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Savita colorful shirt has lived here for 20 years, working as a sex-worker. Rukhasana lives under the bed. She has two sons, both are drug addicts and she works as a sex-worker to support them. Monique, black shawl also lives here as a sex-worker. These three women share a room in the brothel on Falkland Road. These three India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Bombay, red light district. Shiva, a sex-worker in the red-light district of Bombay, India. Shiva is She shares this room with two other women sex-workers.

Three women share a room in the brothel on Falkland Road.

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Three women Whenever she refused to do this work she was beaten severely by her many times. She agreed to sleep with them, against her will as the landlady forced her and she had to support her two children who were living in the village with her parents. She was completely devastated, feeling alone and hopeless.


She has been in this business for 15 years. One day our Savera staff met Nasima and made a good relationship with her by frequently visiting her during outreach. After few days, we told her about our tailoring course and she happily accepted our call. She says that after ing Savera she founded joy, peace and life of freedom.

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The red light district, Kamatipura. In her room where she works as a sex-worker in the brothel. Nasima Shaikh Rani is from Kolkata. She was married at the age of 16 to a man from the same city. After 3 days he told Nasima that he had to leave because of an urgent work. He went to his hometown leaving Nasima with his uncle and aunt, but she was unaware of the evil intentions they had in their mind about her.

They brought her to RLA in K. P 12th lane and sold her there to a brothel. They told her to stay there for a while and that they will come back soon to take her.

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Next day her madam brothel-keeper woke her up early and told her to take a bath and be ready. She also made her cut her hair short. She was forced to do make-up and stand on the street. India; Maharashtra; Mumbai; Bombay.

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The red light district, Kamatipura My mother thinks I am still working as a cook in the hostel. The red light district Falkland Road. A year old sex traffic worker in the brothel. At the age of 14 she married a 28 -year -old, one of her cousins. They had one child who is now After two years her husband got into drinking and left her.

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She is from Bangalore and left her son with her mother to come to Mysore to be a cook in a hostel. While working there five of the girls went out to watch a movie. Some men invited them for a drink. When she woke up she was in this brothel in Bombay and forced into prostitution.


The red light district Falkland Anu sets up Shanti green Mathura Bhavan India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Bombay. Sex workers on A sex-worker in Child waiting in This year-old girl works as a sex worker. I never went to school. This is her room that consists of only a bed.


The red light district, Kamatipara area. The red light district, Kamatipara Nargis has lived in this brothel where she worked as a sex-worker for thirteen years to help support her family. She was also involved with tailor training at Savera, the Aruna Project, to try and lift herself out of her situation.

That was until about three months ago when her small gas stove exploded in her room, leaving her badly burned over most of her body.

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She has spent the last three months in the hospital. She tried to return home to her village but her family rejected her telling Nargis that she was too disfigured and would be a hindrance to them. India; Maharashtra; Mumbai; Bombay, the red light district, Kamatipura Pinky is a sex-worker and lives in a brothel. Her uncle sold her into one of the Mumbai brothels when she was thirteen.


While she was in the brothel there was a raid and she was thrown in jail for three months. Often when this happens the Madam bails them out and the girls get into even bigger debt with them. She came back to the brothel and married one of her customers, just to feel protected, although she still has to work. She has two children 4 and 10 years that she supports.

The children are in a shelter about an hour away.

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She had a fight with her husband and tried committing suicide by burning herself with kerosene. She was crying a lot while sharing this story. These brothels The sex workers Hallway in Drunk woman sex Puja is a sex-worker here in the brothel with her new-born baby that is about two days old.

This is her fifth child, earlier in the week we found her four children running around the street unsupervised.

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She keeps having children because she really wants a boy. She had a boy once but he was eaten by a rat in the brothel and died. This latest baby she is holding is a girl. Twinkle, one of Najma, one of She works as a Evening view of He told her that he would take her to Mumbai but instead, took her to Nasik where they stayed at his aunt's house. Garment workers Anju is from Bhutan. She was married at the age of Her husband was older than her who eventually left her for another woman when Anju was 7 months pregnant.

She went and stayed with her mother along with her 3 month-old-child. A lady from her village brought her to RLA, Mumbai by promising her a job but sold her in 1. She was severely abused there and beaten with rod. She felt her life as a hell. Girls looking for sex in mumbai there she was taken to Navi Mumbai from where she ran away in 15 days.


After running for her life, she found shelter in a home where she stayed hidden for few days but afterwards the woman in that home sold her to Bhiwandi RLA for Rs.