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Dating younger guys in college, I liked picking woman that dating younger guys in college lapdance


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Cougars tend to be some of the most loose women going around. They have lived their lives, traveled, had many relationships and acquired their own money. Still single and at an older age than your prime college student, cougars offer many things that younger girls simply cannot, which makes them so desirable! You both recognise that the relationship isn't going anywhere and it's usually built on a foundation of steady raw sex which both of you appreciate. That, among other things, is why you should date a cougar in your college years.

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A cougar is defined by most as an older woman dating a younger man. But once it gets that far there is always the confusing deation between cougar and sugar momma. I guess I just naturally gravitate towards the younger dicks of the universe and when I say younger I mean within the age range of No matter how many times I forcibly try to make my legs walk away from the freshmen and sophomores of my college campus, I always seem to find myself drunkenly stumbling or crawling my way into their beds every night.


Not only do I sleep with guys who are younger than me, I also date younger guys long-term. This is probably the worst thing. I totally can and I have a very select few. I obviously just have some kind of mental block in my head that blurs my vision towards any guy that is my age or older.


From my experience, I have learned that younger guys are not ideal if you want to plan a future, have serious conversations about life or being serious about anything or being mature when needed. I was planning my future after graduation and he was still adjusting to college life.


It also sucks doing parts of your life separate from your younger ificant other. You graduate and get a real life and you have to watch him live his best years and be super jealous because you are a fucking adult and being a fucking adult sucks.


You kinda put your life on hold so you can wait for them to get to your level. Sometimes they get attached or clingy and sometimes they act like complete dicks.


One thing in particular is that they make you feel great about yourself. They make you feel hot. They have a sea of girls their age who wanna do the same shit as them but they chose you — an older, sophisticated classy lady during the week, LOL. Maybe my brain will re-wire itself and help me out a bit so I can stop making the same mistakes over and over.


Cross your fingers for me. I'm Ashley and I get wine drunk by myself more than I should, eat my weight in tacos and make bad choices.

13 reasons why you should date a cougar in college

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