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The billings gazette from billings, montana · 28

Terms Of Use. Request Content Removal. National Sponsors. March 25, by A. Post OffioB. ISSN No. Berry voted this way after a lengthy conversation he had with myself and others about the way the bill was written. Berry was looking out for the people he represents in this house district and the state of Montana.

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If this bill passes not only will this create a lot of unanswered questions about the law, but it might also undo a lot of convic- tions that have been handed down over the past years regarding assaults with weapons. Would it really? Would the bill be retro- active? This bill would possibly allow our school children to pack concealed weapons on them into our schools, because under the Montana Constitution children have the same rights as adults.

I believe every law-abiding citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. But this bill will allow ev- eryone, even felony criminals to pack concealed weapons making for an unsafe community. A lot of people think that they need to have a concealed weapons permit to carry a concealed weapon on them when they are hunting and fishing and on there own property. This is false.

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The only time you need a concealed weapon permit is to carry said weapon concealed inside the city limits. Now there are few cities in our state that do have city ordinances against car- rying concealed weapons So? Would this law supercede that? Or what is being said here? Pro- ponents have stated that this law does not change a city's authority to prohibit concealed weapons. I believe the laws that we know have pretty much cover every- thing this bill is asking for without placing the citizens of the State of Montana in undue danger.

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WoodroW Weitzeil Sheriff to the hospital. The Roundup Ambulance was requested to transport a patient from the Roundup Memorial Hospital to a facility in another city. A complaint was received from a school bus driver that a vehicle had passed the bus while unloading chil- dren. A deputy responded and made contact with the described vehicle. A complaint was received con- ceming a red pickup that was pass- ing in a no passing zone and almost hit the complainant.

The incident occurred near the Divide. A deputy responded south, but didn't make contact with the vehicle. A caller reported a barking dog was disturbing her rest. A deputy responded, but the noisy dog had apparently been put away before he arrived. The caller stated his children were home alone. A deputy checked and found this was not the case.

The billings gazette from billings, montana · 27

A Montana Highway Patrol Trooper requested assistance with an arrest he made. A deputy responded to his request. A call was received concern- ing a medical issue. The caller didn't want an ambulance, but was seeking advice. A deputy responded and determined the vehicle was not a traffic hazard. A motorist complained that a school bus turned on their red lights just as she was adjacent to the bus. She spoke with a deputy concerning the incident. A caller expressed concern about some horses in the vicinity of Harper Coulee.

The deputy spoke with the caller. Deputies were made aware of a domestic disturbance that had previ- ously occurred. The disturbance is under investigation. A complaint was received about a flagger in the construction zone south of Roundup. The complainant stated the flag person was sitting alongside the road and the complainant was al- most involved in a crash as a result.

A deputy investigated. An individual requested an ambulance to take her for a doctor's appointment: The call was referred to the ambulance barn. The theft of a generator was received. The ladies seeking real sex winnett montana 59087 occurred at the construction site south of Roundup. A deputy is investigating the matter. An assault was reported. The incident had occurred some time prior to the call.

The matter is under investigation.

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A chimney fire was reported in the block of Second Street West. A vehicle vs. A Montana Highway Patrol Trooper and a deputy responded. The dog was in the caller's yard.

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The sheriff spoke with the dog's owners. A small gray Chevrolet pickup was reported to be driving at an excessive speed on Highway US 87 South. The information was relayed to the deputy.

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A woman reported a vehicle had run through the flagger in the con- struction zone on US Highway 87 South. The complaint was relayed to the Montana Highway Patrol. An ambulance was requested for an individual who had fallen.

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The ambulance transported the patient to the hospital. A caller reported a yellow Chev- rolet was speeding in Roundup in the northwest area. District 2 Nominating Committee Sherry Brown Circulation Mostly Cloudy Mon a. Bookkeeping High: 54 Low: 27 Tue a. Advertising T Founded April 3, by A. Eiselein Two mixed breed dogs were re- ported to be running loose in the block of Fifth Street West. A complaint was received about loud music coming from vehicles outside the Youth Center.

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Two depu- ties responded. A man requested a deputy come to his residence and removed a man who was intoxicated. A complaint was received about a pickup that was speeding on US Highway 87 South headed north.

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A caller reported two instances of Sexual Intercourse Without Consent. A broken window was reported at the high school. This turned out to be a break-in and the incident is under investigation. A caller reported seeing smoke and flames. The fire was found to be a controlled burn. A man reported another individual had been following him. The infor- mation on the suspect was vague. The ambulance was requested to transport a patient from the Roundup Memorial Hospital to a hospital in Billings. The operations manager at the work site south of Roundup near Old Divide Road requested the assistance of a deputy for an intoxicated em- ployee.

Ladies seeking real sex winnett montana 59087 deputy and a Montana Highway Patrol Trooper responded. Ultimately one individual was ar- rested. The deputy responded and rendered aid. A person called and requested a welfare check on a friend.

Two deputies responded and found all was okay. A caller stated she had heard a loud noise near her home and asked the deputy to make an area check. A deputy responded and found nothing out of the ordinary. The Roundup Fire Department was d. After the another individual called and stated the fire was out. The fire department was cancelled. An automatic alarm was gener- ated indicating a problem at a local business. A check revealed the alarm to have been a false alarm. A call was received from an individual seeking the phone for the hospital.

The caller seemed a bit confused so a deputy responded to check on him.