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Nanghihinayang ako sa iyo. Pinagkamali mo at inakala ang pangangaral ko sa iyo, bilang pagmamatigas ng isang taong hindi marunong umintindi at gumalang sa desisyon ng iba. Maraming aral ang hindi mo nakuha nang dahil sa pagmamatigas mo sa isang napakasimple kong hiling — ang iluto sa isang masarap na recipe ang cucumber at labanos.

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In English, it is very unfortunate that you missed all the possible learnings you could have learned out of this situation. Sa buhay ng tao, madalas dumarating ang mga bagay na hindi mo gusto. Minsan, humaharap ka sa sitwasyon, na may involved na mga factors na ayaw ng panlasa mo.

Kung noong bata ka pa, ay hindi mo natutunang mag-adjust ng mga expectation, o matutong gumawa ng magandang bagay, mula sa mixture ng factors sa hindi-magandang sitwasyong kinaharap mo. I am writing this to you, after an appalling conclusion I have made after reading the thread below.

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I am also sending this to you, because you are one of the few people I know, few years above my senior, that I respect so granny adult dating in tinabunan as well as colleague 1and colleague 2 who sadly, has left the company. If you must know, I am a proud person—and a very proud one, and I used to pride myself as no respecter of persons—but I guess years of highs and lows in life have changed things.

Why do I say this? If they did their jobs efficiently, we would have never existed in the first place. But to be honest, there are times I get overwhelmed with things that the moment demands, and with things that are bound to bring sustainablebut requires a ificant amount of effort to achieve. But make no mistake, I am not leaving anytime soon. I want to see our organization mature into a driving force this company so much needs.


But through in-depth probes with students, we unravel valuable information not readily available on written assessments. This granny adult dating in tinabunan is essential for guiding instructional decisions made by teachers and school administrators, and is sadly under-utilized even at the university level. A 5th-grader was presented with a card: 30 students, 4 students in a car.

He was asked how many cars are needed to fit in the students. The child was able to compute correctly, but that alone is no indicator of division proficiency. It made sense numerically, but not in the context of the problem. I have always believed that a student does not stop with acquiring information, but with understanding how that information relates to various contexts and real-life scenarios. For instance, we do not end with making students remember and know how to manipulate formulas in solving initial velocity or work done. We end by checking their understanding of the interdependence and relationship of each variable, and the relevance of these computations to their everyday lives.


Truthfully, our schools are dearth with teachers who understand and appreciate the relevance of these mathematical operations granny adult dating in tinabunan their day-to-day routine. Their learning mostly ends up confined in their classrooms and lesson plans. No wonder, our schools are being deliberately plagued by living robots and zombiesinspired by a withering passion for the teaching cause, and slaves to the political machinery of the local bureaucrats.

Too often, we brag that we know and we understand what we teach. We are burdened with a thickly-ornamented curriculum. We limit ourselves to a pen-and-paper standard, when much of the learning and understanding is masked by a record of outstanding or deficient grades. And inevitably, these patterns of learning carry on from college to workplaces. Moving forward, we do not want more and more ill-prepared Juans and Marias to fill up the workforce of the coming generations.


We must take up arms as teachers and innovate our approaches and strategies to address this harsh cycle of deficient learning and build up a better society that generates life-long solutions for a better and sustainable life. Thoughts about Legalized GamblingJobs for Jobless Pinoys and Gibo lingered in my mind for months — almost a year perhaps. For a while, I thought I always knew the answers but when I start asking myself questions about gambling, I realize that I am not so sure of my thoughts about it after all.

I always find myself holding off my thoughts. No father would want their children to sleep with empty stomachs.


But what about the little time we should give ourselves? That little time where we lose ourselves, at least once in a week of heavy workload, and relax just a little bit. But at the same time, no one will never truly want a father who spends sleepless nights in a casino, staking his monies on slot machines or Roulette.

They would certainly want them by their sides. And at the end of the day, who will want granny adult dating in tinabunan have their mothers intoxicated with expensive wines, the smell of rare tobacco sticks wafting in the ceilings of their childhood bedrooms, if they just had the choice? I believe we can do better than provide food for our tables and keep our homes warm and comfortable.

And I also believe that temperance is a virtue no ordinary human has ever mastered. Air molecules naturally gravitate towards a body of any given mass, a thick blanket held together by force. We do not create such behaviors The ideal man seeks to co-exist peacefully with his environment. They mark down their domains with ineffable imprints; cutting past the throats of the Amazonia, strangling the bowels of the Mediterranean, let alone the gastric juices breaking down chemical bonds on cooked processed meat and veggies.


Initially nom, they roam the deserts and marshlands endlessly. They merely exist to exist. Alliances are forged due to the call of times; molten heat and thermal pressure at interplay.

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The same forces ripped the Western Treaties to shards; genocides and A-Bombs inclusive of the package. This is regarding my complaint about your services. This also involves the retailer who facilitated my Globe Prepaid load request. I have two issues.


I am not sure if the second one mentioned was correctly termed, but I hope i sent the message across correctly. I usually purchase a peso load every so often from a retailer located at the 2 nd Floor of CyberOne Building in Eastwood City.

Dispatch for august 22 , thursday , 1 pia calabarzon prs , 27 weather watch,

I use that amount to register to the 5-day Unlitext promo. On the 4 th floor of your apartment, at the very end of the building wing with a lengthy, steep staircasevery exhausted from work, and then finding out that your load is used up. Just last Monday, I went to that same store to buy the usual load amount I often do. But I was encouraged to buy a peso load when the retailer guy offered me a Super Duo promo that he said offered not only unlimited calls for a month, but also texting—again, for a month.

I remember asking him twice about the Unlitext add-on feature of the Super Duo promo. I just text, but this guy and his offer looked temptingly assuring. But it was peso load. So I bought it, and went on enjoying my free calls and text until May 19, That afternoon, I could no longer send texts.

Then I found out that my Load balance is zero. I called to complain about this, and spoke with customer service guy Rommel Granny adult dating in tinabunan and manager John Gonzales. Now, I am forced to call anyone I need to talk with.


And almost nobody answers. It will help you understand my point. We got your money now M0ron. Globe, where is your ability?

…and we must rise again to the stars.

I demand equity and just decisions. Do you expect us to read every single promo there is? You know this life is fast-paced. Recently sa ofis, nag- blast ang mga katrabaho ko tungkol sa isang napaka-quaint na phenomenon sa Pinoy Society from what i know has been well around since the advent ofnamely the Attack of the Jejemons.


Kung pagbabasehan ko ang mga s na pinagfoforward ng mga katrabaho ko, ang mga fan s sa facebook, at mga thre sa forums na dini-discuss ang Jejemon Phenomenon, masasabing ang mga Jejemon ay:. Para sa akin, tao rin sila.


Kaya nga lang, mejo kinulang sa pera para makapag-aral sa kolehiyo OR kinulang sa experience para magkaroon ng disenteng trabaho. It just feels as though nandidiri sila sa mga Jejemonssa kultura nito, and would not want to have anything to do with anything associated with Jejemon-ness. Wala na tayong pinagkaiba sa mga mapanlait na mga sosyalera at pasosyal kung ganito natin sila ta-tratuhin. On another note, I am not entirely condoning this phenomenon.

Para sa akin, mas lalo lang itong makalalala sa language issues na meron sila, whether in spoken or written language, English man or Filipino. Then we tackle the kind of education they get in public schools. Nakaranas na ba kayong mapunta sa Section sa isang public school?

Or Section? Or kahit Section man lang. Ang mga bata doon, madalas hindi na nakikinig sa mga teachers.