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Feel Safe in the Arms of a Man in Uniform Would you like to meet mature singles Military men and women who protect us every day? As a leading uniform dating app, we successfully bring together single men and women every day. Thousands of happy matches have found each other on MDDate and have shared their stories with us. Unlike other sites, members here start out with something in common, love for military people or military related. The dating us military men interest will help make dating easier and more effective. MDDate could help you to meet right people from around the world or right next door.

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What explains the edge military guys have when it comes to online dating? Do women really like a man in uniform that much?

I spent a month looking for love on military dating sites

Or is something else going on? When it comes to the research, you might be surprised to find that men in uniform really do have kind of an edge when it comes to finding a mate on the Internet. Among our own audiences at SpouseX events, meeting online is always in the top three ways military folks find a mate. Which is the happy ending.


Which is the unhappy ending. So I looked up the research. Holding all other things constant, guys who stated that they were in the military like those who said they were doctors or lawyers or firefighters did have an advantage online. They received an above average of first contact e- mails, keywords, and were browsed more often than men in other occupations.

Reasons to date someone in the military

In case you are interested, women who list themselves as being in law enforcement or the military are among the least successful in the online dating game—which probably tells you something important about their potential partners. When it comes to dating, women have been shown to give the edge to profession and providership over appearance. The kind of person who s the military has already passed through a certain of professional gates.


They are at least high school graduates. Fitter than the average population. Willing to commit to a job for at least four years at a time. You also might be able to make a case that some women are looking for a knight in shining white armor to rescue them.

Or that they were interested in the status implied by medals, ribbons and shiny brass buttons. I wonder if the advantage military men have in online dating is something more prosaic.

How to deal with a military boyfriend.

Last weekend at a Dining Out, one third of the couples at our table met each other online. These women said that the military guys they dated on line were more likely to call them back. They called when they said they were going to call.


But the more I listened to their stories, the more I heard how these particular guys were really seeking a life partner. That they had a deployment or a move coming up. They were time constrained. Could that also be a factor? Hard to be sure.


If you and your service member met online, did you give them an edge because they were military? Tell us your story. When it comes to finding a life partner, chances are that we will be doing more of that on the Internet, what factors do you think are most important? And what have I missed?


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The brutally honest guide for dating a military man

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