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Whenever a man thinks about international online dating, meeting Iceland mail order brides is probably not the first thing that crosses his mind. If this is your case, please, mind that after reading this, you are definitely going to reconsider.

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Iceland is more than just your favorite hipster travel destination.

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Yes, this real-life land of ice and fire has plenty to offer even if we overlook the women. But come on, I know you are here for more than travel inspiration! Icelandic women are stunning, hands-down, even though they pretty much live in the middle of a beautiful nowhere.

Love and sex in iceland, the land of the midnight sun

This is your ultimate guide to meeting and dating them and learning everything you can before actually meeting a girl in Iceland. To be honest, though, there is no need for more incentive than how beautiful and generally awesome they are. Dating iceland women rumour started around June and at one point became so wide-spread that the authorities had to make official statements.

It has resurfaced every now and then since then, but still not true! The Icelandic government has never offered grants to immigrants for marrying Icelanders, regardless of gender. There are many perks to dating and marrying one, of course, but the money is sadly not one of them. A few days ago a friend of mine got a pretty fun Facebook message. In normal circumstances, this would have been a bit weird. Why dating iceland women I telling you this? Well, it could be a surprisingly awesome strategy for meeting Icelandic women.


The first get an instant rejection, while the second at least get the benefit of the doubt. Of course, out of, say 20 girls you message, maybe 1 or 2 would even respond. Keep it short, sweet, and normal-sounding. The reason why this is a winning strategy for finding Icelandic women is they … can be pretty hard to approach in real life. While I would not recommend using only social media to meet them, it is definitely a rejection-proof method you can try out. The best choice for you to try is International Cupid — there are a lot of ladies actively looking to meet guys there and the fact that you have to pay to send her a message one of you has to be a paying member, it means that the competition is much lower too.

Iceland is one of the countries where dating iceland women are the most no-drama about public breastfeeding, abortion, dating iceland women childfree, choosing career over family etc.

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In general, you will notice that there is much less controversy around these issues in Europe, as opposed to the States. From my experience, it is exactly the opposite. Thus, neither feminazis nor extreme conservators are common in Iceland. The message they were trying to convey?

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From a very young age, these girls have been raised to believe they are strong, independent, and that they deserve to have power in the community. If you have only dated the submissive kind so far, the needy ones that always have to be protected, you will be in for a massive dating iceland women pleasant surprise after meeting your partner in Iceland. Icelandic women can come across as a bit too full of themselves, especially to foreigners. So when your plane lands in Reykjavik and you first set foot on Icelandic soil, the different attitude is a bit of a culture shock.

They are assertive, they are not afraid of taking the lead, and they are definitely not all about looks and pleasing dudes or girls, if they swing that way.

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If you want to impress them, being a doormat is not your strategy. In fact, you can approach meeting Icelandic women as you would networking at a professional event. You want to be assertive and secure with yourself for people to respect you. Same goes for meeting and dating Icelandic girls.

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You might have guessed it by now that just like other gender issues, female sexuality is not taboo in Iceland. That means that drunken hookups are pretty much the norm and virtually everyone does them. Iceland is a tiny country with tiny towns.

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She probably runs into ex-boyfriends or lovers on a daily basis. But if the one-night stand is your thing, your foreigner status is, in fact, an advantage. Privacy is always a good thing when it comes to casual relationships.

Also, depending on where you come from, she might even consider you exotic. Tell her about your hometown or your dating iceland women. It is one of the safest conversation topics that still allows for tension. Dating an Icelandic girl will be anything but dull. For such a small place, Iceland has a lot of fun to offer.

The cool thing is that people are super laid-back about letting go and having guilt-free fun hence the frequency of one-night stands. Girls would buy you drinks. Yes, absolutely they will. Of course, buying someone a drink does not dating iceland women the same message as it would in the U. Icelandic people simply love to go out, dance and get drunk while making new friends.

The clubs are positively crowded, even on weeknights, and the alcohol flows.

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If a girl buys you a drink it means little more than she likes you and is being friendly. Where I am from, a girl treating a dude to a drink would pretty much equal her offering herself to him. And not in a good way, in a slutty, desperate one. Well, hammer that out of your head and enjoy the party. Once you are dating an Icelandic girl, the fun does not have to stop, either. As I might have mentioned a hundred million times in this article, Dating iceland women women value their independence.

Dating rules men need to know before visiting iceland

Much like other Northern women, Icelandic girls are self-assured and independent. Which is a good thing, after all. We all love independent women and in my opinion, these girls should be taken as an example for the world. Hello Ronnie,nice meeting you here.