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David is a publisher and entrepreneur who tries to help professionals grow their business and careers, and gives advice for entrepreneurs. Read full profile. Should you take things with him to the next level? Maybe even to marriage?

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And I have to clarify that I never dated for fun or kill my time.

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I am a single mom with two teenagers. After 11 years of marriage, now my ex and I are good friends.

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We help each other out a lot with the. So, after my divorce, I needed to find out how the dating world works.

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And I mean a valid, legal, legitimate job. Kudos to all strong, independent women out there. I agree that we women should not be looking for a guy to come and take care of us. However, men excel when they feel accomplished and confident in themselves. And usually, it comes from their profession. He will not have a focus and confidence to build a good relationship with anyone. Some men are still so in love with their exes, while some hate their exes so much. Either case, their emotion is so messed up. And you know you deserve so much more than that.

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So, you have to find a man who is capable of being a leader but also polite. Arrogance is a turn-off, for me anyway.

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This one is easy to spot. Observe how he treats people around him… a waiter, a bus boy, a taxi driver, his boss, his staff, his friends, etc. Does he treat them with decency and respect? I personally take great care of myself, so I expect the same standards from my man as well. Unless he went through an abusive childhood, he should get along, at least sorta ok, with his parents and siblings.

I understand every family has drama. But family is where he started. At the end of the day, family is all each of us has in our lives. It shows how he deals with differences and challenges among his family members.

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It dictates how he will treat you, as one day you might become his family. This is a very important character. Some men might be more reserved than others and will not show their emotions easily. Does he answer your questions and concerns? Is he willing to work out a problem with you?

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If he cares enough about you, he will let you know what his style is. Because with texts, he can do that with ten women all at once.

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But he can talk to only one person at a time. You will know, trust me. I promise you that one day you will meet that man who makes you feel like you are the most amazing and wonderful woman in this whole world. Actions really speak louder than words. It really makes sense when it comes to how each relationship works or fails.

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For example, if your love language is quality time, the fact that he makes an effort to spend time with you is huge. That definitely makes you feel important and he values a relationship with you. He supports you with what you do and is not intimidated by your success. He checks your blind spot and is always supportive of your decision.

The right guy should make you feel at ease and comfortable in yourself, even with your quirks and all. It is so not. A great man for you out there knows how to treat you exactly how you want and should good guy looking for somebody treated.

He is not FOMO type of guy and is not clingy to you all the time. Well, be honest with your man. He will stick around to fight it with you. It shows that he knows you and loves to see you happy. Relationships are not always easy nor free of problems. You know that even when the world is falling apart, one thing for sure is he has your back and you have his.

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You have that comfort to fight and overcome your challenges. I am confident that there is someone for everyone. Make yourself whole first before being in a relationship with someone. The right guy will not make you feel whole. He will compliment you and make you happier than when you are alone. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. He has a job. He communicates. He makes you feel very important. He treats you with care and respect.

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He lets you have your own life and space. He sticks around even when you try to push him away. He makes you laugh. Dating Love Love Advice Relationships. More From Thought Catalog. Ask A Princess, Vol. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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