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Support the independent voice of Dallas and help keep the future of Dallas Observer free. Linda Martin was speaking on the phone as he aimed.


A small balding man, the year-old Martin often wore a white Stetson cowboy hat and smiled in his profile pictures on dating sites such as Cowboys Dating, Gramosphere and HeavenAffairs after the couple separated in late September They had been together for 20 years and together raised his stepchild Amy Delk and her older brother Wade. He met Linda when she was a single mother raising two kids in the early '90s. She was petite with dark flower mound lover dating hair, strong willed and independent. It was late May. When his wife first informed him she was leaving, he told his family and friends that it was his fault.

A whirlwind of emotions followed, one that lasted several months as Martin shifted between anger, hatred and longing for his wife to return home. He pleaded with her, sometimes in verse. After the fight, Martin still harbored thoughts of patching things up. Before he approached her Jeep at the intersection in Southlake, the couple attended a mediation session flower mound lover dating Martin learned some grim news. Linda was also seeking the family tractor and 80 acres of land in Navarro County where he tended his plus head of cattle, Delk later recalled.

She said he was expecting to agree on a deal. The past few months, Martin had tried to rebuild his life.

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A month after the shooting, Jason Hitt sat on flower mound lover dating couch on the patio of the Black Walnut Cafe surrounded by Flower Mound police officers. His friends and family called to check on him, but he ignored their calls and messages. His mother called the police who, in turn, tried to track him by triangulating als from cell phone towers, but Hitt kept turning his phone off. Lewisville, Flower Mound and Keller police departments ed in the search for Hitt to get him the help his friends and family believed he desperately needed. The Flower Mound officers at the Black Walnut Cafe took him into custody and placed him under suicide watch.

It was not the first or last time police would hear about his erratic behavior.

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Hitt met her during Flower Mound's spring political season. Shortly after the election, he became the Flower Mound planning and zoning commissioner, but lost the position in July after making a perceived threat to a council member.

Linda was a real estate agent with an ability to garner media attention by advocating for local issues. The couple kissed in the garage of the house on Sagebrush Drive in early November They'd just returned from Hitt's business trip from Atlanta.

This crazy kind of love led them both to file for divorce in November Hitt says he left his wife about a week after Linda left her husband. He says he and his spouse were essentially friends without romantic attachment. But Hitt's wife Amy says she was caught completely by surprise with the divorce and his affair with Linda. When Linda first became more politically active in the community in earlyStrathmann recalls Martin following his wife as if he were stalking her and accusing her of sleeping with one of the political candidates. Flower mound lover dating was jealous of her finding community causes to support and bonding with other like-minded individuals, she says.

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In early Novemberthe affair was exposed, leading to a fight between Martin and Hitt in front of the house on Sagebrush Drive. A quick look in the garage revealed Hitt and Linda embraced in a kiss. Linda had told him earlier in the day that she wanted to go out on a date with Hitt. Standing in front of the house he once shared with his wife, he listened to Hitt try to explain.

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Hitt told him to get off the property and leave Linda alone. Enraged, Martin knocked Hitt off the tailgate of his pickup. Martin didn't stop fighting. Their decision came down three days before police say Martin killed Linda in Southlake.

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Martin's stepdaughter says he didn't find out until the day of the shooting. Hitt was worried about Martin and pushed Linda to carry firearms. He claimed that Martin was stalking his wife and Linda claimed he trapped her in a parking lot and simply stared at her for several minutes before he allowed her to leave. Hitt was on the phone with Linda when she was shot. Oh shit. Is everything all right? Hitt raced to find her.


I felt that he was over the barrel and he put her through so much pain. He gave his statement to the police, drove over to the hospital and sprinted up to the ICU. Linda was already close to death when he was finally allowed to see her. She was dressed in a patient gown with cloth on both sides of flower mound lover dating head.

He could see her face. The last time Amy Delk saw her mother alive, it was clear that their once-close relationship had turned sour. She understood why her mother had originally decided to leave her stepfather. The stress of running a family heating-and-air-condition repair business during the financial crisis hit the Martins hard. When her mother left, Delk recalls her stepfather crying and pleading. Once she made up her mind, it was hard to change it. The infant was sitting peacefully next to them in a car-seat.

They must prove that Martin purposely caused his wife's death, which would keep him from inheriting her shared property.

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The couple considers both grandparents as lost, since they cut off Martin. Martin was once an honest, hard-working Texas cowboy who loved Linda and her daughter and her older son Wade. They met through mutual friends in September They were both divorced and hailed from different worlds.


He grew up in the Texarkana area, and she spent her youth in Illinois. Their romance led them to a small chapel in Euless where fewer than a dozen people witnessed their union. Her brother Wade didn't take to his new stepfather, flower mound lover dating an appreciation grew.

He was like, we could do that too. Over the course of their year marriage, the Martins built a successful heating-and-air-conditioning business, bought several properties, took part in a real estate agency with their son and raised a herd of cattle in East Texas.

They bought a house in Euless but moved several years later after their battle with their local HOA over an American flag they had displayed in honor of their son, who was serving overseas in the Middle East. The battle spilled over into the newspapers and on evening news broadcasts, and prompted a petition that led HOA board members to re.

The trip was a disaster and pushed Linda toward separation. Her priorities changed, flower mound lover dating she hit menopause and thought, God, is this how I want to spend the rest of my life? After the fight with Hitt erupted in her front yard, Linda began receiving phone calls from local reporters seeking comment. But police-cited evidence supported her husband.


She was trying to persuade him to drop flower mound lover dating against Hitt, and she recorded their conversation. Reporters were already calling her job at Keller Williams, and her son was planning to let her go because of the unwanted media attention. I just want to reset to go back to the night before. Martin was right. The six months that followed led Linda and her boyfriend to hide out in a motel room in Lewisville because, Hitt says, they feared for their lives. Martin had been attending marriage counseling, reading relationship books and trying to improve, his stepdaughter says.


He eventually began dating and found a girlfriend at a country bar in Fort Worth. In a letter to his stepdaughter, written after the shooting, Martin says he left the car to show his wife a picture taken during a family trip to Mexico. Instead, he shot Linda four or five times. Then he opened the flower mound lover dating door, held his bloody wife in his arms and called his stepdaughter. Delk never got to say goodbye to her mother. She was taken to Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine.

Surgeons tried to save her, but her heart was too weak. Then Hitt showed up, demanding to see her mother. Amy Hitt sat on the witness stand in the st District Court in Denton County, trying to keep from looking at her husband, Jason, who watched from his seat next to his attorney, listening to her harrowing testimony with a blank look on his face. He was in the courtroom to answer for his allegedly running his wife and child off the road as he followed her toward a stoplight on Morris Road in Flower Mound.

The past two months have played hell on their divorce. Meanwhile, as indicated in this courtroom, he flower mound lover dating become an abuser himself. She's a suburban mother with a year-old, severely autistic child and an estranged, increasingly erratic husband.