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Class applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with a minimal amount of screening f Hello and welcome all to the story thread. So the thread will be organized into 3 main sections: Interactive for when the reader can choose free interactive erotica happensSingle Chapter for one shots and single chapter storiesand Multi Chapter for those linear stories that span multiple chapters. When starting or looking for a story on this thread, click on one of th

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Last year, I ran a little itch. So here are a few of the other things I was meaning to cover.

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From a gameplay perspective, that affords some changes not wildly different from, e. The proof of concept does not prevent you from opening and closing the door without its permission, but I did feel I was being rather rude by doing this.

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The fantasy it really offers is that of being able to ruthlessly mock — and then ruthlessly carve to bits — a thoroughly obnoxious and self-satisfied man named Zeckery. The writing is snappy.

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I smirked. The puzzle is not too terribly difficult, and the main actions are hinted by the text.

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I think this may be one of those constraints that is particularly challenging for IF, because the need to mention only specific nouns, hint at possible actions, and faithfully depict a world space runs at odds with the kind of control required for rhyming verse. Form and VoidLea Albaugh, comes with a really beautiful map, in multiple colors or black and white.

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The conceit is that you are a creator at the loose on a fresh planet, and you must first gather together various objects that let you access verbs the Goer, the Taker, etcthen make things out of the mud you find at the shore. I immediately, instinctively did what I think the game intended, namely to make a man; satisfyingly, the man started wandering around and doing things.

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But he also got hungry very quickly, so I had to make him a fish, and then another fish, and then another fish, and so on. This was exasperating, and I started to look for a Teacher object free interactive erotica that I could teach the man to fish for himself. When that failed, I tried giving him his own ball of mud so he could make his own fish. He was clueless about what to do with the mud, so I had to give him my Maker object.

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It went downhill from there. The author notes for this game suggest that Lea thinks it needs more of a story. Blackbar is an interactive puzzle story, for various mobile platforms, about censorship: you see one side of a correspondence, and must guess the missing words in order to move forward, as the participants try to communicate through the filter of an oppressive regime. It got a reasonable amount of enthusiasm at the time, and appeared on some top-ten lists for I have to confess that I went free interactive erotica a walkthrough for some of the later puzzles.

Blackbar is more about goofy ways to try to get around the censors, and casts the censors themselves as pretty incompetent.

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Surely a censor who really wanted to suppress information would black out more at a time, leaving us with puzzles that were harder to solve. Still, it was entertaining and competent and lots of people had fun with it.

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I was reminded of Blackbar again recently because, while I was looking for a completely different thing, the iOS app store recommended Interactive Sexy Storya free to play app with in-app purchases. I downloaded it as a piece of potential kusogeand I was not wrong. This is a truly extraordinary game.

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Had it lost my progress? Was I going to have to go through those three hours again? The premise is that Dr. Turner, played by John Hurt, is showing you scenes from a case that went terribly wrong.

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Kathryn is cartoonishly provocative, wearing insufficient clothes and licking her lips to camera. This is the exception rather than the rule. But the article is still getting regular hits, and I can see from outgoing links that people are trying to find and play those pieces.

Not very on-brand.

Review: chyoa – interactive erotica – fiction for adults

Compromise: I will occasionally add some links to the top of this post that seem to be currently functional. I did play a few pieces, but they were usually aimed unambiguously at heterosexual men.

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Sometimes these were cut-scenes, but sometimes you could use parser commands to do a play-by-play of which parts went where. Here I take a look at several.

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I bet it would look cute in Vorple, too. Flexible Survival is an enormous and long-running project which I will not even attempt to summarize here, which involves furries and bodily transformation Hanon Ondricek has a few erotica items on itch. Required Name Required Website.

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