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Even the smartest people can make mistakes when it comes to love. It works in real life and TV shows are no exception to this rule.


In The Flashthe characters are mostly highly intelligent but they still struggle with maintaining their romantic relationships or finding the right partner - and superheroics definitely don't make that any easier. Sometimes they let their emotions get the best of them and regret it afterward. Or they simply choose someone who isn't the right person for them. flash dating

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Sometimes, they even behave in a less-than-wonderful way. Whatever the case, The Flash heroes have made some pretty questionable dating decisions in the past. Before he met Kamilla, Cisco didn't have that much luck in love. One of his most questionable romances, if it can even be called a romance, revolved around the villainous Lisa Snart.

Flash dating first approached Cisco in a bar, wearing a blonde wig, and she flirted with him.

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Even though Lisa and her brother Leonard later forced Cisco to build weapons for them, he flash dating had a soft spot for her and they even kissed. Crushing on an enemy in the world of The Flash is like playing with fire, but Cisco did it anyway.

However, even Cisco's brief thing for Lisa doesn't compare to Caitlin's relationship with Jay. Jay Garrick acted sweet and attentive to Caitlin but he later turned flash dating to be the evil speedster Zoom. To be fair to Caitlin, she had no idea who Jay was and the minute she found out, their relationship was over.


Jay went as far as to kidnap her so it's understandable that Caitlin wasn't all that upset when he vanished from her life. Technically, a ificant part of this relationship happened on Arrow - but it still had an impact flash dating the events of The Flashso it counts. Barry and Felicity hit it off immediately after they first met. They flirted, went on a date together, and even shared a kiss.


What makes this unwise is that they were both in love with someone else at this point and they knew it. So dating each other wouldn't lead anywhere in the long run. Luckily, both Barry and Felicity recognized this and remained good friends instead.


Long-distance relationships can sometimes work - but more often than not, they don't. Even less so when a partner is from a different universe.

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In both cases, the relationship ended and the heartbreak was something the characters could have spared themselves, if only they had been more careful. Opposites attract, people sometimes say, but it doesn't work so well in real life.


When Cisco dated Cynthia, aka Gypsy, even before they got together, it was obvious they were very different. Gypsy is very driven and straightforward, she doesn't mince her words and is focused on her work.


Cisco, on the other hand, is much more emotional than her. The relationship didn't work out in the end but at least they separated in a civil way.

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Barry and Iris were always endgame but flash dating they got together, Barry dated a few other people. Most importantly, Linda Park and Patty Spivot. He and Patty were well-matched, possibly even a bit more than Barry is with Iris. They had a lot in common and seemed to enjoy their time together. However, it wasn't fair to Linda and Patty to date them when Barry knew he still wasn't over Iris.

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When Julian Albert first appeared on the show, he wasn't all that sympathetic. He could be, in fact, quite rude to Barry. Even though Caitlin had ly kidnapped Julian and threatened him, he still fell for her - proving that sometimes flash dating doesn't make the slightest sense. Throughout the show, multiple characters have lied to their partners. And not just about small things but about major things.

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Most notably, Barry lied flash dating his girlfriends about his superhero identity even though it technically put their lives in more danger. If somebody connected the dots and knew Barry Allen was the Flash, the next logical step would be to go after his girlfriend - and she would have no idea what is going on. Marlize DeVoe might play for the villainous side but there's no denying she loves her husband. Marlize stuck with Clifford even when times were tough.

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However, once her husband started changing, became more ruthless and cold, it took Marlize a long time to realize Clifford was no longer the person she once married. It must have been difficult for her to come to the realization but had she done it sooner, flash dating could have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Breaking up is never easy but there are more graceful ways how to handle it When Jesse decided to break up with Wally, she did it via a message boxinstead of having the courtesy to do it in person.


It might have made Jesse feel better but the same can't be said for Wally. And of course, the fact that she was in another universe at the time makes it a little more acceptable not to break up in person, but not by a whole lot.


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