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Your goals. And your dreams. I was excited about the safety team.

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They had a good reputation. The pay is good; the environment is good. And safety is important.


Honestly, it was being hired as an assistant superintendent working with the concrete crew. My fondest memory is seeing that crew grow and develop into what it is this year.


What do you think people would be surprised to learn about doing a job like yours at a place like Journey? The morale is good. You get to go to work instead of having to go to work. They have all the benefits a person would want: retirement, life insurance, health insurance. The benefits are great. One of the projects I took great pride in last year was we did some repairs on I I was really happy with how it did not affect the ride.

That was a lot of fun. I was looking for a company like Journey. Before I came to Journey, I had four years working in construction for a few different companies. But I was watching everywhere Journey worked, different buildings, and everything looked good. I heard about Journey and the great company it was with good values and culture.

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When I saw on Facebook they were looking for a concrete finisher, I applied right away, and they called me the next day. When I had my interview, I felt a good vibe. I felt good in the office. They explained what they expected, and I said this is the place I was looking for.

They gave me opportunity right away.

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I feel very, very happy. I love this company. I love the people, the culture, everything. And I feel proud of myself because I started talking to my friends about my experience with Journey and they made the decision to come with me, and they are happy here. I remember when I started on this crew and it was my first season pouring concrete for Black-Top and it its like you know their first time with a concrete crew. In general, I remember when the head of safety came to talk with us, welcomed us and thanked us for being part of the team. Right away, I started feeling like I am working with a family.

And all the people, like our division leader, helped me a lot.

When I started to work for Journey, my wife told me I look happy. People are surprised how Journey follows policies around safety. Journey says something, and Journey does it. They want to do things the best. I had to find a different job back in the day.


Where I used to work closed, and I had to find a different line of work, and I ended up here. Safety is a big priority. I did some home construction in high school, and when I turned 18, I worked here during the summer in college, and it became my first job. The opportunity to advance has kept me here and working with the guys in the field, the camaraderie. And people are here to help you. Keep an open mind.

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Honestly, I needed a job. I liked this one because the culture is good.


There are no problems at all. You can actually learn some skills. We all get along very, very well. We laugh all day pretty much. Last year I worked on the Eighth Street bridge downtown. I learned a ton. My in-laws are neighbors with one of the superintendents here, and I its like you know doing some work at their house one day, and he talked me into coming to Journey. They allow you to be self-sufficient at work and home, and allow you to be a valuable part of the workforce.

Working in Pierre was the first really big job I was a part of, so I remember that for sure. I worked at Avera on Louise. I was looking for a change.

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I like the variety of work we do. A lot of people never see that in what they do every day at work. All of them really are.


The big one is we built Avera on Louise. I was there more than a year.


And other hospitals and clinics, schools. Building your neighborhood and your community and you can take and use your experience where you live. You can get great wages and be experienced in a trade. There are multiple opportunities right now. Get our free business news delivered to your inbox.


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