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So you were massively into this person for months and last week you finally got to kiss the face off them! You float around the place and frantically text all your mates every last detail of the night.

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Guys, If a girl kisses you on the first date will you think she is easy? Vote A. Not Easy.

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Vote B. Not really, depends. Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

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Share Facebook. Add Opinion. I didn't know that we still live in Victorian era.

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It really doesn't matter. As long as you are not a bitch that will break dudes' hearts and put up a competition against them, should be good.

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Xper 5. If I don't get a kiss it makes me think it didn't go well. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, Did your parents ever give you any advice before your first date with a guy? Girls, how can a guy know whether you want a good night kiss at the end of the first date?

What does a kiss on the first date mean?

What do you think of a girl who accepts sleeping with you after a first date? What Guys Said Logorithim Influencer. No, I just think there is personal chemistry and attraction. I see it as very positive.

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It would only be as awkward as one makes it. A kiss on first date would be an obvious of trust and attraction, affection, etc. But if it's someone you only just met off the internet then yeah red flag. If you've been talking a while even if it was over text, and THEN met in person for a first date, probably not weird or easy at all as you have courted for a bit. Bigfappa Xper 5.

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Yes but why is being easy considerd a bad thing? I live easy girls I fucking hate snobby girls who have egos and don't let you kiss til 20yrs of relationship They think they're so valuables. Kissing means literally nothing. And even if we do fuck on the first date it doesn't mean she's easy just means we like sex and wanted to have fun it's not a bad thing. Twalli 1. Kissing on the first date meant it went well from her perspective. My girlfriend made out with me before we started dating so my situation is a bit different. She kissedme before we started dating and didn't change anything when we became official.

Since we waited 6 months she wanted 5 until we had sex, I don't think kissing makes her an easy lay.

Should you kiss on the first date?

She could be even if you don't kiss. Xper 6. One thing's for sure. If she kisses me on the first date she's definitely NOT hard to get along with. Xper 7.

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If there doesn't seem to be any connection yeah. But if we've gotten into the real soul-sharing bits of a deep conversation, a kiss is perfectly welcome and not a of being "easy. Now whether she has slept with 2 guys or guys is another question. I wouldn't think of her negatively, but I would definitely think that we are not compatible. You don't like kissing? I like kissing, I don't like women who kiss everyone. Truthatanycost 5.

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In this hookup culture, all are 'easy', either they are honest about it, or pretend not to be. RetroAlpha opinions shared on Dating topic. I don't believe in ancient crap like "easy" girls and "studly" guys.

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Some people are good. Some are hoes, regardless of their gender. And you can't possibly guess their goodness or ho-tential by something as tiny as a kiss. MrKinktastic opinions shared on Dating topic.

Check out 3 things you can learn about a maybe match by leaning in for a kiss on the first date.

Hell I dated one of those for 5 years :p. I don't think she is easy, I just think she considers the posibilty of becoming my partner if I make her feel better than she expects in the following dates. TadCurious 2. No I don't make any assumptions like that from just kissing on the first date. BadAnswers opinions shared on Dating topic.

Dionigi opinions shared on Dating topic. Me and my current girlfriend kissed plus on our first date. We didn't think of each other being easy. We just couldn't keep our hands off of each other.

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Doodabeat Xper 6. Easy or not is irrelevant. She's attracted to me and that's what matters. BigJake opinions shared on Dating topic. No, to me it means that she's really into me and we have great chemistry. Really strong chemistry can even lead to first-date sex. Landshrk Yoda. If it's a full on shove her tongue down my throat, then yes. A goodnight peck on the cheek, then no. As long as it's on the lips and not the cock XD a kiss on a date is very formal in my opinion, nothing slutty about it AT ALL unless she's grabbin your package and losing control n shit hahaha.

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If a date goes good, some girls expect the guy to initiate a kiss on their first date. No difference if the girl does it first cause sometimes she hints to the guy that she's alright with having a kiss if the date goes fine.