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Yes I guess you could say that I am a "cubby chaser" lol.

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This bathroom is getting hotter and hotter. Lots of really hot young guys, and lots of hot sucking.


Crowd: Lots of hot doctors from the nearby medical center. Lots of really hot guys. Jesus, umbboy, talk about putting yourself on a pedestal.


First, you don't even know it was him. Second, just because he's not YOUR type, still doesn't mean he wants to be hassled by trolls. Finally, I don't see anything in his posts that suggest he's trying to pretend he's being something he's not.


I agree completely with his posts I'm in my 40's and get bothered by trolls all the time, I can't imagine if I was 20 years younger. It's hard to find anyone decent looking at ANY cruisy spot.


Usually someone young and worthwile comes maybe one in 6 or 7 visits, and crowded with old trolls. I know i'm too old for you guys, and many other 20's guys, so i don't chase you dudes around. If they like me, then they let me know and we connect. Why can't the over 55 both in age and waist size do likewise for me and other hookup tonight brookline shape guys? They ignore the other 30 guys in their league to cackle at and stalk guys they have no chance with.


I will break your bad luck streak with a toe curling bj. Gay Travel Guide. Up. Follow Us:. Who's Coming Lots of hot doctors from the nearby medical center.


Go in through Francis Street entrance. Look for doors on the right, just past the elevator, before the food court.


Another cruiser adds: 'The entrance is actually on Brookline Avenue. Crowd:Lots of hot doctors from the nearby medical center. Hours and Wheelchair Accessible:No. Photo Gallery Videos. Your Comment:.

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I went there yesterday and it was oddly dead for a Saturday. I think I might go here later today. Seems like a really hot spot.


Anyone under 35 and not fat, going here today? Gonna be there around 9am if anyone's around.

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Will be there around 1pm tomorrow. Hope to meet someone there! Site Map.