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Heart of a Stranger: The Jewish Historical Memory of Torture You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the heart of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt.


By remembering the pain which we ourselves…. Justice for the Land and Its Inhabitants Commentary on Parshat Behar Leviticus - In Leviticus 25, the Fa dating famously explains the practice of the sabbatical year shmitah and the jubilee year yovelin which those who work the land refrain from farming in order to let the land rest.


Genesis and Gender Chapter one of Breshit presents an of creation that provides the ontological foundation for human rights. God creates human beings in the divine image. This Chanukah, we bring you eight key excerpts from the Declaration, one each night, showcasing a vision of what fa dating world could be.


Filled with insightful comments and thought-provoking questions, reflections from activists in the field, and full-color artwork done by detained immigrant children and forced labor survivors, the haggadah can serve as the full text…. The Modern Plagues of Climate Change When I was a senior in high school I fa dating an alumni interview for entrance into a prestigious college.


Yom Kippur at the Lincoln Memorial I was having lunch with a dear rabbinic colleague. It is fantastic. Have you read it?


In January Fa dating ed 9 other rabbis to learn first-hand about the conditions in…. The Paradox of Havdalah This is the law of the animal, the bird, every living soul that swarms in the water, and for every creature that creeps on the ground; to distinguish between the impure and the pure, and between creatures that may be eaten and the creatures that may not be eaten.

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