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Whether you are in the planning stages or have actually met and are about to date a Chinese woman, there are five rules you should know and understand before commencing upon your romantic adventure. While all of these rules will arm you with wise advice in any dating situation, they have been specifically chosen with the cultural norms of Chinese ladies in mind. Hopefully, with the knowledge you are about to gain by reading this article, you will be able to maneuver through many of the most common mistakes uninformed men make in this dating game with ease and grace! Remember: this is your introduction to this lovely lady. Do you want to make a first impression that reminds her of her nai nai grandma bartering for a good deal at the fish market or would you rather come off as a suave and worldly man who has the ability and wherewithal to make all her dating traditional chinese girl come true? As any good magician knows, never show your audience in this case, your prospective girlfriend how the magic is made.

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Chinese dating is very different than dating women from western countries. There are several cultural factors that men need to be aware of in order to be successful with dating Chinese women.

Dating in china in πŸ’• the good, the bad, and the ugly (part 1)

In this article, we will highlight the most salient factors that will contribute to your success with women from China. In China, women have much higher expectations than American women, for example. Dating is a relatively new trend in contemporary Chinese society.

A generation ago, China was politically closed to the outside world. Most of the parents of young Chinese women today, married young, were virgins before meeting their husband and had only one sexual partner in their lifetime.

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Chinese women are more sexually conservative than western girls. They expect a long-term relationship to be the product of the relatively new, dating process. Chinese women are still ambivalent of dating foreigners. They value honesty from the people in their life. Being direct, open and honest with them will help them trust you.

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Men should take control where dates will occur and what you will be doing. Always have a plan. In most cases, Chinese girls will follow your lead. Be confident in your decisions and display initiative. It is customary for men to pay for dates in China. She will also think you are cheap if you do not take care of the bill.

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Do not discuss politics. Understand that China is a communist country that does not afford the same civil liberties and rights as most western nations. It is against the law to criticize the government. The Chinese generally do not like Japanese people or anything Japan related.

Avoid discussing Japan and never make a comparison between Japan and China. Chinese food is some of the best on the planet.

Chinese dating πŸ’” the good, the bad and the ugly (part 1)

There are diverse regional differences in how food is prepared within China. Take some time to learn about Chinese cuisine and display an interest. Chinese women love to discuss how their local dishes are prepared. They are very proud of their cuisine. Showing an interest in Chinese food will help you connect with Chinese girls. To further your connection with Chinese women, it is important to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin is not the only language spoken in China, but it is the most common.

Global dating guide: simple tips to date a chinese girl

Nothing will set you apart from other foreigners than learning some basic phrases and sentences at a minimum. This will al to Chinese girls that you have a genuine interest in your culture. It also demonstrates that you are intelligent and educated. The best program for learning the language is Pimsleur Chinese. In a few short months, you can have some basic conversation skills in Mandarin.

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China Love Cupid is the best online dating website for Chinese dating. It boasts a robust of Chinese women who are primarily registered to meet foreign men for relationships.

5 biggest mistakes most guys make when dating chinese women

Chinese Cupid can pay off in spades if men spend a little money and time in creating an interesting profile. WeChat is the main social messaging app in China.

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It is far and away a necessity if you plan on Chinese dating. Many social messaging apps are not common in China or are banned. WeChat is seminal to modern Chinese living.

Things to expect when dating a chinese woman

In addition to messaging, WeChat is used to pay bills and search the web. Chinese women place a high priority on a man who earns well.

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Nothing will al to them that you are a high-value man like a solid career. Chinese women admire men who are ambitious and take work responsibilities seriously. Discussing business and real estate are not Buzzkill subjects like they are with western women.

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Display your achievements without boasting. Chinese place a premium of importance on educational attainment. Educated people in China are much more respected than those without advanced degrees.

Dating and romance in china (a man’s guide)

Even western men who live in China long-term and speak the language are not fully integrated into Chinese culture. If you are not Chinese, you will never fully be accepted. Chinese have high levels of racism.

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They view races as hierarchical with China on top and people of European descent next. They have historically not dating traditional chinese girl accepting of Blacks, but there is a unique niche of women who prefer Black men. Never wear your shoes in the home of a Chinese woman.

This is considered extremely rude and disgusting. Most Chinese women want to marry and have a family. While large families are very uncommon in China, most women wish to have at least one. They seek men who will be solid providers and wish to raise a family. Physical contact is reserved for their boyfriends. Early in the dating process, it is customary not to kiss on the cheek, hug or touch in general.

As you progress in the dating process, she will be more open to physical affection. Although a conservative country socially, one-night stands and fast sex are increasing in China.

17 tips on dating a chinese girl

However, most women prefer to be in committed relationships. There are exceptions, however, and many foreign men in China enjoy sex with a variety of Chinese women. Generally speaking, you can expect sex to happen after about 3 days or so. This is similar to the dating culture in Russia. Chinese women have different attitudes toward their body hair.

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They are not hairy women to begin with. Most do not shave their pubic hair, while some do not shave their armpits. It is not advisable to force this issue. These are cultural trends that are the norm in China. Western fall into the trap of making broad generalizations about Chinese women.

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It is important to understand that China is a vast country geographically and home to more than 1. There are ificant regional differences with respect to attitudes and behavior. Women from Shanghai are different from those in Shenzhen, for example.

Dating chinese women: ultimate guide

Anyone who has spent time in China will notice that Chinese women age very well. When they reach 30 years of age old for single women in Chinathey look much younger than White women.

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Chinese women are regarded as being very practical. They are good with money and analyze cost versus value when buying goods and services. They are particularly frugal when the get married and raise a family. Shanghai is the most international city in China. The women are cuter than those in most Chinese cities. Shanghai has a large population of Chinese girls are actively seeking relationships with foreigners.