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Januarv Compensation Fund. During that time, Sanders ordered, Coker is to succesfully complete three years of supervised Meddling in-laws cause problems Dear Ann Landers: We dine three or four times a month with another couple, either at their home or ours. Our friends serve wine with their meal, but no hard liquor.

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They know that I prefer a single shot of vodka. However, they never offer it. Instead, they say, "Bring your vodka, as usual. I am slightly offended they don't do the same for me. I am not asking them for something expensive, Ann. A single bottle would last a long time. What do you think I should do about this? Focus on their other virtues, if they have any. Meanwhile, the next time you have dinner at their home, bring two bottles of vodka and say, This should last a while.

They sound hopeless. Dear Ann Landers: I have been married for only two years and have two young children. I am expecting again in the spring. The problem is my meddling mother-in-law.

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She is overbearing, manipulative and controlling. She has already told me what I must name the baby, how to decorate the nursery, and she even called my doctor and asked if he would tell her the sex of the baby. My father-in-law is no better. He drives to our place whenever he feels like it and goes through our mail and bills.

I recently found out that our house is in his name. He has made it clear that if anything happens to my husband, the house will go back to him.

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That means I would be homeless and at the mercy of my in-laws. I want miy husband to tell his parents to mind their own business, but he says this is "just the way they are. Please help me make tha right choice. He must understand that you come first in his life now, and he needs to be more supportive.

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Your in-laws have no business going through your mail or calling your obstetrician. This is intrusive behavior at its worst. Consider moving as soon as possible so your name and your husband's name are the only ones on the mortgage papers.

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Meanwhile, change the locks on the doors, and do NOT give them the keys. Ensuring the proper support and care of our children is everybody's business. The millions of fathers, divorced or married, who willingly and enthusiastically support their children see it as the same high priority that women and children do.

As a district attorney, I can attest to the unfortunate fact that there are still too many dead-beat d and moms who use the support payment as a means of extortion, or who believe their child support obligation is secondary to their own personal desires. Happily, I also see that the great majority of divorced parents support their children to the best of their ability.

Please say so. Dear District Atty.

Krambs: Thanks for stepping up to the plate for divorced parents who do indeed support their children. They deserve a kind word - and you provided it. Families are going home, returning to their jobs. Such a thought reminds one of the Scripture that says: "Going home from Bethlehem. But, notice the spirit in which they returned to their work "glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen. A thrill runs through us leaving a tender feeling because so many wonderful and fine things cluster about this Christmas occasion!

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But when we return home from our Bethlehem - our Christmas experience - will we return "glorifying and praising God for all we have seen and heard" as the shepherds did? If so, we can go back to our old jobs with a new sense of responsibility.

You see life is daily, and that is the rub of every day.

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The only way you can get into tomorrow is to go through today. And if tomorrow is to be a good day, then today must be lived well. When we come to tomorrow, today will be yesterday. There is something wrong with any person who does not come to his job with happiness in his heart, but it is doubtful if this can be done if the person does not come home from Bethlehem following Christmas.

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Moreover, like the shepherds, we return from our Bethlehem with the gifts of a new life. The shepherds went up in somewhat of a fearful mood, but they returned "praising God. Upon leaving our Bethlehem of worship, let us take hope in the tomorrows as God holds each day in the untrodden path of in trust to us. Available funds for low income The Sunflower County Rural Development Office has loan funds available to assist very low, low and moderate-income families in purchasing, construction or repair of homes.

Rural Development offers two types of home ownership loans Guaranteed and Direct Loans. Financing can be provided for percent of the appraised value of the property being built or purchased. Currently direct loans are made at 6 housewives seeking real sex ms baird 38751 percent interest.

This rate can be adjusted based on total household income from a low of 1 percent to the current rate of 6 38 percent for purchase of existing homes or building of new homes. Guaranteed loans are financed with a private financial institution with a guarantee from Rural Development for 90 percent of the total loan amount.

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These loans are available for qualified families in a moderate-income category. Very low-income families that currently own or are buying their home may receive loans to remove health and safety hazards at 1 percent interest with a year repayment. Families over age 62 may qualify for loan or loangrant assistance. These families must be classified' as severe hardships with verified medical documentation. Rural Development assists families with self-help housing loans to allow groups of five to ten families to build their own home by providing financing available to purchase materials and the skilled labor they cannot furnish themselves.

Families must agree to work together until all homes are finished. Delta Housing Development Corporation, located in Lovelace Shopping Center, is available to assist families in submitting their applications for the self-help housing program in Sunflower County to the local Rural Development Office.

Please contact the local Rural Development office at N. Martin Luther King Blvd. Our telephone isExt. Services started on Jan. The pastor, Bishop Willie Knighten, invites everyone to attend. Wrongful death cases ore not uncommon in the healthcare field. If you have noticed any of the following symptoms in your loved one, immediately: Bedsores Dehydration Over-medication Malnutrition Unexplained falls Unexplained cuts and bruises The S-hnii.

Bruce Burtolf, Medical Or. When Oxycontin is prescribed for less than severe pain it has the effecl of causing physical dependancy. We are medical doctors and lawyers, dedicated to helping victims of pharmecut teal injury and medical negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured by this drug, please.

Thimerasol is a mercury containing preservative used in marly ' ' i. Housewives seeking real sex ms baird 38751 is a known neurotoxin that can cause ft y I developmental delays. We can help determine if your child's k frr ' developmental delays are a result of mercury poisoning, and help you I HKT in your fiflW against those responsible.

Edward A. All bids shall be based on once per week pick up of garbage. Each residence is to be supplied by contractor with a ninety-six 96 gallon roll out cart for garbage. All bags and carts will be placed at the curb on the deated pick up day. Bids and proposals are to be submitted to the Board of Supervisors on the basis of cost per residence unit per month, including collection and disposal.

The Board of Supervisors will only consider proposals which allow for agricultural operations which have bulk garbage disposal to allow their tenants andor employees to utilize their solid waste collection and disposal system and not be included in the count of homes served through this contract with Sunflower County, Mississippi. All proposals submitted in response to this notice shall be filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Sunflower County, Mississippi on or before A. Each person or firm making a proposal shall provide written documentation of access to a State approved land fill within the boundaries of the State of Mississippi, and that the intended landfill has the capacity to accept the waste generated by Sunflower County, Mississippi, for the entire length of the contract.

Each person or firm submitting a proposal will have to contractually guarantee that during the term of the contract there will be no landfill price increase, nor cost of transportation increase to an alternative landfill, to ever be passed on to Sunflower County, Mississippi.

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The only price increase to be allowed during the term of the contract will be based on the Federal Department of Labor Statistics, consumer price index on an annual basis upon the yearly anniversary of the contract.