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Cuddling can be a good time to get to know each other more but it takes a few good words to lighten up the mood. When things get a little bit too dense or serious, cuddling feels like work. Cuddling needs to be light-hearted in order to get intimate. Make it a habit to say these 11 cute things to your boyfriend when you cuddle together. Point out the good things about his choice of clothing or praise his hairstyle.

See how neat he is to look at or how well he has shaved his facial hair.


Too much praising can get things awkward really quickly so remember to moderate your praises. Point out what makes them handsome or adorable while you cuddle. They like that feeling of being pampered with attention while they cuddle you. Let him know that you pay attention to his cute side to make him blush a little bit. Complimenting your boyfriend often lets you see his shy side that he tries to hide.


Let him know that you pay a lot of attention to him whenever you are together but pay attention as well when he feels too uncomfortable or conscious of how he looks. Make your compliments aimed at helping him relax while you cuddle. Remember his scent and tell him how much you miss it. He will probably be conscious about it at first until he gets used to it.

Let him know how much you pay attention to his scent and how it makes you calm when you snuggle with him. Tell him how good he smells.


It can be the scent of his perfume, his new cologne, or even his sweat. It would be neat to describe his scent if you really like it.

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Sniff him around while you cuddle and tell him how good he smells. Make him really conscious about it and watch his reaction to your sniffing. Building a familiarity with each other through your senses while you cuddle makes room for more intimate connections between the two of you. Understand how deep your relationship is with him and make him feel that through your cuddles.

1. how they care for themselves

Let him know how he makes your heart race or how he makes your emotions go wild. Tell him how warm it is to be by his side or how secure you feel when he wraps his arms around you. Giggle a little bit when his facial hair tickles you and watch him enjoy cuddling you. Make the moment memorable don t be shy cuddle date share how you feel with him. Make funny expressions if he tries to tickle you again.

Then let your boyfriend know how much you love cuddling with him. You can set the overall mood and pace of how you cuddle through your cute reactions. Let him take the lead when you cuddle. Guys can get all cute and cuddly when you let them do what they want. Spoil yourself and let your boyfriend do the work while you cuddle.

Beg him to hug you as you come closer to him. Ask him to carry you on his lap and kiss your lips. Make him want you while you cuddle. Whisper a few flirty lines in his ear that would make him smile while he kisses you.

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Then tell him how there is no better feeling than cuddling with him all through the night. Let him be cute and have fun while you cuddle. Tease your boyfriend if you want to or tempt him if you can. Make him do cute expressions in his face as he chases after you. Let him bathe in your emotions and feel each moment of your cuddling. Then tell him how much you want more of him with don t be shy cuddle date cuddle. Take a trip down memory lane and remind him of how you first met.

Remember your first impression of him, whether it was good or bad. Guys get emotional and mushy too sometimes. Make fun of how your boyfriend used to look or how he used to act before you became a couple. Remember where you used to see each other or what he did when he was courting you. Then let him remember how he first felt when he fell in love with you. Poke fun at how you think he fell in love at first sight with you. Recall how tough things were and the crazy things you did before you even started being a couple.

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Tell your boyfriend what he does that you love the most. It can be anything you really like about your boyfriend. Let him know how you appreciate the things he has done for you throughout the day, the week, the month, or the year. Let him know how much you enjoy seeing him do his hobbies or how supportive you are of his career. Compliment his qualities. Tell him how much you like his voice, his taste, or his smell. Confess how good he is when it comes to cuddling or snuggling.

Tell him all about your bucket list that you need to complete together.

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Write in there all sorts of crazy stuff that you want to do with him. Tell your boyfriend all about what you have planned for yourself and the things you want to achieve. Cuddle him as you discuss the things you want to do together. Plan the places you want to visit and let him know where you want your relationship to go. Even talk about how many children you would want or what age you would marry. Plan all the little things in life that you could ever think of. Tell him where you see your relationship is after 5 years and make him part of all your plans. Listen to his plans as well and get to know how serious he is about your relationship.

Don t be shy cuddle date him all about the interesting stories you have about yourself. Let your boyfriend learn more about you through your stories. Tell your boyfriend about the interesting things you saw or about the places you visited that remind you of him. Tell him how much the beautiful sceneries make you miss not having him beside you or how you long for his voice during rainy seasons.

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It can even be about the cute cat photos or the puppy videos you saw on the internet last night. Comment about how much it means to you that he always listens while you cuddle. Tell your boyfriend how lucky you are to have someone like him who patiently pays attention to your stories.


Guys have a weak spot for being sentimental when their girlfriends get all mushy and emotional with them. Let him know that his presence alone means so much already. Appreciate how much time he is able to spend on cuddling you and making you happy.

Make him feel that this relationship strengthens with each time you spend together. As you get closer to each other, you open up more about your personality. The emotional investment shared in the relationship increases as your level of trust increases.

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Tell your boyfriend about your strengths and weaknesses, or what you like and what you fear. Know more about what drives him crazy. Let your cuddling support you through the process of knowing your flaws and your shortcomings. Get a little bit physical when you cuddle and ask him a lot more about his secrets.


Remember to keep things light-hearted while you cuddle.