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So your first date falls on a cold, wintery day?

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Skip ! Story from Date Ideas. Dating during COVID is weird and hard in the best of times — by which I mean, in the spring, summer, and fall, when the world might be hanging on a razor's edge, but at least the weather is somewhat nice. Who really wants to eat cold fries and make witty conversation while looking like Bernie Sanders at the inauguration?

Still, since December, the microscopic section of my brain that skews toward optimism kept screaming that despite the odds, could be my year when it came to dating.

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I just had to be smart, safe, and willing to think a little outside the box to come up with solid winter date ideas. Virtual Winter Date Ideas. It's the safest bet while we wait for the vaccineand you don't have to freeze your toes off while outdoor dining. Most virtual performers and entertainment venues have now figured out ways to make their offerings interactive and sometimes even more fun that they were offline.

17 fun winter date ideas to try when the cold weather strikes

Eat in. Hook up via FaceTime, and cook the same warming dish — maybe a stew or chicken and dumplings — in your respective kitchens. This idea is great for a newish relationship; cooking gives you plenty to talk about.

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Play games. Cue up an old-school video game together online. Or play a conversation-starter card game, like the currently trendy We're Not Really Strangers.

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The questions in the article are another great place to start, if you don't have a deck of WNRS cards. Social Distancing Winter Date Ideas.

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Wear your face mask, and stick with activities that really let you stay at least six feet apart. Snow sports. Opt for sledding or tubing over ice skating. Instead, pick an empty hill and stick to separate sleds. Horseback riding. This is is a cool, unique idea for a distancing date that takes a from The Bachelorette. There is a downside though.

Make it a homecooked meal date

Think outside-the-walks. We know: Walking with a warm beverage is a great date, but it can get a little old. So mix up your location. At-Home Winter Date Ideas. Being able to safely stay inside together opens up a whole new world of winter date activities.

50 cute winter first date ideas (never fear we have you covered!)

Trust exercises. Grab a scarf and turn it into a blindfold.

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Then… do a trust walk. Not where you thought we were going, I'm sure. But you can do other blindfolded stuff later, if you so choose.

30 cozy winter date ideas that will make you forget about the cold weather

Yes, you've already established some trust, since you're seeing each other in person. But a trust-building game can solidify this feeling — and it's fun. Cook again. Make a meal togetherin person this time. There's something about navigating a kitchen together that's intimate without being too intense — perfect for a date night. My friend and her pandemic SO made gnocchi on one of their first in-person dates, but Hoffman like box meal kits.

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Go back outdoors. We know, we know — you are quarantining together, why would you head back into the frigid temps? But winter stargazing without needing to socially distance is pretty darn romantic.

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38 winter date ideas now that it’s cold af outside

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