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LSA Rules. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. New posts. Search forums. Latest activity. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. What are Puerto Rican men like? Thread starter Karey16 Start date Jan 18, ed May 20, Messages 7, Reactions 1, 41 65 AlleybuxI often see them with black woman in my city. What are they like?


ed Jul 2, Messages 3, Reactions 6, Alleybux 48, ed Jan 14, Messages 6, Reactions 24, AlleybuxI was in a relationship with one we lasted almost a year lol. Only thing is their tempers which is rare but you don't wanna make them mad because they take it very serious.


They don't like feeling disrespected by any means even if its something petty to you if they feel like you're in the wrong they won't let u live it down. Its not a lot of them down here where I stay tho. ed Sep 12, Messages 13, Reactions 82, 1, 1, AlleybuxReally tho I know several Puerto Rican guys and they are not all the same, three examples: one's a DJ loves Funk music, one plays in Rockabilly and Punk Bands, one is a Coder who builds apps and doesn't dating puerto rican man to music at all.

All with totally different personalities and values.


The Coder is cool completely faithful to his wife, the guy who plays in the Punk band will fuck anything that walks. MarilynMinaj said:. Click to expand ed Feb 28, Messages 12, Reactions 18, Alleybux 2, Back in high school, I called this Puerto Rican guy black, cos I thought he was black, and he nearly chocked me out and fought me.

What are puerto rican men like?

That's all I got. ed Jul 27, Messages 67, Reactions22, 6, Alleybux 5, Mine is a halfbreed MasMouth said:. Karey16 said:. ed Jan 22, Dating puerto rican man 6, Reactions 15, AlleybuxThey're crazy. Jiffy CornBread. ed Jan 21, Messages 2, Reactions 6, AlleybuxMy friends with benefits is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican.

We were friends at first for about a year, then last semester he started showing interest in me more. Always wanting to hang out, going to events with me, and going out to eat or dancing with me. He also started texting and calling me more often, this is when the problems started because he would throw a fit and get upset if I didn't text or call him back fast enough.

Mind you I still had no idea about him wanting any type of relationship with so I just thought he was being too emotional and clingy.


Soon I finally realized want he wanted when last Halloween he asked to see my costume and that I looked so cute, and it was a roller coaster after that. He ended up turning me out and everything, we would often and still do have dating puerto rican man convos about sexuality.

He respected the fact that I am a virgin and I'm learning a lot from him. He is 24 and I'm only 20 by the way. He is known as a fuckboy and a player, he has turned down a lot of ladies on campus and it's pissed them off.

Thank you.

A lot of this bad blood was formed before I even knew him like that. One of the girls on campus even started a rumor that he was gay, and it doesn't help that he is light skinned with the long hair and has pink lips Y'all know they love stereotyping these type f men as gaythe ladies here dating puerto rican man be pretty nasty. Dating puerto rican man often vents to me and I'm one of the few people who isn't invested into the NPHC Greeks on campus so I'm neutral and obviously wouldn't go back and tell anyone what he has told me. Ummm he also likes the whole "cute innocent and petite" thing I have going on.

He is a god 6'2 and at least lbs. He is covered in tattoos Arm sleevesnipple piercings don't play with people's nipple rings unless you are in the mood for some sexual stuff, I learned that the hard waybig natural hair, buff, and always has that damn skateboard. He loves it when I call him daddy and talk to him softy. Sweet, soft, and happy is already my personality and that's what caught his attention so he loves it. We do butt he some times, he is older than me and can be a little into himself at time.


He'll try to talk over me or cut me off that behavior is a no no for me and that's what we usually get into little fights about. None this year so far tho He is good to me, adores me, his dick is huge, and he sucks my kitty kat right. ed Jun 29, Messages 10, Reactions 92, 1, AlleybuxDo us a favor and save yourself.


You will be on here making 30 thre a month about his ass. Relationship and Jane Doe alley will become your second home.


Save yourself. ed Apr 19, Messages 3, Reactions 4, 1, Alleybuxed Dec 30, Messages Reactions 9 1 AlleybuxI don't generalize, but i can say that the p-Rican I dated was very affectionate and big on showing off his girl. That may sound sweet, but it felt like a possessive type thing Anyone with eyes could see I looked like a hostage but he didn't care.


I don't know who he was used to dating but I figured it was a symptom of a machismo attitude where women are beneath him. Couldn't do it. ed Sep 29, Messages dating puerto rican man, Reactions 33, Alleybux 8, I do not want to generalize them, but i will say the two that i dated were: jealous as hell. Now i aint a flirt, but i can get along with anyone for the most part and because of that, if im making small talk with anyone they would get an attitude and be all in their feelings I am a gamer, and my last guy gamed with me from time to time.

One of the guys on my friendlist who has a gf and she is on my friends list as well, he came on and he is a big ass shit talker.


My guy did nOT like that shit at all, and he let my ass have it after we were done playing with the guy. He was like, " i dont like that guy, i dont want you talking to him without me playing, blah dating puerto rican man I was like dude, there are 7 billion people on the planet, im going to converse with another guy at some point whether its me buying something at the store, doing a project at work, and so on. You need to get over that jealousy shit. Possessive and controlling- they were trying to be "THE MAN" and that consisted of me being quiet and letting them say all kinds of reckless shit to me and im supposed to "take it".

And good lawd dont let me NOT answer my phone whenever they called, whew it was like ww3 with them.

Puerto rican men, 10 things every person dating should know

I wont say i wouldnt date another pr, but i would definitely have to make sure he didnt possess those characteristics i just mentioned. ed Feb 15, Messages 3, Reactions 20, AlleybuxThey really don't have it going on down there.


They make up for it though in other ways though.