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Teasing is a great flirting technique. It goes back to those high-school days, right?

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So you're not a "10" in every which way.

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But you're probably pretty spectacular in some way, and definitely good enough in most areas of life. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up for being human, it is now. Verified by Psychology Today. Evolution of the Self.

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Posted Oct 11, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. The terms flirt and cock tease are sometimes used interchangeably. Clearly distinguishing between them can be confusing, or downright tricky, but psychologically—and even morally—they can be worlds apart. In a sense, flirting and cock teasing can be seen as kindred forms of teasing.

That guy teasing flirting, they similarly suggest the promise of sexual intimacy. There are no obvious lines of demarcation between the verbal and non-verbal behaviors that characterize them.

Flirting rules: what he says and what he really means

Yet in their underlying attitude, motive, and intent, they differ enormously. Most people would agree that the connotations of flirting are considerably less negative than those associated with cock teasing. Both seductive interpersonal behaviors might be characterized as sexually tantalizing, the underlying motive s behind flirting seems mostly related to having fun. And the provocative behavior itself may vary from subtle to blatant, depending largely on the perspective of the recipient.

The game, or objective, is mostly titillation. This is why the person on the receiving end is likely to feel guy teasing flirting.

Is he flirting with me? how to be certain that he's really into you

After all, virtually all straight men wish to see themselves as interesting and appealing to the opposite sex. Any evidence that an attractive woman is attracted to them can be as reassuring as it is gratifying.


Light-hearted and mischievous, flirting is one way that adults have fun. In fact, one or both parties might be constrained by another romantic relationship or a conjugal one.


This, of course, allows for a certain level of physical arousal and ego gratification that can be mutually entertaining and enjoyable—while involving minimal risk to another relationship, which may finally be more important or meaningful. Delightedly, he recognized that she was attracted to him too, and must have felt compelled to take advantage of this unprecedented circumstance to somehow let him know.

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Maybe for both of them? Probably, yes. But still quite gratifying, and even exciting. This example reveals something of the peculiarly human and strangely mixed, or ironic, nature of flirting generally.

1) don’t ever tease about appearance

Enough about flirting. What about cock teasing? As already suggested, on the surface the two can look pretty much the same. For they both can involve body languagegestures, postures, physiologic s, and actual verbalizations that suggest a familiarity—or intimacy—beyond anything actually warranted.

Why do guys seem mean to girls for no reason? why he is teasing you

In general, humans are adept in letting another know of their affectionate, erotic interest. Where cock teasing contrasts sharply with flirtatiousness is in its intent. The motive guy teasing flirting to toy with, taunt, bait, or exploit the person teased, so it deserves to be seen as an act veering on hostility.

The cock teaser really has no intention or desire to have sex with the other person, yet enjoys evoking or stoking their desire. If this seems perverse, manipulative, or mean-spirited, it is.


Regardless of how conscious the cock teaser may be of it, the behavior is still best understood as a power play, unfairly taking advantage of the typical male's susceptibility to even the mildest of sexual advances. It might even be seen as guy teasing flirting in its deceptiveness and insensitivity toward their feelings.

Yet the flirt and cock tease share at least one thing in common. Seltzer, Ph. All Rights Reserved. Leon F. He holds doctorates in English and Psychology.


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