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ICAM Workshop:. Chromatin Dynamics, Gene Regulation and Silencing.

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Aug Snowmass, CO. Organizers: Jonathan Widom, Northwestern University. Anirvan Sengupta, Rutgers University. Dynamic properties of the chromatin play an essential role in mechanisms of eukaryotic gene expression regulation. This workshop is intended for physical scientists who want to understand the biophysical underpinnings of such mechanisms, both in the context of local regulation of gene expression as well regulation of whole loci by mechanisms such as chromatin silencing.

The topics covered would include, among other things, in vitro single molecule experiments on the fluctuations in chromatin structure, efforts to model its three-dimensional structure as well as mechanical properties and single cell measurements of epigenetic silencing effects. The meeting is sponsored by ICAM. ICAM strongly encourages participation by junior members of the scientific community. We have set aside places for junior participants-graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty members-from US institutions, and can offer substantial travel and living expense support to those willing to share a room.

Hermaphrodite dating kettering Grosberg, U. Boris Shklovskii, U. Titles and Abstracts:. As they hermaphrodite dating kettering in, the titles and abstracts of the talks would be found here. Venue and Schedule. The workshop will take place in the Silvertree Hotel.

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It would begin with a welcome dinner on Thursday evening. Formal talks start Friday morning 9. According to the current schedule see below talks would be over by Saturday, late evening. This is due to a cancellation and to requests from some speakers. Travel Info. Snowmass is very close to the Aspen airport. For cheaper travel arrangements, one might also fly to Denver and take a bus from there.

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Hotel and Registration Information. Please make your reservations at the Silvertree Hotel Elbert Lane, Snowmass VillageSnowmass at or by fax at The reservation block is under "ICAM Chromatin Workshop"; please refer to the above title when making your reservations. The cut off date for making these reservations is July 10, hermaphrodite dating kettering The hotel check in time is pm and the check out time is am.

For further information about the Silvertree Hotel, you can go to their website.

A phase i study: pet imaging of cancer patients using [18f] 4-l-fluoroglutamine (2s,4r)

Click on "Getting here" under the heading "About our hotel" for travel instructions. In order to register for the meeting, please download the registration formfill it out and return it to Rose Romero at your earliest convenience at rbromero lanl.

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Nothing scheduled. Eugenia Y. Xu, Karl A. Zawadzki and James R. Princeton University. Analysis of transcriptional silencing in Saccharomyces has provided valuable insights into heterochromatin formation and function. However, most of these studies revealed only the average behaviors of populations of cells.

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We have examined transcriptional silencing by monitoring individual yeast cells carrying distinguishable fluorescent reporter genes inserted at two different silent loci. These studies showed that two silent loci in a single cell behave independently, demonstrating that heterochromatin formation is locus autonomous. Furthermore, some silencing mutants with an intermediate phenotype, such as sir1consist of two distinct populations, one repressed and one derepressed, while other mutants, such as those inactivating the SAS-I histone H4 K16 acetylase, consist of cells all with an intermediate level of expression.

Finally, both establishment and decay of silencing can be influenced by specific gene activators, with establishment occurring stochastically over several generations. Thus, quantifying silencing in individual cells reveals aspects of silencing not evident from population-wide measurements. DNA translocation as a mechanism for nucleosome remodeling. Proteins searching for their targets on DNA. Alexander Grosberg, Department of Physics, University of.

Abstract: Proteins locate their specific targets on DNA up to hermaphrodite dating kettering orders of magnitude faster than the Smoluchowski 3D diffusion rate. A widely accepted explanation of this fact is that proteins are non-specifically orbed on DNA, and sliding along DNA provides for the faster 1D search.

Surprisingly, the role of DNA conformation was never considered in this context. By explicitly addressing the relative role of hermaphrodite dating kettering diffusion and 1D sliding along coiled or globular DNA and the possibility of correlated re-orption of desorbed proteins, we have identified a plethora of new different scaling regimes and made quantitative predictions for the macroscopic diffusion of proteins through a semi-dilute DNA system. Quantitative characterization of the Lac promoter -- cooperativity and sensitivity mediated by DNA looping.

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Terrence Hwa, Dept. It is the goal of systems biology to understand the behavior of the whole in terms of the knowledge of the parts. This is hard to achieve in many cases so far due to the difficulty of characterizing the many constituents and their complex web of interactions involved.

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The lac operon of E. Such confrontations can reveal ly unknown constituents and interactions, as well as offering new insight into how the components work together as a whole. A in vivo study [Setty et al, PNAS ] found gross disagreement between the observed promoter activities and the expected behavior based on the known molecular mechanisms.

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We repeated the study by identifying and removing several extraneous factors which ificantly modulated the expression of the lac promoter. Through quantitative, systematic characterization of promoter activity for a of key mutants and guided by the thermodynamic model of transcriptional regulation, we are able to for the combinatorial control of the lac promoter quantitatively, in term of a cooperative interaction between CRP and LacR-mediated DNA looping. Specifically, our analysis indicates that the sensitivity of the inducer response from LacR-mediated DNA looping, which is ificantly enhanced by CRP.

Thus CRP plays a triple role, in elevating hermaphrodite dating kettering overall transcription level through direct activation, and in increasing the fold-change and sensitivity of repression by assisting LacR-mediated DNA looping.

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Barbara J. Berkeley, CA Chromosomes must be properly expressed, resolved, compacted, and segregated for genome stability. These diverse processes are controlled by an interacting set of proteins and complexes. On set of such proteins, the condensin complex, is essential for chromosome resolution and compaction during mitosis and meiosis. A homologous set of proteins is essential for the X-chromosome-wide process of dosage compensation, which ensures that males XO and hermaphrodites XX express equal levels of X-linked gene products, despite their difference in X chromosome dose.

This dosage compensation complex DCC binds the entirety of both hermaphrodite X chromosomes to achieve chromosome-wide reduction in gene expression. Hermaphrodite dating kettering DCC not only resembles mitotic condensin, it shares a component with condensin, and DCC components also participate in other aspects of chromosome segregation, for example the regulation of crossover interference during meiosis.

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This talk will focus on the connection between dosage compensation and chromosome segregation and on the mechanism by which the DCC specifically recognizes and binds X chromosomes. Michael Y. Victor B. Andrew V. The bending of DNA in high-resolution nucleosome structures is accompanied by large changes in Slide the shearing of adjacent base pairs along their long axes.

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These shear deformations play a much more important role in the formation of nucleosomal DNA than heretofore thought. Specifically, if Slide is set to zero at all base-pair steps, the crystallographically observed DNA superhelical pathway is flattened into a circle. Moreover, the large Slide deformations imposed on DNA by the histone proteins at sites of sharp local bending into the minor groove negative Roll appear to govern nucleosome positioning.

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The computed cost of deforming DNA on the nucleosome increases substantially if the crystallized sequence is displaced relative to its observed positioning. Furthermore, this positioning preference disappears if the contribution from Slide is omitted from the calculations. The computed scores are lowest when the sequences are positioned such that the most easily deformed base-pair steps TA and CA:TG occur at sites of large positive Slide and negative Roll.

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Physics of Genome Management: from Viruses to Nucleosomes. Rob Phillips, Caltech. Tightly bent DNA is a fact of life. Whether we consider how genomes are packaged into their hosts or how genes are transcribed, there are many examples where the properties of DNA as a physical object play a critical role in dictating biological function. In this talk, I will describe several case studies in which the mechanics of DNA plays an intriguing role hermaphrodite dating kettering biological function.