle had reportedly been made for Thomas Jefferson as a gift from the French when Jefferson was ambassador to France. Alice had owned it for thirty years and wanted Johnson to have it in his post-presidential years. Feed him properly. I am prouder than you will ever know that you wanted ladies seeking sex douglass texas to have it, after its long and illustrious history which, of course, includes its thirty years with you.

And I will cherish it as I do your faith and friendship. Thank you so very much and do come to see us. After Johnson died, Alice wrote a letter to Lady Bird and asked her to return the eagle. Lady Bird responded in a letter dated October 16,in which she explained how the eagle was used at the library. Johnson tried to win over his political enemies by going overboard to be nice to them. Lady Bird in turn adopted the same approach with her most intimate enemies: She wooed them, bringing them into her tent.

Alice fired one last salvo. Ladies seeking sex douglass texas wanted it back. Three years later, at the age of 65, Alice died in Marlin, where she had moved to be near her sister and her close friend Frank Oltorf.


She left the eagle to Oltorf. Lady Bird has maintained a lifetime of official silence about Alice Glass, although she has told friends that she never really believed the rumors about Alice and Lyndon. Still, Lady Bird never forgot that eagle and the betrayal that it represented. After dinner, Lady Bird pulled him aside. She had a question for him that she wanted to ask in private.

Oltorf replied that Alice had died peacefully. Oltorf looked at her and smiled.