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Before you leap down my throat and accuse me of being un-Australian the worst of all insults that can be hurled at an Aussie nativeI want to preface this by saying one thing:. I could think of 10, reasons why I love living in Australia. The curtains stir with a breeze free bubble ass in australia the sweet smell of pollen whipped up from the gardens lower on the hill free bubble ass in australia in the distance the incongruous sounds of cars and cattle reach my ear.

I love my sleepy mountain hometown in that conflicted way that most travelers do. Get that idea out of your head right now. To me, there is no better window into the culinary culture of a country than the cheap eats that locals cook and eat on crowded side streets. Visitors wanting to sample Aussie food will almost always have to wade through the innumerable classy European, Asian, fusion, or fast food restaurants that abound. Australian food handling laws are deed to protect, of course, but they do a great disservice to visitors and locals alike.

This has lead to the same issues with mental illness that abound all over the world, and especially so for men. You can about my own struggle with depression in Travel with the Black Dog. This one is a rather recent and nasty development.

Where once I could proudly say I come from Australia, I find myself increasingly having to defend the country from those who rightfully point out our human rights abuses, homophobic political stance, and seeming desire to move backwards rather than forwards. Frankly, Australian internet is an embarrassment.

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This one is obviously very specific to me. ESL teaching attracted me at first because it had different hours my first job was 1. Much like other western countries, Australia embraces the idea of the regular work week, the mortgage, the 2.

This one drives my family crazy.

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My dating record re like somebody trying to play some weird kind of continental bingo. Aussies are bloody proud people, especially when it comes to sport. When you compare that to the level of fanatacism you see from the British or Americans, though; it pales in comparison. NB: Except recently. Tony Abbott hate seems to be a popular pastime. The saddest part?

10 reasons i hate living in australia

Those who do display patriotism tend to be doing it for the wrong reasons. They sport Southern Cross tattoos while shouting abuse at foreigners. Kind of proves the above point, guys. As a result, getting from A to B is usually fairly affordable. Their large populations also facilitate a more competitive market for airlines and transport companies, which has a beneficial effect for consumers. Australia, conversely, is a bloody steep ask to get around. In a lot of ways, Australians are very lucky.

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We live in a safe country with excellent services and a high quality of living. The price we pay for this, obviously, is that Australia is also a damned expensive country.

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Yes, we have download limits in Australia. When I was living and working in Sydney, I worked a 40 hour week like most other Aussies do. By the time all of this had come out, I could usually afford a single night out per pay cycle — and that would be stretching my budget.

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It got to be that I felt like I was paying for the privilege of being able to work 40 hours a week. That was a primary factor in me deciding to get the hell out. And I include myself in this from time to time. As I stated in my prologue, none of this is intended to deter people from visiting Australia or moving there.

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I adore the country and feel very lucky to be able to call myself Australian. And there are many, many more reasons why Free bubble ass in australia would love to someday call it home again. Looking for something more positive? Check out my Australian bucket list for 95 reasons why I love Australia. Even in the USA it has become a real disaster since it is very expensive to live here altogether.

And no joke since many people are working three jobs just to get by. Very well written piece and I agree e with all you said. But may I ad a few things. We have become pretentious self promoting wankers. Mostly from those who have not traveled. The clickiness Of society there. Some places I lived if you had not been there for 40 years Plus and you parents were not related before they were married, you are not a local. Lack of job security. In fact getting the job you want you need to know someone to get it. I never realized what Australia was like until I came overseas to work.

Must be the only country is the world where a fat ugly selfish woman with a personality disorder free bubble ass in australia still get laid. Also, the media in Australia seems completely dominated by old ugly feminist types. Australia is good for making money if you have the skills and then getting out. And while you can certainly criticize Australians on some things I had to change my name years ago because of all the ethnic intolerance I had to put up with growing up of Greek parentage there are aspects to Australians which I value highly, not least our directness, openness, and our capacity for calling a spade a spade.

Your data. your experience.

Here in the States? Anywhere else in the world when you meet someone and shake their hand the first thing out of your mouth is to greet people and introduce yourself. One last point — your success with other nationalities versus Australian women. Now, I can see them all Unfortunately!! Also, Australian women tend to completely let themselves go after the age of 20 or even earlier.

Gonna have to give a hard disagree there, mate. Australian women are disgusting dirty pigs and not worth spitting on. I have seen women from other countries come to live here and are soon transformed into the horror of the free bubble ass in australia Australian female. The country is doomed. I got out a few years back and getting rid of my Australian citizenship was like taking off a pair of dirty socks. Philippines food is amongst the best in the world, you certainly know very little about the food in the Philippines. The time has been a mixture of nightmare and sweet dreams, I fought pretty hard for where I am now, never regret, but Sydney has turned out to be a very expensive comfort zone for me.

Also my Father was born in Belgium and he has never understood the way males talk about their partners here like they are an object not to mention bragging again how much beer they can down or how much 4 wheel driving they did on the weekend of course lets not forget the trail bikes that go with it. She grew up being called nazi back in the day as she attended a Lutheran church with good people that brought farming skills with them from Germany to the Barossa region yet they were free bubble ass in australia during the war to change town names that had German sounding names to more English sounding names.

These good German folk brought all their farming building,craftmanship,cooking knowledge to the region and were looked upon as evil. I think we have never truly become our own country in terms of a proper strong culture and I guess that may be something we wont see for a long time as we are a very young country with not much history in comparison to other parts of the world. I brought a christmas Stollen in to work before Christmas break up and people were suprised and shocked as nobody would spare a little bit of money to bring a bit of joy to a workplace like I had done for the last 3 years.

I understand your feelings entirely. I left 27 years ago after university.

Bubble butt

I have had regular work, but on short contracts; it is outrageously expensive. I live in a two-bedroom apartment for the same price we paid for a 4 bedroom villa in Brussels. The people are rough, racist, cold and unfriendly.

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I have to accept that if I stay I will feel isolated. What a shame. Laissez faire economics is not freedom for most citizens. It is, however, freedom for the already wealthy and the multinationals to further destroy the environment and democratic values, so unless you are a shareholder, it might do you good not to dogmatically repeat whatever neoliberal quotes you found on Facebook and read something on the subject.

A bit entitled, are we? And a bit bigoted as well, hmmmm?