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All I remember is the start when it said "aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah, aww yeah, something both you and I" in that order. Anyone know this? Heard it in Outfit today I love that song and I still can't find Who sings it. I thought it Washington Jesse Lawrence but I couldn't find it. Lol hey im looking for a song that is on tiktok I dont come across the song that often but its like an upbeat indie song pretty sure the lyrics are dont leave me I am just a kid or else it's I am just afraid idk but it has a cool guitar line throughout the song idk if that helps but if it does lmk I need to know the name of the song.

It was in an Apple Music or Spotify commercial from The vocalist was a female and I believe it was a group. Could it be "Handclap" by Fitz and the Tantrums? Im looking for my girl "Handclap" by Fitz and the Tantrums?

It was clear, with a soft guitar, and a beautiful female voice. It would make my year to hear the full version.


I listened a song inthe singer was a man I think his name starts with W. The lyric contained Julia, and the rhythm was like Juliaaaaa. The meaning was like that Julia left him and the song was blue. I'm looking for a song where a duet is singing, a man and a girl. I think the song has to do with aliens and the man starts the song asking the girl questions about what she saw.

Supertramp - breakfast in america lyrics

And then the girl answers, and it keeps going back and forth like that. I tried searching the lyrics on google but nothing came up. You can take the flowers down in lovers lane all that sentimental poetry put em ina box tie em with a ribbon throw em in the deep blue sea Tese are the lyrucs. What is the song?


I got this song in my head I don't remember the lyrics maybe something along the lines of "maybe you should have enough, you never know just the way it's done" The first "you" and the last "it's" is really high and the "done" is very low and after the comma, the song speeds up just a little. I'm looking for a song along those lines, maybe not even got any of those words but my brain added them to make sense. Looking for song: blast from the past that boy he used to be mine Was from the s dance music Heavy bass line.


A while ago, I was looking for the song candy shop by 50 Cent, but when I typed that into Spotify, another song showed up, and I listened to it and I loved it. It had a lyric a remember, "I like vanilla I can't find it now. I don't remember exactly what I put into the Spotify search.

Gym class heroes - take a look at my girlfriend lyrics

Any ideas? I'm looking for a song that talks about pain and metaphorical masks. Please help, thank you. The one with the woman showing her son snow for the first time. I'm looking for a song that a heard on the radio, i don't know the name of the singer but i know is a female, i think the song could be from the 70's, 80's or the 90's and i did not understand the lyrics too much but for what i've heard it's sounds like that '' I will never love ya, i will never love ya ''.


I am looking for a song that I heard in the radio, I wasnt able to see the name but I remember the lyrics "When my Daddy said your a little star, when my daddy oh dont you cry" or somethong like that. Someone mind helping out, would be awesome! I'm looking for a song It goes like "She dare even look in my eyes".


The song sounds kinda eerie too I just wanted to know what it was though, and I think it's a bunch of children singing it not sure though I was on the waitlist Heard the ending again I heard the song again and was able to voice memo record part of it. Then I wrote down the correct lyrics to continue searching. In the midst of searching with the lyrics, I discovered Shazam! I played it and it kept saying no too. I felt like I struck gold.

Heya, I'm looking for a song that has these lyrics, they don't go after eachother it's just the lyrics I can remember from that, I've tried to find it but I can't, it goes "Can I have your face I'm tired of mine" "My favorite sound is im looking for my girl and truth" "in the parking lot spilling your heart out".

I'm looking for a song the lyrics go like this i don't know what i would do without you think im going crazy pain is just too strong song give up all i have just to have you home. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I'm looking for a pop song about not wanting yo mess up friendship but being in the same city and giving it a try and she sleeps around anyway and I think they're both famous. Guys, I need help, I'm looking for a im looking for my girl and it's kind of mellow, all I remember are the lyrics, "I'm losing my mind, now" I believe it's sang by a man, however I'm not sure.

I actually came across that song, but no thats not it. I think it might be some kind of rap song?? No, I dont believe so, I think the next part of the lyrics are something like: "I'm losing my mind, now, trynna move on, now, I gotta rewire this brain-" the dots is a missing section of which I dont know the words. The girl was teaching the guy dance in front of the mirror. The guy was wearing loose white colored tee, nd then they go outside and dance on the footpath too.


I remember the plot, but no audio is coming in my mind. Please helpppp. I have searched my yt history for past 2 years nd unable to find it. Pleaseee helppppppp!!!!! Looking for a tiktok that was a through pop song.


The tiktok was the very beginning is a rap and it always said if you rap to this song you go to hell or something and they say they dont know the song but then god says their bestfriend is in hell so they rap the whole song? Its stuck in my head but I don't remember the lyrics. Please help me!! Hi, Looking for a song with a female singer. I'm looking for a song Sing by a women with a really soft voice that saya to someone that even if she is fine he can calle her. Can anyone help me please?

Iyaz - my girl lyrics

Im looking for a song from a Miraculous Ladybug edit video called "iconic miraculous ladybug edits". Most of it is music, But I think the first part was something like "go, in my heart, in my head" and "hold me - in the fall". Sounds like a male singer. Link to the video is below - time stamp for the edit is Any help guys?

Theme: missing someone songs

I think that is the intro song to the series, "Laverne and Shirley". It's a sitcom from the 70's if I recall correctly. I'm looking for the name of a song that kind of has the background tune to cannon in d, with lyrics that go like: If we could do it all over again and paint a better picture for us babe ayyyye and girl I thought I'd never see the day when my entire world faded to gray say you didn't mean to, girl let me remind you when I found that letter you wrote to that other guy I've been going blind to yellow purple green blue gotta check my post just to see if I'm still alive cause all I see is black and white black and white everything feels the same and I can't stop the pain black and white, black and white.

Anyone know the song from s2ep15 double shot at love at the end in the hotel room? Here's some lyrics I don't need im looking for my girl side chick you're the one I ride with, I'm the boss you my side bizmy queen my team my wifey.


All the known is the backing chorus sings what I believe is "we'll be together" Long shot I know. Looking for a song, it starts like this. When I'm around I am looking for a song ; Oh I think have found the one yeah my baby please come give me a. Y'all I'm looking for a song that goes strangers again. When you stepped into my life such a magical feeling. I'm looking for a song I heard while just listeing on Spotify and letting it play.

That's my girl

I'm quite sure it was a female singer with maybe a male backup, sorta slow and nice but also happy. The title actualy fooled me into thinking the song was about being though and not needing love before I listened. The only lyrics I can recall are somthing like "They tell me to leave you alone or something but I do, love you" "It's the way you look at me, the way you smile" And that is the chourus. It's also worth mentioning that I think the was already taken, and that is why she can't have him, but still loves him.

I'm looking for a old techno song in the middle of the song a women says we are unity tt we are unit tt. Looking for a song that has the following lines, played on radio in New Zealand: Breathing slowly Feel it closely Ooh baby now We don't have much time im looking for my girl waste Because it's all on loving you now beat Are you ready? Just heard a song on spotify that randomly played. Trying to find a song; its not from these bands but they're similar in style I guess stars go dim, the neighborhood, the cab- I think it has a woman doing adlibs and I believe its from maybe early s to maybe latest.

Looking for a techno piano song with added beatsit has a few lyrics that are repeative something like " I need ,I need a