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Do Germans go out with foreigners? Does intercultural dating in Germany exist at all? Learn about German cross cultural relationships in this article. Last year I wrote a very detailed article about how to date a German and dating culture in Germany.

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Started by islander8 Mar Posted 8 Mar I am a Hawaiian guy 3rd generation Japanese-American thinking about pursuing a big dream of mine to move and live in Germany Hamburg or Bremen to be specific. I am an amateur surfer as well, but I'm willing to give that up to make this big change. I was just curious interracial dating germany an Asian guy like me might be received by the German girls? Here in Hawaii, life is really different from the mainland.

Interracial dating - final advice

For example, hapas part Asian, part Caucasian people are really common, and intermixing and marriage is pretty much the norm. I visited Berlin last year, and it seemed really good for a single Asian guy. I talked interracial dating germany some girls and they were friendly. I also got a lot of flirty looks from German girls, most likely because I stood out in the "winter" climate I'm pretty tall and tanned.

But I was only there for a week, so I could have just been imagining things. Anyways, I would appreciate your thoughts. My parents think I should maybe move to the UK instead, like Manchester city I like their football team. Do you think Manchester could be as nice as Hamburg or Bremen for someone like me?


Do not move anywhere for the thought of girls! They are all fucked up no matter where they are from!! Let me repeat that, girls are girls no matter where you go.


They are all the same beast! Now, telling a girl that you are a Hawaiin American in Germany will perhaps get your foot in the door but it will still be up to you to keep it there.


Not much different than anywhere else in the world. Girls maybe from Mars or Venus, hell, it doesn't matter where they are from, you will always be from another planet!!!


Agree with eurovol. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to throw a kind word towards our dear Toytown aka Munich as well along with Hamburg and Bremen.

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After all you are on Munich forum :. It's much more "taboo" and people seem much more closed to such things. I talked to some black soldiers who interracial dating germany to be based there. They said they were always getting chased around by German girls. But I'm not sure how accurate their stories are, since these could have been girls just curious about the American hip hop thing. Posted 9 Mar Okay, the "black" thing! Yeah, more european girls are into that as "blacks" are less superficial in regards to relationships. Want to argue with me about that then go ahead, but I have the goods to suggest otherwise.

When you percieve yourself to be oppressed, then you automatically open yourself to quality and not quantity or style. BUT, there is a problem with perception and if you do not live up to it then you are doomed to be Joe average. Hey, that is life for all races and colors and creeds. Mainland USA is huge and extraordinarily diverse compared to Germany. You cannot compare a non-white American's attitude towards interracial relationships with that of a German. Better comparison is white Americans vs white Germans. In that aspect, my opinion so far is that Germans are lot more tolerant and accepting of other races than the white folk in America.

The deeper you get into rural America, the more pronounced the differences interracial dating germany attitudes are.

Interracial marriage

Germany is lot more unform in that aspect. I think I agree with you. On the other hand, just in Berlin, I saw more black male - white german female couples than I have in all of my time in the mainland US. Mixed ie. Black-White couples are still quite taboo among both blacks and whites in the US as far as I can see.


When I lived over there, I was working with a black woman from Britain, who after work interracial dating germany out for a beer with a white colleague. She was approached by some local black woman, who asked whether black men weren't good enough for her. Using TV sitcoms as a good indicator of public morality, we already have a lesbian sitcom but not gay male yetbut I do not know of any shows that have a mixed couples yet. Hold on, I think I saw on "King of Queens" once that there was something hinted at between the black neighbour and a white woman, but I don't watch the show, so I don't know how it turned out.

Once you start seeing mixed couples on TV, then it is a good that things are changing.

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White - East Asian, or White - Polynesian, etc. In Germany, among the post war generation, mixed relationships seem to be much less taboo. I have even seen older war-vintage woman goo-gooing at a small brown coloured frizzy-haired baby with a white blond mother in the U-bahn. The one prejudice that people might have, however, is that when you see a white woman with an African not African-American man, or a white man with an East Asian woman, people assume that the the foreigner was "bought" - ie.

The fact that this is sometimes true, must make it hard for those with more legitimate relationships. I think one would interracial dating germany the attitudes towards mixed race relationships in rural Bayern about the same as in rural Alabama.


There's some hard-core rednecks in the hils around here. Attitudes are probably also comparable between Munich and say I dunno, Austin, Texas; nobody gives a shit. There do seem to be more interracial relationships here, however. I agree about the black-white thing, though. Most sitcoms seem to have either all white cast perhaps with a tkoen minority thrown in to keep the PC-police happy or all white. First post about surfing, you can do that here in Munich! So you don't have to give that up. Second, prejudice and discrimination may be a fact of any two cultures coming together, but I think interracial dating germany who tries to compare the US and Germany anywhere near the same catergory is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

As mentioned above, Germany is really one group, one culture, one religion They may date someone from another race, as it is interesting, interracial dating germany compared to the US, it just doesn't happen here. There are prejudice people in the US and tolerant people, and people who truly are colorblind, but in Gemany you have one group of people.

If they separate at all, it is on your education; Abi, real, hoch If you are black from Africa here in Germany, you are discriminated against, as if you are of middle eastern descent, Indian, Asian Now if you let them know that you come from an affluent country, US But seeing that if you go out to a club here in Munich which is the largest city in Bavaria you may see people who are not white, it is not common. But if you go to any of the smaller cities, you will be hard pressed to see anyone with a different skin color at the same clubs, bars, restaurants.

That being said, I believe that the Germans are a very open people, and will love to talk with you about prejudice, stereotypes, Hawaii Let me get this right. The personal ad would go something like: Hunky Hawaiian surfer looking for German wife to make cute blue-eyed asian babies. Will take you back to paradise where we can live on coconuts and love. There's different viewpoints for sure. I think Germany is far less interracial dating germany in dating and relationships than the States. Aber, I'm really comparing to California - I guess in the midwest, it may not be so mixed.