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Are you wondering whether a certain man is flirting with you - or just being nice? If so, read on. The guide below will help to make it clearer. For years, I was stuck chasing men who never made their feelings clear. Even in my relationships, it was rare that my boyfriends would show clear s of wanting to fully commit to me. Looking back, this was because I had no idea how to make an emotional impact on men.

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Flirting makes you instantly feel ten times more attractive; it can also be a lot of fun! The biggest issue is that it is really hard to know whether he is flirting with you or he is just being nice to you.


And that is why he will always try to find excuses to playfully touch you when you least expect it. He kind of loses himself in your eyes because you are his safe haven; you are the only place he wants to be at that moment.


And he wants to stay there forever. Now, the biggest difference between the two is the way he compliments you. Does he turn into a comedian when in your company?


When guys are smitten by a girl, they have this tendency to use humor as their tool to attract you. They think if they are constantly making you laugh, it means they are doing something right and that if you laugh, it means they are capable of making you happy, which, after all, is their ultimate goal. And this has nothing to do with confidence, because even the most confident guys do that when they are deeply attracted by someone.

When he hugs you, he holds you for two to three seconds longer than it is considered appropriate and in one moment he presses you hardly against his body and then releases.


Well, he did because he is obviously crazy about you and he probably has tons of maps in his brain that are all linked to you. When he smiles at others, his smile is merely polite, but when he turns to you, his smile instantly changes. His smile is his way of saying that you are special and he is happy to be around you. When you say that you love that particular book, he instantly bursts with amazement that he loves it, too.

Whenever you need help with something, he appears like Superman within seconds.

15 things men only do when they're really into you

He protects you from cold weather by giving you all of his clothes. You will know that he is flirting with you if he leans into you while talking to you, if he directs his feet and body toward you, makes eye contact, raises his eyebrows, and smiles at you.


There are lots of other s as well, but these are the most important and the most frequent ones. While doing this, he will try to use every aspect of his life and everything that comes to his mind that is worth mentioning to you.

Does he like me? or is he just being nice? 27 undeniable s that he does like you

For example, he will brag about his new job, new car, his achievements. He will try hard to make you laugh. He will try hard to impress you to catch your attention and to redirect your thoughts on his qualities.


It is also important to mention that not all guys will express all the s above when flirting with you. Different personalities have different styles when it comes to this. English literature professor and writer Martha Sullivan decided to speak her truth about life and love through letters, stories and paragraphs.


Her stories are real and unedited. Christine Keller.


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Understand the difference between flirting vs. true attraction

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